Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Metals and Health

I remember buying my Mom a copper bracelet, said to fight arthritis. She looked happy with it , and that made me happy too. Did it help? I don't know. The full name of the gift was - London Sabona Copper Bracelet (made with the purest copper available).

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Apropo copper, I saw an advertisement on 'copper infused knee sleeve support'. It made me curious as I usually put on knee sleeves before going out on a long walk. I'll probably know what this copper infusion is only when I buy the item, as there were no details in the ad.

I used to read about precious metals (gold, silver, titanium) that they're good for jewelry and the economy, but not for health. Well,  this has changed. Now,  the claim is that precious metals are beneficial to our well being. Silver has anti- microbial properties, gold and titanium are used in anti-cancer drugs and procedures.

Moreover, they say,  the metal jewelry we wear, helps the body achieve balance and bring about mental peace. Good to know that, and hopefully, it is backed by science.
After all, most of us, women, do wear jewelry quite regularly. Of course, we have to beware of allergies caused by certain metals or metal alloys.
My favorite precious metal is 9-karat gold ; it has low purity of gold (after 24, 18, 14, 12 karat) but I like its warm color and feel on the skin.

I believe  the gems, embedded or not in the metal jewelry pieces, with their beauty, clarity, and cut, also contribute to peace of mind and good feelings.

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On another matter...
This month, we celebrate Passover (Pesach), starting with the 22 of April.
I've got cleaning  and other things to do, so , the coming week, I'll be  taking a break from blogging.
God willing, see you beginning of next month!