Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Figures of Evil

The concept of evil poses great challenge to our thoughts. What is evil, where does it come from? After all,  those who commit evil acts,  are in fact, or at least look like ordinary people. Is evil part of human nature? Complex topic!

Putin is now regarded by the West , as a combination of Hitler and Stalin. I just happened to see  (in the "Times Argus") a short list  of principles used by those two tyrants . The list is  by  Dan Lindner who's currently reading a book on Hitler and Stalin, under the lens of contemporary politics.

Here it is : establish and maintain absolute power, never admit a mistake or failure, lie consistently, spread disinformation, persecute those who disagree with you.

 I must confess, I've never taken much interest in the evil characters of humanity (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini,  etc..). I spent no time reading books or watching movies featuring them. That much I know - Evil and its heroes have always been, and always will be, here and there, ready to strike.

 I do take interest in the people though - those who could and did try to prevent evil. Not much has been  done  about prevention as people are engaged in the difficulties, pleasures, and intrigues of life which they claim to be short. Life is indeed short, and I'm not sure at all whether we, humans, can actually prevent evil and disaster.  

Along the years, Man has violated God's  World Creation, and judging by the climate change , wars, and various other existing conflicts, it doesn't seem certain He'll  be willing to give us another chance in case of  world destruction.

However, God might help with the survival  of individuals and groups that  are not ignoring His omnipresence and not using  His name in vain, for getting power and money meant to harm the others.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

The three D's : Dependence, Democracy, Demographics

 I was once told that dependence  of any kind is...'slow death'.

I'v given much thought to dependence as an individual, trying to learn how to minimize it. I've given only little thought as to the country's dependence on other countries or factors.

We've always been dependent on the USA.  America is our greatest friend, ally, mother and father. Without her backing we feel like orphans.

Being a small country, surrounded by adversaries, Israel greatly needs the american military,  diplomatic, economic  support.

I must say, that I don't consider this  a healthy relationship, as it prevents us from seeing and facing reality clearly. Besides, times change,interests change, things get complicated for both sides.

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Democracy means 'power of the people' (greek: demos- people, kratos - power). It's a way of governing which depends on the will of the people. The majority wins the elections.   It can be successful  where the nation is more or less stable demographically.

voting  (AI generated picture)

In our neck of the woods,  certain circles (mainly orthodox, but not only) have a high birth rate and that turns democracy into a joke.  We are experiencing now this kind of joke following  the last elections when these circles , not the most productive ones in the population, got the majority of votes and are now trying to shape everything according to their way of life - which is not for the benefit of the whole country.

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Saturday, March 9, 2024


Yesterday (8.3.2024), on International Woman's Day, I found myself  thinking about Brigitte Bardot (B.B.) - former french movie actress, dancer, singer , model.   In my much younger days she was a 'hot' name, considered one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the world.  Her exciting appearances in movies, her marriages ( to Roger Vadim, Jaques Charrier ..),  and romantic relationship with other french actors - dominated the headlines and the imagination.

                                           young B.B.  (Wikipedia photo)

After she left the entertainment world in 1974,  she became an activist for the rights of animals (she created a foundation for their welfare and protection), and later on,  a fervent anti-immigration speaker.  The last activity brought her a lot of trouble; she even got fined several times for using racial terms, and accused of inciting to  hatred.  

Now and then, I 've seen  photos of her in which she looks  old, fat, and wrinkled , but alive and kicking. The vestiges of beauty - gone, but replaced with activism of some sort , activism  she has claimed to be for the public benefit.

In a world of political correctness and high hypocrisy, she's seen in certain french circles as a courageous, outspoken person who doesn't hesitate to speak up her mind, for better or for worse).

                                           B.B. in old age (Wikipedia photo)

Anyway, I personally prefer to remember her as the beautiful movie star,  the sex symbol of the period starting with the famous movie "And God created woman".  Thousands of women in the world have admired her hair, figure and face, and tried  to resemble her not only physically, but also in talent and personality. 

Saturday, March 2, 2024



A few days ago,  a shooting attack at a gas station, left two fatalities on the spot: a teenager, and a 57 year old man,  father of three, long time member of the Zaka volunteer organization.  (RIP).

Zaka (search, rescue and identification) has been formally established in 1995 by israeli ultra orthodox people with the main purpose of dealing respectfully with the dead and wounded in disaster places. 

After  disaster occurrence,  there is , sometimes, no corpse left but remaining pieces of it , scattered around.  Zaka people collect the pieces and all the evidence available on the scene, submit it to the forensic teams  and police  to get a DNA, which is key to identify the victim. They then, help arrange the burial , bringing closure to the family.

Zaka teams are also sent to 'rescue and identification'  missions abroad, after occurrence of eartquakes, tzunamis, volcano erruptions, terror attacks, mass shootings etc..
(In Thailand, the Zaka people were named 'the  team that sleeps with the dead',  as they transformed the pagodas into morgues to identify the tzunami victims).

Zaka volunteers are trained paramedics, and are great believers in the dignity of man - dead or alive.  In 2016,  the United Nations granted Zaka the status of a non-governmental consultant.

Zaka logo in hebrew