Friday, April 29, 2022


Two months ago, a former co-32worker, a woman in her mid-seventies, died a few days before she was to undergo a heart surgical procedure.

Her heart problem was known to us collegues; We also knew that her sister's husband, a cardiolog, took care of it, and kept an eye on her.

The rumour has  it that the cause of her death was the first anti-covid vaccine. She told people that since that vaccine her whole health condition had deteriorated.

One of those people, another former coworker, who was on friendly terms with her, has contacted me the other day to tell me that she intends to find out the truth by talking to the sister.

Well ,I'm not sure the later knows the truth; and even if she does  know it , I am not sure she'll volunteer information.  Nevertheless, I appreciate and support the intention to try and find out the real cause of her friend's death .

What I personally learn from this sad story , is that one should take responsibility on one's health and not automatically rely on doctors.

Both , politicians and doctors have interests that do not always coincide with our needs.

The mask is an external and quite  efficient device . The vaccine on the other hand, interferes with our own immunity system, and might cause damage in certain cases.

Anyway, may the deceased co-worker rest in peace!