Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Roof Of The World

"I must visit Nepal someday", I keep saying to myself.
My interest in Nepal began not through its Himalaya mountains with the Everest peak (the roof of the world). It started actually with a pair of... handknit thick woolen socks that warm my feet and my heart during winter.

thick socks for indoors

Wool is considered a magical material and the best insulating one, as it both absorbs and repels water, moisture (merino wool is the best on the market). I suppose the nepalese socks are designed to help survive the Himalayan winters, but they're ideal for any kind of winter, harsh as well as moderate. For those allergic to wool there are all sorts of acrylic fibers, but none can compete with wool. With these socks in winter, I really feel on the top of the world.
white/grey/black, thinner socks for outdoors

I also have a pair of leg warmers, 2 pairs of hand mittens, and 2  hats of the same origin - Nepal villages.. I use them much less frequently than the socks as we have short, relatively moderate winters.

leg warmers

hand mittens

hats with ear flaps and lined with fleece

People that buy the handknit woolen items, help underprivileged women in the rural part of Nepal that earn their living from hand knitting crafts.The 100% woolen items come in a variety of designs, sizes and colors.

There used to be a shop in Tel Aviv which imported woolen products from Nepal, but it closed a few years ago. After all we are a warm country. Since then, however, the winters have become quite cold, and if you happen to have those Nepal woolen items, you're on 'the roof of the world'.


  1. It won't get above -5 here tomorrow. So, bring on the wool I say!

  2. They do look very warm and cozy. I would love to visit Nepal someday :)

  3. Is that mountain photo of Mt. Shasta in California? That's another area where good woolens are appreciated!

    My son was given one of those hats with ear flaps when he was a toddler; it came from Bolivia. A design that is appreciated all over, isn't it...

  4. Sharon Wagner,

    There's nothing like genuine wool to combat the cold weather.

  5. Optimistic Existentialist,

    It's not only the Himalayas that attract people to Nepal, but also its food specialties, herbs, and all those cozy handknit woolen products. It's certainly worth a visit.

  6. GretchenJoanna,

    Hi Joanna,
    No, it's not Mt Shasta in California. It's Mt. Everest in the Himalayas; the photo is taken from the internet. Indeed, these kind of woolen products(hats especially) are also typical of South America countries such as Bolivia.

  7. I have one pair of woolen socks and I use them on spiecially cold days that happen often in this part of the World

  8. Ola,

    Well, that's all right. I also use these socks only on particularly cold winter days. I own two pairs: a thick pair for indoors, and a thinner pair that could fit outdoor shoes.

  9. Nepal is on my wish list as well. But we are closer geographically to Nepal than you are but still I have not been there. I hope to someday. The travel of wool from Nepal to Israel is intriguing. I wonder how it all started and by whom.

    Hope the holiday season is bringing you cheer and love. Happy holidays.

    Love from Goa, India where wool is unheard of and our lowest temp is 20 degrees.

    Joy always,

  10. I've never heard of that saying "the roof of the world." Your socks and mittens are delightful. They look soft and ready to keep you warm. I don't get to wear them much here, as the winters are cold but not too harsh. I do hope you get to visit Nepal someday, Duta. It sounds wonderful. I have a blog friend from Nepal. :)

    The Merriest of Christmas' to you, my friend.


  11. Does Smartwool socks count? I do prefer the Alpaca socks that I got from a farm here in TN. All your wool items would have been put in good use yesterday and today as it did not get above freezing. The frozen rain we awoke to Sunday that coated our porch did not go away today even with a little sun shine this afternoon. Tomorrow it is predicted to get in the forties and each following day will be warmer. Peace

  12. Susan Deborah,

    Indeed, Nepal is closer to you geographically. Lucky you!
    Many israelis travel to India, Nepal, and Thailand. They fall in love with these countries at first sight. Upon return, some of them import food, clothes, traditions and open eateries and shops which specialize in products specific to the above places.
    Happy holidays to you too!

  13. Red Rose Alley,

    Actually it's Tibet that is called the roof of the world as the Tibetan Plateau is 3 miles above sea level. However,the Everest is in the area surrounding it and people refer to it as the roof of the world.
    The socks are great. I wish to buy a pair of slippers of the same quality.

  14. Lady Di Tn,

    My mother used to put great emphasis on socks, as she claimed that all the bad in winter comes from the feet. (She meant the cold symptoms and its complications). I think she was right. I feel that these thick genuine woolen socks (Yes, even alpaca wool for that matter) are greatly contributing to one's health in winter.

  15. I love handmade, authentic clothing. And it especially makes me happy when we can help out women (and people in general) in need by buying them...

    Leg warmers are my personal favourites. :)
    (And) Nepal is an interesting country, it & the close by country Bhutan are on the top of my Asia-Travel list. :)

    PS: Isnt't their unique shaped flag beautiful looking??

  16. PinkPanthress,

    Authentic clothing appeals to me too. And knowing that purchase of such items can help beat poverty of women - is a great bonus.
    Do you mean Nepal flag? It's indeed unique; it's the only non-quadrilateral national flag in the world.

  17. Truly speaks to my heart. The best gifts are cosy, warm, and from the heart. Happy Hanukah!!!

  18. Angelina Pratt,

    I totally agree with your view of the best gifts in life.
    Happy Holidays!

  19. These socks and mitts are beautiful. Unfortunately I am allergic to wool so can never wear them. Duta, I want to wish you not only a very happy and safe holiday but also a very happy birthday.

  20. Nikki (Sarah),

    Thank you for your kind words and wishes. Pity you're allergic to such a warming material, which reminds me also that Vegans won't wear woolen items as it has to do with abusing and killing sheep.

  21. That is so neat to stay warm with the wool from Nepal, help those women. We are really warm in Georgia right now even though it is winter. The roof of the world is pretty!

  22. Kim@stuff,

    I'm glad to hear you're warm in Georgia now. The winter weather is not for everyone. Me, for instance, I like summer best with no layers of clothes, no need for boots and umbrella.

  23. You do not need to be on the "roof of the world" to warm his feet in warm woolen socks and gloves in his hands. That would be me in handy even in my country. * My PEPA be played with another dog, it was not dangerous. Regards.

  24. Giga,

    I'm sure woolen socks and gloves are much appreciated in the cold winters of your country Poland .They give such a pleasant warmth and coziness!

  25. Hubby just bought himself a hat like yours. He's bald and gets cold!
    He's allergic to wool, so it isn't wool, though! Lovely and warm! I love yours.

  26. Jenn Jilks,

    Good for him! The main thing is that it keeps his head warm and comfy.

  27. I could use a pair of those socks, my feet are always cold. A funny thing, I've been getting a rash around my ankles and didn't know why and now because of your post I know why! New socks that I received for Christmas! I never thought you could be allergic to certain kinds of socks!

  28. Alicia,

    I don't wear the woolen socks directly on the skin , but on sock liners or just thinner socks. As far as I know, I'm not allergic to wool, but a bit of precaution won't do any harm.