Friday, November 26, 2010

Panoramic 'Headache'

Shall we walk up the hill, climb the stairs of the old church/tower? take the funicular/the elevator/the chair lift? dine at the restaurant at the top of...? do it at the beginning of the tour, towards the end of the tour? all of it?

Well, these questions are about ways to get a panoramic (wide-angle) view of the city we've come to visit. A lot depends on the amount of time one has at one's disposal, weather, mood, and of course physical fitness.

A panoramic view is a Must as it offers some of the most exquisite moments in one's life. Who could ever forget the panoramic view of the Bay of Naples from the top of Mount Vesuvium in Italy, or the view of Athens from the Acropolis in Greece, for instance. Certainly
Not Me.

In Prague there are quite a few spots that offer a stunning panoramic view of this fascinating city: The astronomical Clock Tower, the Powder Tower, the Ziziko TV Tower (pobably the highest place not only in Prague, but in the entire Czech Republic) ,
the Castle, the french Restaurant on top of the Dancing House, etc... The above mentioned towers and the Castle are the most famous attractions in the city.

the Astronomical Clock Tower

the Powder Tower

If it's a clear , nice day, I would strongly recommend the Petrin Hill for a panoramic view of Prague, and not only for this. The Petrin Hill is home to lush gardens, a house of mirrors, churches, and...a look out tower ( copy of the Eiffel Tower, 60 m high, 299 stairs to climb to the top platform, unless you decide to take the elevator).

to the Petrin Hill

There are two ways to get to the top of the hill: by walking uphill or by taking the funicular. Once you reach the top, there's the imposant observation tower. After being up and taking some pictures, you walk down towards the Castle that also offers amazing views of the city.

the Observatory Tower - Petrin Hill

people, food, and fun near the entrance

panoramic view from the Observatory Tower

view of the Castle from the gardens of Petrin Hill

view of Prague from the gate to the Castle


  1. Oh, Duta, what a beautiful city! I would love to visit this marvelous place. In the meantime, "thanks!" for taking me there. Your postings are so awesome.

  2. The pictures are so beautiful! I love panoramic views. When I have the time, I try to see it once during the day and once during the night.

  3. I like the second to the last the best Duta because if I would ever come to Europe it's the castles I want to see.

  4. The city has a unique beauty by all means!

  5. C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson,

    Yes, it's an amazing city. I'm pleased to "take you there" even if it's on a virtual visit. The last sentence of your comment 'made my day'.

    Vert Ange,

    Thanks for reminding me of panoramic views at night; I forgot to mention them in my post. These views at night are very special in Prague.

    One Fly,

    Good thinking. The castles of Europe are indeed worth visiting. The Castle in Prague is considered The Attraction of the city.

    Phivos Nicolaides,

    I completely agree with you. The beauty of Prague is indeed unique.

  6. Well girl, you've hit the ball outta the park once again! The views and your pictures are just amazing! I'm quite smitten with the astronomical clock!!! I enlarged the pic and just sat here and zoned into it!!!

    You do lead a most interesting life my friend and I so appreciate you takin' me outta my little world every now and again!

    God bless you sweet lady and have an incredible day!!!

  7. Great memories. Petrin Hill is a nice place to relax after several days walking, however I think I remember counting about 320 steps up the mini Eiffel Tower. It is an engineering masterpiece. There was an interesting tour inside the building with the astronomical clock. These are a great varied set of pictures, thanks for posting these... I must buy a scanner to digitalise mine !! , J

  8. I'm not likely to make it to that part of Europe (or any part, frankly), so I really enjoy taking tours with you. Thanks!

  9. As usual I learned so much from reading one of your posts. I had no idea what a funicular was, but now I understand. I've ridden one at Magic Mountain, a theme park in Valencia, California. And I was intrigued at why it was called the Powder Tower, but apparently because gunpowder was stored there.

    The view is stunning DUTA! What a beautiful city and have brought it to life.

