Thursday, June 27, 2024



We all need  authority in life;  it guides us, protects us, defends us, if neccessary. When we are children and teenagers, we fear/ respect/ obey our parents and teachers.    Parents and teachers are the first phase authority.  

When we grow older, there's  the authority of the boss at the place of work. Unlike parents, and even teachers, there are ways to replace a boss  if he's hard on us,  or...  we could just move to another workplace. 

As  to  political authority,   so far, it has failed us bitterly. Sometimes it's not even existent. Other times, it makes us wonder about its neccessity. Most of the time it gets on our nerves.

God,  is  the highest, ultimate authority ,  as everything that exists was created by Him.  There's a spark of God  in everyone of us.

I believe in God, pray to Him, ask Him for help. So, do others, individually,  or as part of religious worship.   My own belief has very little to do with religion.  It is basically  based on my wish for a direct link to Him, to that Spark he left in me and in everyone else.

Belief in God  can prevent us from doing evil to ourselves and to others. Not always., perhaps.  There are those among us, that are more concerned with the outer, superficial aspects of God's worship than with good and evil done to fellowmen.
Anyway, God stays with us forever.

Browsing the web,  I came upon some over ten types of authority (or sub-authority if you wish),  regarding the obedience of rules or orders given by a person or entity:
1. academic authority   2. charismatic authority (based on the charisma of the individual  3. expert authority   4. founder authority 5.  ownership  authority  6. administrative authority   etc...

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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Paying Attention


Sometimes, we could help ourselves just by paying attention to our body's reactions to food, to environment, to people.  After retirement from work, we've got the time  and patience to do it. 

Like any other human being I seek interest, pleasure and relaxation in Nature,  and in whatever the Outside world has to offer in terms of entertainment, culinaria,  travel .

However, I also try to devote some time to  sort of  'exploring' my soul and body to find out about their needs, and how this could help my physical and mental issues. 

I once wrote a post ( 'A Matter of Health'  - July 7, 2021) on this topic.      I mentioned , among other things, how I discovered after intensive 'detective' analysis, that the rather heavy  backpack  I  was carrying on my back, caused me palpitations.  Palpitations is no light matter. 

There's a medical procedure for the above condition (if meds  are not effective), known as ablation  (eliminating heart tissue which when triggered , interferes with its electrical system).    However, this procedure doesn't work for everyone .  In certain cases people turn to the doctor  again and undergo a second, third...  ablation.  Just reading about this and the various stories behind it,  kept me away from even thinking about the subject.
Anyway, since the backpack discovery ten years ago  -  no backpack, no palpitations either,  thank  God.  Everything heavy gets in my shopping cart or a wheeled duffel bag, when leaving home.

During Covid 19, we were encouraged to take vitamin D3 - something to do with immunity strength .   After a while, I noticed that the intake of this vitamin caused   boosting of hair and nail growth. Though it didn't prevent hair loss, the mere boosting of hairgrowth pleased me .
(I'm not sure the above  has happened to others too, as things are often individual. Haven't done any research on that:).

Anyway, I've stopped taking this vitamin since then, yet , so far I don't see any change  in the hair/nail growth.  Perhaps the vitamin has 'awakened' something that used to slow down the growth. Go figure!

Friday, June 14, 2024

Doomsday Clock

Until quite recenly I knew nothing about the Doomsday Clock . Never heard of it.

Apparently, this clock, set and maintained since 1947 by experts - atomic scientists actually-  measures nuclear risks, climate change, biological threats,  disruptive / inovative technologies (such as AI).

It's in fact a symbolic clock, an imperfect one, used more as a metaphor than a prediction;  still  - an important device which draws attention to existential threaths, and might show us how close we are, God Forbid,  to destruction.

Judging by most headlines, the world is a mess. Climate Change is doing its terrible work of heavy floodings, scorching fires, lava eruptions,  melting of ice, hurricanes etc.... Arms of all sorts are produced  and shipped to any part of the world for money.  Instability caused by political and social unrest,   leads everywhere to corruption,  wars, and terrorism.

