Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Global Challenges


The world is facing now two major challenges: Climate Change and Covid 19. The general opinion is that there should be some global action initiated by a global factor to tackle these challenges. 

Yes, but who? The UN is a farce; the great powers are fiction. Besides, the world was created as a highly divided place, geographically and otherwise, and that makes it very hard, almost impossible, to find global solutions.  

My personal opinion as someone who believes in the supernatural power named God, is that  these two challenges belong to God's domain. Only He has control of the virus and of the Climate. We should, therefore pray to God , individually and directly, asking for salvation. 

It might help, unless God is determined to reset His Creation ( the world, the universe), making it a better place, less divided, and especially with no races. Racism and racial conflicts are  a never-ending issue which gradually and steadily destroy the world.

Anyway, we have reason to be scared. I believe the disasters (fires, floods, storms, earthquakes, volcano eruptions) are near the door . People act as if it's something in the future. No, it's happening now, in the present.

Our winters in Israel are usually mild, and buildings are built accordingly. Well, during our last winter, I told myself that I'd better move out before the roof moves in; that bad.

People tend to associate climate change with pollution. I believe pollution has little to do with that; it doesn't reach the very upper sphere where climate is being "cooked". But even if it does affect  climate as many of us believe , and not only our health,  hypocrisy won't lead us far; there's constant talk about plastics, but almost no mention of cars and their big role in creating pollution.

Anyway,  I'm open to ideas and suggestions about some significant global action operated by and through God 's Will that could give us  Hope.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Public Demand


I remember the days when there was a public demand to charge heavy smokers for their lung treatments. Nowadays , there's a demand / suggestion to charge non-vaccinated people for treatments, or even better , not treat them at all.
(The virus,  will luckily disappear somehow, but it will not be  due to vaccines and vaccination).

Anyway, I would like to add a few more categories to the above list of those who should be charged :

Parents that send  their kids out without a mask. Kids are considered big virus spreaders; most of them are symptomless.

Large families.  Schools, hospitals and other public facilities are practically blocked by large families;  there is constant shortage of beds, school rooms, staff. These families are paid generous allowances which help them stay ...large ( have lots of kids). 

Maybe the pandemic will bring about  a change in demographics, as hospitals and schools are collapsing; teachers and doctors are on the run (at least in my neck of the woods).

People that practice bad nutrition habits: eat out often, cook and bake with unhealthy ingredients, and then....go for  "doctor's appointment".  Nutrition  is crucial to one's health.To ignore this is to fall 'heavy' on the medical care system and on the public budget.

Dog owners should be charged for their dog's loud, intensive barking which could cause an aged passerby to have a heart attack. It's  not theory. I once witnessed such an unfortunate happening. 

Musicians that practice in an apartment of a complex, should be charged with a tiny fee by the neighbors who have to put up with something that interferes with their daily life. I've had a pianist as neighbor, and I know all about it. I myself didn't mind the music, but the others felt very relieved when she moved out.


Thursday, August 19, 2021

Red Wine


The High Holidays are approaching, and wine is an essential element on every family's festive table.

I'm used to drink with my meals (not only on holidays) , red wine, which is actually 100% red grapes juice, with no addition of water, sugar, coloring.  It's produced by Carmel winery, the largest brand in the Israeli wine market, and it's called Tirosh Carmel. 

I like to mix it in my glass with some sparkling soda water  (mixture known as 'spritz'), and it's almost like drinking champagne. Tirosh Carmel is very popular as it is considered a 'family wine', suitable even for children.

 Tirosh red  wine

I've often asked myself why is it marketed in a glass bottle and sold at the supermarket in the wine department?  After all, it's different from the other bottles  on the shelf, which have alcohol, and perhaps other additives.  Even in the Wikipedia, it says "wine is an alcoholic drink, typically made from fermented grapes".

                               wines and beers at the supermarket

Well, alcohol is just one factor regarding wine. There are other important factors such as : variety and quality of grapes, fermentation reactions, the whole wine production process, of which I know very little.

Anyway, red wine is said to decrease risk of cardio-vascular disease by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. That sounds great!  It's due ,however, to the polyphenols (anti- oxidants) in the red grapes, not due to the alcohol.  Alcohol might block them from working effectively.



Thursday, August 12, 2021

Food for Thought


There's a nice blog " Window to Beauty" with news from the  world of beauty products. 

In  one of  its last posts, there's mention of Ariana Grande's new eau de perfume called  'God is a woman'. That's a challenging name, and gives food for thought. 

I personally, see God as  a 'Super Power' , a power that has created the universe and is high above all and everything;  an omnipotent and omnipresent power that is neither a man nor a woman. 

I  too refer to this power in the masculine form, as God, He, Him,   because that's how it has been referred to, for ages, and the name has solid, religious and social grounds. None of the names (God, Superpower, Universe) bothers me  as long as people  trust and respect the entity represented by God.


Another nice blog I follow is "Traveling Bug". It's about an american family that travels a lot, and brings us some great travel photos .   Lately, I find myself paying attention to the two adopted lovely asian girls in the family; they're growing up fast and it becomes interesting to observe their integration within the family and outside it.

Adoption is also a subject which gives food for thought, especially in those cases where there are already biological children, as in the  above family.

As a rule, I'm not for taking out a child from its natural, ethnical environment . In the long run, it might suffer.

As for the adopting family, when the kids, both the biological  and the adopted ones, grow up, and become aware of differences ( the obvious physical ones: such as skin color, eye shape, nose shape etc..), things in the family might get complicated. I've seen that happen. Education and good will, don't always solve problems.

So far, that's a very happy family  and the posts provide the reader with a lot of pleasure and fun.


Covid-19 is striking hard. I can't help it thinking that, perhaps, we're being punished for mistreating ourselves, others, and the Planet. So far, there seems to be no solution, except of temporary euphoria episodes caused by vaccination.


Thursday, August 5, 2021

To all my blog friends,

 I have NOT disabled comments on my last post . I 've notified Blogger, but they don't seem to care or cooperate. I'm afraid to try and do things myself as the  PC is rather old and might leave me in the middle.

 Hoping for the Best,


Happy Anniversary , Burda!


I've got two sewing machines (an Elna, and a more recent one a Singer) and both are out of order. Unfortunately for me, I have a pile of things that need repair. So , I'll have to take action, and do something at least about one of the machines.

 I taught myself sewing many years ago, in the mid-seventies, methink. I used the patterns that came with the Burda  magazine -  easy and simple to follow patterns.  Nowadays, Burda   has online courses, with and without live instructors, but in those days, women all over the world depended on the magazine (Burda Moden) issued each month in various languages.

It  all started in Offenburg, Germany. Aenne Burda was the spirit behind the enterprise.  Her goal was to create fashion for all; to allow the largest number of women possible to dress with taste, regardless of their budget.   She died in 2005 at the age of 96.  A strong, inspirational woman who had to overcome a lot of hardships thrown at her.

Burda celebrates 70 years of activity! The first magazine came out in 1950; the patterns were launched in 1952.  The Anniversary is celebrated in the magazine with a reminder of its history, and contests for a chance to win prizes.

A friend of mine says  that McDonalds and Burda should  be awarded the Nobel Prize for their contribution to humanity: one in the field of food , the other in the field of fashion. Both continue to fulfill basic needs of  people worldwide. You find them everywhere in the world as two most popular and loved brands.

The thing I liked most , was to make a dress for my Mom before the High Holidays - a dress inaugurated in the synagogue, at the religious services. I was proud of my work, she was proud to wear it. The Burda pattern was simple, but  the fabric  usually caught the attention: solemn yet beautiful.

Thank you, Burda.