Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Need for Reconciliation

sunset (as seen at Poleg junction, Netanya)

What interests me in life is people and the workings of the human mind. Nature , with all its splendors, is but a background, not the protagonist on the stage of life. 
I won't visit a country just for its golden beaches, mighty mountains , or the blooming of the cherry trees. There has to be something more than that to attract me, something that has to do with the spirit of mankind.

And yet, during the last few decades Nature is becoming more and more of the protagonist - in a negative sense -  through all those natural disasters that we encounter: fires, floodings, earthquakes, hurricanes, lava eruptions, drought etc...These disasters have sadly increased in number and intensity.

We treat nature badly, and she reacts accordingly. We could take it a few steps further and say that we treat the universe badly; we invented  'colonialism' and 'globality' which had greatly harmed the planet and its inhabitants. God, its creator, is furious. His universe was logically built, and we, the people, in our quest for progress and change are constantly destroying it.

Perhaps we could still do something about it, and stop the abrupt deterioration, but we need great minds for that. So far, there aren't any capable of leading us towards reconciliation with God and nature.


  1. We're nature travelers. My husband and I. I even have a blog post ready about it. Un-posted. There are so many threatening forces. All the more reason to see everything now. Everything we can.

  2. Sharon Wagner,

    Good thinking. Go and see as much as you can now, as there seem to be many threats out there in nature.

  3. Nature gets even with us, so many disasters, but then there's pollution, etc. A huge wooded area near us was just cleared and divided into parcels for huge houses. And the farms by us are disappearing and on and on, urban sprawl, mining, etc. But earth was built to last and we should act accordingly and take care of it while we're here.

  4. Pam,

    We all express the desire to take care of the earth, but practically very little is being done about that.
    Do you see people give up their cars or all kinds of industries that cause air and soil pollution? It would interfere with personal comfort, number of jobs, etc..

  5. It will get worse as the years run towards oblivion. The President-elect has his own ideas and agenda making the outlook bleak, imo.

  6. It is so difficult to be able to do much about hurting nature and the environment. Case in point is what is happening at Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North and South Dakota. Big corporations want to build a pipeline right through the heart of the reservation and sacred burial grounds and impede the water source for the tribe.

    The Sioux Indians have been holding protests and the corporations have hired private security to supposedly harass and bully the protesters.

    While I will be the first to admit I don't know much about the proposed pipeline and the conflict felt by the Sioux in building it, I also know that there are always two sides to a story and it is too simple to simply say that politicians and corporations are just trying to line their pockets.

    Those same politicians and corporations are the people that we point fingers at when there are no jobs available, yet we don't want them to make jobs available if they are going to build pipelines or high speed bullet train tracks through out property. Somewhere, somehow, something has to give. It's not a win-win situation, someone will always lose.

    We don't live in a perfect world and it makes me sad sometimes to see so many homes springing up on land that used to be filled with beautiful almond and fruit trees. It makes me sad to see whole sections of our city being deserted and left to looters just because we want new and shiny. Interesting post DUTA, you always make me stop to think!

  7. PhilipH,

    I'm afraid you're right. Governments put ecology on their agenda, but in reality do nothing about that, except conferences and treaties whose conclusions are not applied to everyday life.

  8. Alicia,

    I've heard about the pipeline in South Dakota, and I totally agree with every word you write. Sadly, any way one looks at things, there are no win-win situations.

    There's something that nobody seems to mention - high birth rate. In our tiny country it has become alarming with certain layers of population (the orthodox people), and agricultural lands are turned into buildings and parking lots... Politicians are concerned only with the number of votes, not with the fate of the country or of the world.

  9. You're right, Duta, we treat nature badly sometimes. God's nature should be protected, respected, and appreciated. Your post hit home for me, as nature is very special to me, a place for healing and peace. Even with the fires, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes, as you mentioned, please don't think of nature in the negative sense. God takes care of His earth, and nature is still a beautiful place to be.


  10. Hi Sheri,

    Of course, I love nature, I've mentioned its splendors; but I feel we must shake up people's complacency. We must make people think on a larger scale. Nature is not only the home garden or the adjacent city park -it's much more than that, and it's getting out of control, mainly because of Man's doings.

  11. We have so much land available here in Canada! Such a difference.

  12. Jenn Jilks,

    I know you do, but how do you people treat the land, and how does the land and weather treat you- that's the question. You've just had some terrible fires in Fort McMurray.- thousands of people had to be evacuated.

  13. Duta,
    You said it all.
    W , with all this progress are destroying Humans and Nature.
    People are becoming hermits with phones and computers.
    I have noticed that when you stop a teen to ask a question,
    they are shocked, and it seems a few seconds for them to react.
    They are so occupied with the cell phone.

  14. La Petite Gallery,

    Indeed, progress is what we call a 'two edged sword' - something which has both good and bad results.It's quite sad to see people overtaken by screens of all kinds. In fact, it's frightening.

  15. We love nature and it's nature that pulls us to places - to see the awesomeness of God in nature that always reminds us He is bigger than all our fears and hurt. But Duta, you're right that people have hurt the environment in ways that that has caused more harm. Fires, floods, earthquakes etc. I can't help but wonder if it's because of how we treat the earth and land with our progress to live faster and greater. Nature always tells me to slow down, chill, take it easy. Progress pushes me to rush, move, do. I like the first one best. Happy Thursday.

  16. Nikki (Sarah),

    It seems love of nature is not strong enough to make people want to take care of the environment.Personal comfort and the chase for progress are more powerful, and the result of all that won't be in our favor.

  17. Every post you write about the people you see and the scenes before you is one step closer to this healing. You see the world in a wonderful way, keep sharing, it is a blessing.

  18. Tanya Lynne Reimer,

    Thanks for your kind words. It's good to know you believe in healing. We have to be optimistic, and we have to do whatever we can to get, as you say, closer to this healing.

  19. Amen so true We are destroying mother earth. Of course we can do all our bit to take care of the environment. Without the world leaders taking responsibility however and making big plans to work on improving our planet. Part of it is global warming with Trump saying he wants to cancel the Paris climate agreement. So if that happens the world goes ten steps backwards. I feel so sorry for the next generation who really have to deal with the huge consequences what our generations have done to the planet

  20. Hi Marja,

    As a resident of Christchurch in NZ which has undergone earthquakes, you know what I'm saying. I too feel sorry for the next generation. God knows what is awaiting them economically, ecologically, demographically.

  21. The American Indians treated our great side of this earth much better than any of those who followed. We are just a "whisper" on earth and it is our duty to be caretaker and the most important part of the word is Care. Peace

  22. Lady Di Tn,

    I totally agree with your view. The Indians were "the first nation", the owners of the land, and when you own something you're more careful about it.