Monday, January 14, 2019

'Silver' which is 'Gold'

There's a brand called Silver Line that makes me  happy due to its cheap prices and good products. It all started  with my buying their computer periferials, especially, keyboard and mouse, for my desk computer.  The product could last forever, if you don't happen to spill some liquid over it. And if that, God forbid, happens, I always have a spare one. 

Then, I spotted Silver Line nirosta pots (nirosta - a specific type of stainless steel alloy)  -  light and easy to clean. 
Pots and pans are a different matter; I don't want them 'to last',  as their bottom gets toxic after a lot of heating - and that, regardless of their brand, quality and price. 
(I once overheard a doctor saying that women tend to ignore the danger of applying hair dyes, wearing a bra, and... cooking in pots).

It seems Silver Line has a hand in almost any Home category, and its products are sold almost everywhere in my country;  at big chains like Home Depot  and Ace, at discount stores, and in small shops.

At first, I thought a chinese company was behind the Silver Line products.  Lately, I found out that an israeli company called Benda was boasting of being the "mother" of the Silver Line brand.

The truth is, in today's global world, one can never be completely sure of the origin of a brand or the company manufacturing/selling/importing it - and, frankly, I don't care, as long as the product meets my requirements of price and quality. If there's a problem with it, I'll just return it to the store.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

The ' Faceless' Conductor and the 'Oldie' Singer

On a  lazy day, I like to stay for a while in my pajamas, near a bowl of popcorn and/or a bowl of fruit salad, and enjoy some musical performances available  on Youtube. Here's a selection:

One of my favorites is Rondo Siciliano. This orchestra has all the right 'ingredients': a beautiful soprano singer, a charismatic violin player, a good choir, but... a somehow, faceless conductor.That is, we're seldom shown his face.  Sometimes, like in the video below, we get a glimpse at his profile. He's mainly'n the dark, his back at the audience, tall and stiff, with only his hands moving. That's the basic, effortless technique in conducting, we're told.

The Storm violin (Vivaldi)

Unlike the above conductor, the 'chief' of another favorite orchestra (a much smaller one,  a band , called  Pink Martini),is omnipresent. He usually opens the show, closes it,  jumps on his chair, moves every part of his body, especially the hands (he's the pianist) .

Quite an attraction, I would say, although not as much an attraction as the lead singer, Storm Large. Oh, my, she's good, very good, (see the  tattoo on her nude back).

'Amado Mio' ('My beloved') with singer Storm Large

The croatian cello player, Hauser,is too theatrical for my taste,regardless of whether he performs solo or in a duet. And yet, I keep watching him again and again (especially in Adagio). I suppose it's the combination of his acclaimed virtuosity and his obvious  beauty that attracts me to his videos. The conductor, a woman for a change (short cut hair, masculine black outfit...), 'watches' carefully over him. Shall we call her Maestro or Maestra?

Adagio (Albinoni)

And last but not least, the famous  american 'oldie but goodie' Cher. What a performer!! She completely dominates the scene with her voice and presence. She  glides around with such easiness and elegance! ( no need for all the fuss around her, made by male and female  flamenco dancers;  they are all, however,very exciting, especially the one with the scandinavian looks, opening and leading the show!).

Dov'e  L'amore (Where's love) with Cher