Saturday, January 15, 2022


Dear, faithful followers

I'm taking a break from blogging for a while.

My PC has left me after 12 years of service. Bad timing, as I'm in the middle of a legal matter and I need to learn stuff from the internet and type some important documents.

Yes, I prefer to work on a PC. It's more stable, powerful, easier to upgrade, and cheaper than  a laptop.

The device, is positioned adequately in the room,  allowing space to prevent its getting overheated , and me the ability to see and think clearly.  I work on the computer, mainly at home, so mobility is not an issue.

Outside my home ( waiting room,  library,  cafe), I usually don't feel much at ease with reading/writing. As a matter of fact, on moving vehicles (car, bus, train, subway) I might get a sort of motion sickness when trying to read or write something. So, where possible, I look out of the window instead - quite a treat!

Anyway, it seems I have no choice now but to buy a new PC ;this one is based on the old, friendly Windows XP  operating system - and I get no updates any more. My laptop is also based on XP .Well, it can't go on like this.

I'll have to take some decisions such as: Windows  O.S. 10  or Windows O.S. 11; SSD or HDD (the older, heavier hard disk) and about some other hardware and software items.

Hopefully, things will go smoothly with both my new PC and the handling of the legal matter.

See you soon!

 Hopefully, I'll get my new PC  as smoothly as possible.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Zero Tolerance


It seems China's handling Covid rather well. The key to that, lies, I suppose. in its people's discipline.

We all know that without discipline nothing good and lasting can be achieved ; not in schools, not in the army, not at work...nowhere. 

The disciplined population, helps China successfully practice the strategy of zero tolerance towards the virus. 

This strategy includes: mass testing, quarantine, surveillance, localized lock-downs, and more.  A sporadic outbreak is immediately dealt with lock-down to prevent further spreading of the virus. China' s trying to achieve zero infection while elsewhere, in the Western world, people are getting used  'to live with the virus', vaccines and boosters. 

(The Chinese are not too confident about the effectiveness of the vaccines to prevent infection. They believe, as we do, vaccinated people might still contract covid, but perhaps won't have to go to hospital).

The zero tolerance policy is also part of the Chinese narrative to claim superiority of their system (political, medical, social etc...) over the West. They would like us to believe through the pandemic that China could "conquer" the West with no tanks, rockets, or the nuke - but with a tiny virus. 

After all, the virus started its 'activity' in one of China's towns, Wuhan, and according to one of the theories - in the town's laboratory - specialized in coronas, and which belongs to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  The lab,  a 40 minutes drive from the Huan Market where the first infection was spotted,  could have been engaged in a possible testing of a biological weapon . So who  knows?!