Sunday, January 31, 2016


front cover

I have a small prayer book with prayers for every occasion and purpose. It has a fine genuine brown leather cover, which makes it very pleasant for me to keep it in my hands.

back cover

Leather is made from animal skin , and I'm not too happy with this fact (no, I'm not vegan/ vegetarian/ or from the animal protection organization;  just a human being who has compassion for animals). Even the argument that leather is only the by - product of the meat industry, and that skin is not wasted after the meat removal process, but recycled - doesn't make me feel better.

That said, leather is both luxurious and practical. In my opinion, nothing makes a person look more well- dressed and elegant  than a leather jacket or coat. Just look around, at people wearing a leather outfit, and you'll see my point.

High - quality leather accessories such as handbags and shoes, give the right 
finishing  touch to any outfit.
As for leather furniture,  it's beautiful and durable. Leather sofas and armchairs add style  and class to a  room.

Humans have been using leather in clothing for centuries and I suppose they'll continue to do so, more or less.

Cool vs. Cruel is a fashion competition encouraging design students to find alternatives to clothing material of animal origin (leather and especially fur). It's possible, it's being done, and yet, so far, nothing can really compete in quality, elegance, coolness with the original stuff. Let's face it, leather has a unique texture and a great feel about it.


  1. I agree, leather is indeed luxurious and practical. I love the smell and feel of quality leather. I am vegetarian. In my opinion, if people are going to continue eating meat, then they should make use of all the animal.

  2. Angelina ,

    Life is full of dilemmas. It seems you've got the right answer. As long as there are people who wish to eat meat and animals are slaughtered for this purpose, we might as well make good use of the animal's skin and create beautiful things out of it.

  3. That's the dilemma, isn't it?
    The luscious feel of fur, leather or silk... the taste of bee's honey, the perfect omelette, that tender filet de bœuf.

    I'll be honest, I am a vegetarian for almost 8 years, but I still love to touch a leather bound book (most of all if the leather is well worn and really old). :)

    I didn't know about this Cool vs. Cruel competition... I need to check that out!

  4. Hi Nokta,

    Yes, it is. You have it right.
    As for COOL VS. CRUEL , I borrowed the name of the competition for the post's title, as it seemed fit. Actually, this competition, as I recall, started as a cruelty-free clothing campaign with emphasis on fur replacement.

  5. Duta, I love my Kid skin gloves. There is always the old patent leather
    remember. I wore the shoes and my Daughter had a pair of babyJanes in
    candy apple red patent leather. Beautiful prayer book.
    Renee and I were in Boston,
    and I saw my very first Burka in a mall.
    Scared me, she only had a slit with eyes. I went to the police and said,
    " what if she has a gun under that Halloween outfit". Weird Be well
    I think Burka's should be outlawed in America. Show those faces.
    Happy Valentines. yvonne

  6. La Petite Gallery,

    I forgot to mention gloves with the other accessories. I don't think patent leather is the same as genuine leather.I'll look it up and read about it.

    You're right; women should show their faces. It is indeed scary to see only a slit with eyes.

  7. Being in Southern California it's not often that we need anything more than a light sweater so we seldom get to see anyone wearing heavy coats, leather or otherwise.

    I never stopped to consider where the leather came from, whether a by product or not. You brought up some good points.

    I do love a man in a leather jacket with a leather belt and a big belt buckle, cowboy style!

  8. Duta
    Since a long long time ago, Man has eaten meat and used the animals fur and leather to make durable and yet handsome items. I like to hunt and fish and eat meat and wear both fur and leather. I have horse hair chairs in the dining room which are over 200 years old. I just love the feel of leather and fur and feel so very fashionable wearing them. Do I feel Cool no I think I feel elegant. Remember I am Kitty Justice. Purr

  9. Lady Di Tn,

    I like and admire your assertivity.
    I definitely agree with you on the elegance of leather. I know of people that not only do they enjoy wearing a leather piece of clothing, they also regard it as a sort of investment just as one invests in some beautiful and expensive work of art.

  10. Alicia,

    The by- product thing seems to be important to people. They like to think that animals are killed for the meat (food, protein), not for their skin (clothing, fashion). Killing for fashion is considered by many as pure cruelty.

    Leather is versatile, it can be soft and also rough. It's the rough quality that makes it go well with your cowboy style man.

  11. It does have a distinctive smell to it, too.


  12. Tanya Lynne Reimer,

    That's correct.
    Thanks for visiting.

  13. Duta, I love all things leather. I don't condone the senseless killing of animals but do accept that they are a food source for much of the world. This post allows some thought on the subject but I will continue to eat the occasional steak and wear leather whenever possible. Thanks for such a provocative post. I have missed you, my Friend.

  14. C Hummel Kornell,

    Good to hear from you. I've missed you too.
    You've summed up perfectly the topic of leather as food source and fashion material. Thank you for the comment.

  15. I live in a community where we grow lots of organic foods, as well as bison, lamb, beef. I like meat. I need the nutrients, as I don't know how to do a vegan menu. Our farmers feed cities. They feed and clothe their families this way, as well.
    Regarding burkas, I think the trick is to make women feel safe enough not to feel they need one.
    We have resettled lots of kids who wear a hijab. I've taught a lot of them. They change, with time, as they fit into society. It's not my place to tell them what to wear. We don't have nearly the gun problem in Canada as the US. I have no worries. Live and let live, is my motto.

  16. Jennifer A. Jilks,

    I have great appreciation for all those farmers in your community that feed and clothe its members. And yes, meat has all the nutrients we need, especially high quality protein.

    On another topic, I think burkas have to do with religion not with the safety of those women wearing them. Anyway, 'in Rome behave like romans'; adapt youselves to the people in whose society you seek integration.

  17. Thought provoking post. I'm not that fond of leather and fur. I'd rather wear rubber flip flops, sit on a beach chair and read.

  18. Linda O'Connell,

    OK. But when you're not at the beach; you're in the city/village ,in cool weather, it would be nice to wear a leather jacket. Of course, each and his/her own taste of clothing.

  19. Nice book and a lot of food for thought. I do like leather and think men has always eaten meat and used leather for various reasons. We have to be careful though not to ever do it I guess.

  20. Marja,

    The photo of this pocketbook doesn't do it enough justice. The little prayer book is a gem.I wanted to buy a similar one, only with english translation, as a gift for someone. The leather cover was also nice, but the paper and print were of a somewhat poor quality compared to mine. I suppose that the fact that it had two languages side by side (hebrew and english) has something to do with it.

  21. Duta, Thanks for the comment. Golly I miss my beautiful Mink coats.
    I had a full length Black Diamond and a silver (lavender) Mink car
    coat with sash and cuffs and lapel. There was a time people threw
    stuff at you for wearing them. i was always warm. I bought some
    beautiful tooled leather book covers in Florence. Still have them.
    Be well and safe. yvonne

  22. La Petite Gallery,

    Glad your fur coats were beautiful and always kept you warm. I suppose a mink fur coat is highly priced.