  10. Well. now I have to go to Prague. Put that on my list of "things to do when I have disposable income".

  11. The architecture in the first few photos are truly bewitching aren't they? Great eye, Duta

    Hope you are well and have a great Thanksgiving

  12. Nezzy,

    The astronomical clock tower is indeed Something!People just stand there and look at it in amazement. They view it from all sides and then they enter it to get a panoramic image of the city.

    J on tour@jayspaze,

    I'm glad you had the pleasure of knowing the place and its attractions.
    I'm sure you've got awsome photos; you should indeed digitize them.

    The Bug,

    I feel honored that you enjoy "taking tours" with me. I hope you'll visit the real thing someday.


    I like it that my post has contributed to your knowledge avidity making you look up 'funicular' and 'powder tower'. You've got a curious mind and that's excellent.


    You just have to decide you want to go; then, you'll find somehow a way to finance the travel.

    Culture Served Raw,

    The entire city of Prague has "bewitched" architecture. It never cease to surprise and enchant you.

  13. Thankyou for my tour! And I must congratulate you on such a well thought out blog!

  14. I'd take the steps up the Hill. The better to reward myself later. Thanks for sharing.

  15. A bird's eye view is alway worth the climb up to see it. But if you can't go there, the next best thing is your Lovely pictures!

  16. Vera,

    Coming from you (a gifted writer), your words are a Big compliment for me. Thanks a lot.

    Mauro Paim,

    I ,too, prefer the longer and more difficult way up ,which is also the most rewarding one.


    I like the definition of 'panoramic view' as 'bird's eye view'. Thank you for enjoying my pictures.

  17. What lovely sights, here. I love the details you always provide us. I learn something new and fascinating whenever I visit this place. Thanks.

    Joy always,

  18. Susan Deborah,

    I'm glad you feel you learn something whenever you read my posts. Thank you for your warm words.

  19. Hi Duta, Thanks for inviting me to join you, I enjoyed the walk up Perrin Hill and the views of Prague; it is such a large city! The view of the castle is wonderful with its frame of maple leaves, I enlarged it and zoomed in for a closer look!

  20. The photos show the charming views of the area. Looks as if you are in good shape to walk to those areas. As for the hot spring water, too bad you did not have a tea bag with you. Peace

  21. Dimple,

    I'm very glad you liked the views in the pictures. Prague is indeed a large city , and also a beautiful one.

    Ladt Di Tn,

    Your last sentence made me smile as I'm not a tea drinker (more of a coffee drinker, in fact).
    However, your suggestion is a very good one. I suppose people do bring tea bags to use with the hot water.

  22. Beautiful pictures - I LOVE a panoramic view. To me, dusk would be the best time of day to view a city, as I love it when there's still partial light, and the city lights are glowing.
    Prague is a beautiful city - thanks for taking us there!

  23. Prague at night, especially near the water of the Vltava river, is called the Golden City; the city lights give it the gold hues. Magnificient view!

  24. What amazing and breathtaking views to behold. My head would be spinning around, trying to take in all the views!

  25. I like panoramic view from the Observatory Tower. It looks similar with panoramic view of my home city that can be seen from Capela Hill.

  26. Cheryl,

    Well Cheryl, I'm glad you think so of the views.
    Thank you.


    Yes, in every city there's some high point from where one can view a panorama, and it's always fascinating.

    I've looked up Capela Hill on the web. It says it descends from 500 m altitude down to the Olt river creating a valley on which the town Rimnicu Valcea is built. Sounds beautiful.

  27. I think 500 m altitude is not correct. I think is less than 400 m altitude, but perhaps Google knows more :)

  28. Such beautiful places to visit.
    I am sure there is more to that clock and its history.

  29. robert,

    I'm sure you know better than Google as you actually live in Ramnicu Valcea. Anyway,never mind a 100 m more or less; the main thing is that you and other people enjoy the panorama seen from the Capela Hill.


    You're right about the clock. It's a very complex piece of machinery. When the bell of the tower tolls, windows open and 12 mechanical apostoles begin to dance. It also has 12 medallions with the signs of the zodiac to tell the course of the heavens.

  30. kasturirajam,

    Welcome, and thank you!