I believe Humans won't be surprised if all the above might lead somehow, someday, to the extinction of the present world.   In the meantime,  they all play the  'elections game'. In many cases, elections are but a farce meant for the gullible- naive people. These elections won't change reality into something better.

On a more dangerous note, elections might lead to  civil war  and bloodshed  due to the diversity of the population, and activism of violent groups within it.

In ny country,  demographics plays a major role in the outcome of the elections. The people in power and their supporters whose majority's completely assured by demographics, are the least knowledgable, the least productive  people in the country, and yet they are the ones who get the state funds and make up the rules. How bad does that sound ? Very bad!

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Sunday, June 9, 2024

The Decline of the Printed News


Whenever I read a news article, I tell myself - that's  how decline of journalism looks and feels like. One of the major  reasons for this decline is the rise of the competing digital media platforms (internet, mobile phone), but not only.

There seems to be no critical, experienced eye on the material before it gets published - and that  sometimes leads to shameful spelling errors, and factual inaccuracies.  

We would expect a true journalist to ensure that the facts are correct, verified , balanced,  and objective, that the  sources on which the published story is  based are available to the reader, to make it credible to him. But in most cases, no such thing.

Recently, two well-known journalists were sued by the PM, for writing  lies about his health. I'm rather surprised.  After all, they,  the journalists, should know better than us, the ordinary people, what's possible and what not in this defamation game.

To write about someone's health you should have before your eyes a valid document, such as a doctor's report. They probably didn't have one, but based their assumptions on rumors and speculations.

So, they'll probably pay compensations to the suing party, unless they can convince the judge that a man in the PM's position should perhaps directly disclose his real health conditions to the public. 
We don't have to guess about it or rely on various questionable sources to reach a conclusion.We should know the truth, and nothing but the truth, about the man that runs the country and its people.

                                                                                                *(AI image generator)

Sunday, June 2, 2024

The Inseparable Bond


As a young boy, my elder brother Hersh (diminutive version: Hershole),  spent a lot of time in the kitchen alone or with Mum. He liked the place and learned in it all aspects of food preparation.  

He also liked to be close to Mother, and she to him. During the Holocaust, they got separated ; he as a child of four was put in an orphanage whereas my mother was placed in ghetto Mogilev , Ukraine to face hunger, beating, sickness.

After returning from the Hell of Ukraine,   mother and son  became inseparable. 

Despite his obvious preference for the kitchen, he was not encouraged , though, to choose a culinary profession; it was not considered proper for young men .  At that time, young men were persuaded to acquire a technical or commercial line of profession.

Hersh (official name - Herman), liked neither of the above two categories. Besides  attraction to culinaria (and to amateur soccer), he had musical aptitudes, and wished to study music, precisely, violin playing. The sad truth was that we lived in a small town with no musical school and possibilities.  Culinary professional school or courses were inexistant either. My parents didn't have the means to keep him at studies in another town.

 So, he went on studying the violin with a private teacher, and in the meantime studied commerce and accounting to get a certificate that would enable him to start working and earn a living.

Years later, in Israel, he acquired a technical profession too, but lost any ambition for culinaria . He liked to cook for friends and family, displaying  his great skills on the matter, but nothing more. 

The inseparable bond between mother and son tragically came to an end,  in 1998 when Hersh died untimely (at  age 58.5)  during a tour abroad with his wife. The tragic irony was his final collapse  - while watching the Mondial  (Soccer World Cup) on TV (soccer being a great passion of his).

After his death I wrote a few words in all my three languages : romanian, hebrew, english.

"Hersh, my beloved brother  /Tall, handsome, a real charmer. Suddeny taken away from me, while on a trip to Hungary.
As a Holocaust child survivor/ You should've been given more years/  To wipe out your childhood suffering and tears".