Friday, January 8, 2016

In the Middle of the Face

The daughter of an acquaintance  of mine has recently undergone nose cosmetic surgery. I feel sad about it and its result. I'm afraid she feels sad too, but it's rather too late.

I'm not against cosmetic surgery; it can sometimes greatly improve appearance and enhance self-confidence. (after all, not everyone is Barbara Streisand for whom the nose is her trademark and it even adds a certain charm to her face).  I'm against it only when it doesn't really need to be done, as in the above case.

The nose is located in the center of our face. In my humble opinion, it is the nose (it's shape and size) that determines the beauty or plainness of a face.

My much beloved mother (RIP) had an oval shaped face (which is considered the ideal shape), spectacular blue eyes, a light velvety skin, silky hair, a nice body figure - and yet she wouldn't have been considered a beauty according to standard parameters because of her nose. It was a bit hawkish.

In those days, when my Mom was a young woman, nose reshaping was not available and even if it were, there was no money for that kind of thing. Nowadays,  it's not only available, it's very popular -   in fact, too popular.

To come back to my acquaintance's daughter - all she wanted was to shorten her nose, she thought of it as too long. Well, but the correction of the tip of a nose is a most challenging aspect of nose surgery. It can improve or spoil  face profile and grace . The button-like nose she got after surgery, has indeed altered both.

I'm for being content with what we have , unless it really  affects our health and well-being.


  1. People think that having cosmetic surgery is a quick fix for happiness, success, and perfection, which will only ever disappoint such a person in the end, because none of us are perfect, all of us have flaws, but by accepting with good grace these flaws then one can be a person who has an inner beauty which money can't buy, that is what I think! Nice post, Duta, one which made me have a good think about things.

  2. Vera,

    I'm glad my little post made you think about things. Indeed, we are not perfect; we all have flaws. It's our inner beauty that can make these flaws acceptable to us and to others.

  3. I am not sure about plastic surgery, sometimes it is really necessary but sometimes people do not need it at all but still do it

  4. Ola,

    There are , no doubt, cases when it's needed (i.e. after accidents, big ear lobes in children, nasal air passage problems etc..); on the whole, it should be carefully planned to avoid 'unpleasant after surprise'.

  5. Ola querida amiga,estou de pleno acordo com tua maneira de pensar á respeito deste assunto.Acho realmente que cirurgia só deve ser feita quando é realmente preciso.Meu grande abraço e muita felicidade em 2016.SU

  6. Suzane Weck,

    Thanks for agreeing with me.
    Many Blessings to you for the New year 2016!

  7. I knew a young woman who had a similar operation which was a complete success and she felt transformed by it. If this girl's nose were now just as she had envisaged it, I wonder if she'd be happy too, or if her sense of self-worth (or whatever) would still be fragile.

    I had a small operation on my face about three years ago, which wasn't for cosmetic reasons but did have a good cosmetic effect. I'd put off doing anything about it because I didn't want to have it done for reasons of vanity - but I couldn't help being pleased that I don't have a disfiguring blob by my eye any more.

    In short, I agree with you too!

  8. Z,

    Sometimes, doctors have to remove a tiny facial growth and it ends well having also a good cosmetic effect. Unfortunately, there are also less happy cases where after removal there still remains a problem to be dealt with, and this could cause some slight disfiguration.

  9. First of all, happy new Year to You... ;)

    Now on to the nose job... I am not happy with mine myself, but as with any kind of change and/or surgery one should think at least twice before doing so.
    Besides, it adds to your 'uniqueness', doesn't it? :)

  10. PinkPanthress,

    Yes, definitely. One should think twice before deciding to reshape any of one's face assets. And we should all think in terms of 'uniqueness', that is, what is mine is kind of unique,in the positive sense of the word.
    Happy New Year!

  11. So much emphasis put on perfection. Streisand's nose made her
    special. I love an actress called Helen Hunt, she has the same bump on the ridge of her nose, my Daughter had her's removed. When people keep having these
    imperfections fixed, they have one deep inside their head that needs
    attention first. Now if they are a burn victim that's a problem. My Mom
    said "be happy with what you have". The grass is greener next door until
    he forgets to fertilize. Ha ha
    The best of the new year to you Dear Duta. yvonne

  12. La Petite Gallery,

    Your Mom was right. As for people with burns, they are a category apart. Israel has reached great skill in treating burn victims.
    "The grass is greener next door until he forgets to fertilize " - I like that; it made me smile.

  13. I think, sometimes, people look to plastic surgery, as means to make their imperfect life, more perfect. Sometimes, I think there is a need for surgery, but other times, it can lead a quest for more, and more, surgery, to fix this, or that. As we know, all things in life, aren't made better, by a cosmetic change.

  14. Hi Bica,

    You may be right. One little surgery might start a whole series of unneccessary surgeries to change this or that in one's face or body. I tend to agree with you that cosmetic change doesn't make all things in life better.

  15. Tattoo's take care of all that stuff.

  16. One Fly,

    I'm not sure I know what you mean. Perhaps, that a tattoo can cover an unesthetique nose? All I know is that tattoo removal is also a cosmetic surgical procedure.

  17. Interesting post. I broke my nose on the canoe when I was a kid. I've never thought about getting it fixed!

  18. Jennifer A.Jilks,

    Your nose looks more than ok to me.
    I've heard a few childhood stories like yours in my lifetime; the kid fell, broke his nose/ lip, arm/ leg etc...- and some scar was left as a reminder.As a grown- up he may decide to do something about it or not.

  19. I whole heartedly agree! You make good points we can't know how the afterwards will turn out

  20. Kim,

    'Before' and 'After' are very significant words to be considered,when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

  21. Well said, Duta. I find cosmetic surgery an unnecessary cost if it is done for vanity sake. Society places too much weight on looks and not enough on personality and integrity. There are things I'd love to change too, but my physical shortcomings are what gives me character. And I like who I am. :)

  22. I happen to love big noses. I think it is best to learn to love what you have but some people just can't let it go.

  23. Angelina Pratt,

    Thank you.
    I agree with both points: society places too much weight on looks; shortcomings may give one character.

  24. Jennifer D,

    There's a variety of nose shapes and sizes, to everyone's taste and preferrence. One can choose to like whatever one wishes.
    " to learn to love what you have..." I agree with this advice.

  25. I've always wished for bigger, thicker lips, but I see all the celebrities that have had their lips plumped up and you can see that they look fake, and they can afford the best doctors. I wish I had been born with fuller lips, but I would rather have my thin lips than to look fake with plastic surgery.

  26. Alicia,

    Now that you mention it, women who had their lips thickened do look fake with them.
    Anyway,the natural is the better option.

  27. Too many have elective surgery to fix something that is not necessary just the fact they do not like how it looks. Some of the people who have had work done look horrible as they age. Lots look like plastic figures and fake. Peace

  28. Lady Di Tn,

    How true! But it seems women can't resist the temptation of trying to improve their looks by any means they feel,will do the job.

  29. Happy New Year Duta
    I have never really liked my nose that much but I would never change it!
    So many fall into the trap of cosmetic surgery!

    Great post!

  30. MARGIE,


  31. Ola querida amiga,obrigado pela visitinha ,e aqui deixo meu grande abraço desejando um ótimo fim de semana.SU

  32. Hello Duta!! Very interesting post.
    Nowadays people give too much importance to their image. They are on a perpetual quest for perfection, they think that if they are attractive they will be loved and will have great success in their lives.... This is so sad.
    Have a great week ahead :)