Sunday, January 31, 2016


front cover

I have a small prayer book with prayers for every occasion and purpose. It has a fine genuine brown leather cover, which makes it very pleasant for me to keep it in my hands.

back cover

Leather is made from animal skin , and I'm not too happy with this fact (no, I'm not vegan/ vegetarian/ or from the animal protection organization;  just a human being who has compassion for animals). Even the argument that leather is only the by - product of the meat industry, and that skin is not wasted after the meat removal process, but recycled - doesn't make me feel better.

That said, leather is both luxurious and practical. In my opinion, nothing makes a person look more well- dressed and elegant  than a leather jacket or coat. Just look around, at people wearing a leather outfit, and you'll see my point.

High - quality leather accessories such as handbags and shoes, give the right 
finishing  touch to any outfit.
As for leather furniture,  it's beautiful and durable. Leather sofas and armchairs add style  and class to a  room.

Humans have been using leather in clothing for centuries and I suppose they'll continue to do so, more or less.

Cool vs. Cruel is a fashion competition encouraging design students to find alternatives to clothing material of animal origin (leather and especially fur). It's possible, it's being done, and yet, so far, nothing can really compete in quality, elegance, coolness with the original stuff. Let's face it, leather has a unique texture and a great feel about it.

Friday, January 8, 2016

In the Middle of the Face

The daughter of an acquaintance  of mine has recently undergone nose cosmetic surgery. I feel sad about it and its result. I'm afraid she feels sad too, but it's rather too late.

I'm not against cosmetic surgery; it can sometimes greatly improve appearance and enhance self-confidence. (after all, not everyone is Barbara Streisand for whom the nose is her trademark and it even adds a certain charm to her face).  I'm against it only when it doesn't really need to be done, as in the above case.

The nose is located in the center of our face. In my humble opinion, it is the nose (it's shape and size) that determines the beauty or plainness of a face.

My much beloved mother (RIP) had an oval shaped face (which is considered the ideal shape), spectacular blue eyes, a light velvety skin, silky hair, a nice body figure - and yet she wouldn't have been considered a beauty according to standard parameters because of her nose. It was a bit hawkish.

In those days, when my Mom was a young woman, nose reshaping was not available and even if it were, there was no money for that kind of thing. Nowadays,  it's not only available, it's very popular -   in fact, too popular.

To come back to my acquaintance's daughter - all she wanted was to shorten her nose, she thought of it as too long. Well, but the correction of the tip of a nose is a most challenging aspect of nose surgery. It can improve or spoil  face profile and grace . The button-like nose she got after surgery, has indeed altered both.

I'm for being content with what we have , unless it really  affects our health and well-being.