Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Need for Reconciliation

sunset (as seen at Poleg junction, Netanya)

What interests me in life is people and the workings of the human mind. Nature , with all its splendors, is but a background, not the protagonist on the stage of life. 
I won't visit a country just for its golden beaches, mighty mountains , or the blooming of the cherry trees. There has to be something more than that to attract me, something that has to do with the spirit of mankind.

And yet, during the last few decades Nature is becoming more and more of the protagonist - in a negative sense -  through all those natural disasters that we encounter: fires, floodings, earthquakes, hurricanes, lava eruptions, drought etc...These disasters have sadly increased in number and intensity.

We treat nature badly, and she reacts accordingly. We could take it a few steps further and say that we treat the universe badly; we invented  'colonialism' and 'globality' which had greatly harmed the planet and its inhabitants. God, its creator, is furious. His universe was logically built, and we, the people, in our quest for progress and change are constantly destroying it.

Perhaps we could still do something about it, and stop the abrupt deterioration, but we need great minds for that. So far, there aren't any capable of leading us towards reconciliation with God and nature.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Asking for Direction

Karlo  Vivary

Although I'm usually equipped with a street map, I prefer to ask for direction whenever I'm in a new place.People are always willing to help, and it creates a real kind of interaction with the local people.

Once, in Durban, South Africa, I wished to visit the famous indian market, so I asked someone who seemed to  to be of indian descent (there's a large indian community in this city) to direct me to my desired destination.

He said to me: "you're on the right street; it's a  long street but just keep going straight and looking down. By the quantity of litter on the pavement, you'll know when you're close to the indian market". His words about the litter made me smile and put me into a good mood.

In Bucharest, Romania, there's the museum of the Village,  and the museum of the romanian Peasant.  The first is an open air museum displaying rural homes, the other one displays traditional costumes, ceramic,wood ,and iron objects of rural Romania.

For some reason, (probably because both deal with rural aspects) I confused the two, asked the wrong question and reached the wrong place, but as a result of this confusion I got to visit both museums. My gain and pleasure.

In Karlo Vivary, the Czech republic, I almost lost the last bus back to Prague. Here I felt for the first time the meaning of language barrier. People got me in such a mess with their inaccurate  directions, that even the street map couldn't save me.The signs everywhere were in the czech language only.

For a woman alone it could be dangerous to ask for help on the street, but one has to use one's common sense and know how to avoid certain people and situations.