Thursday, August 5, 2021

Happy Anniversary , Burda!


I've got two sewing machines (an Elna, and a more recent one a Singer) and both are out of order. Unfortunately for me, I have a pile of things that need repair. So , I'll have to take action, and do something at least about one of the machines.

 I taught myself sewing many years ago, in the mid-seventies, methink. I used the patterns that came with the Burda  magazine -  easy and simple to follow patterns.  Nowadays, Burda   has online courses, with and without live instructors, but in those days, women all over the world depended on the magazine (Burda Moden) issued each month in various languages.

It  all started in Offenburg, Germany. Aenne Burda was the spirit behind the enterprise.  Her goal was to create fashion for all; to allow the largest number of women possible to dress with taste, regardless of their budget.   She died in 2005 at the age of 96.  A strong, inspirational woman who had to overcome a lot of hardships thrown at her.

Burda celebrates 70 years of activity! The first magazine came out in 1950; the patterns were launched in 1952.  The Anniversary is celebrated in the magazine with a reminder of its history, and contests for a chance to win prizes.

A friend of mine says  that McDonalds and Burda should  be awarded the Nobel Prize for their contribution to humanity: one in the field of food , the other in the field of fashion. Both continue to fulfill basic needs of  people worldwide. You find them everywhere in the world as two most popular and loved brands.

The thing I liked most , was to make a dress for my Mom before the High Holidays - a dress inaugurated in the synagogue, at the religious services. I was proud of my work, she was proud to wear it. The Burda pattern was simple, but  the fabric  usually caught the attention: solemn yet beautiful.

Thank you, Burda. 



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