Thursday, December 2, 2010

Horses, Boats, and a Hug

A ride in a horse-drawn carriage and a cruise on the river , are popular and romantic ways to view a city like Prague. It is not for everyone though. Me, for instance, I'm rather shy, and the ride in a carriage is not for shy people; the glances and turning of heads of the passers-by might be embarassing.

ride in a horse-drawn carriage

As for a cruise, I'm not on very good terms with boats and ships. For some reason, I feel rather unwell on vessels. I've promised myself to 'work on it' , but there always seems to be something more important on my agenda. Pity!

Anyway, a cruise on the Vltava river offering spectacular views of its bridges (Karl bridge the most famous among them) and the landscape around including the Castle complex, The National Theatre, and more , is I suppose, a lifetime experience. I've noticed all kinds of boats there and the possibility of various tours according to duration, price, luxuries.

evening on the Quay; there are also night cruises

On Petrin Hill, they offer assisted rides on horses and ponies. Near the funicular terminal, there's a sculpture (mentioned by me in a previous post) showing an embrace between a man and woman (both naked). Two little ones , brother and sister, were intensely looking at it, giggling and discussing it. I wished I could understand the language. Perhaps I could have learnt something ...'out of the mouths of babes'. Sometimes kids surprise us with their wisdom and their mature understanding .

The father got angry with their interest in the statue, so he put them on a horse to keep them away from it. A horse- ride is not cheap, but then education does cost money.

horse riding on Petrin Hill


  1. It sounds like a beautiful place to explore. I would not be shy of a carriage...I am a farm chick ya know, we love our critters. The cruise would be a marvel I'm sure and the kiddos are just a hoot in any language. That statue...I remember it well. Heeehehehee!

    God bless ya sweetie and thanks for showin' the world to a country gal! :o)

  2. Would love the horse ride, and the boat ride would be alright as well. Can do flat river water, but not fussed about being on the ocean. Remember a time when I used to have a boyfriend who sailed a little sailboat, and we got caught in a hurricane out at sea. Not something I would ever wish to do again! Can get seasick when on the cross channel ferry between France and the UK, but take the cross-channel underground rail link instead now. Sea sickness is horrid! And thanks for showing me around another part of the world.

  3. I would have gone for the horse ride as I love horses and I do not have one any more.Like you ,I would feel self conscious in a carriage,as for the children and the statue,Many a time I have distracted my children with a treat to divert them from something embarrassing.
    Loved the post,it made me smile.

  4. Nezzy,

    'Farm chick' or 'country gal' as you call yourself, of one thing I'm sure: you're not shy of anything. And I love this about you.


    Thanks for your reminiscences. Sea sickness is indeed an unpleasant situation; I'm told that nowadays there are ways to prevent it, and I wish I would try these ways.


    'self-conscious' is the appropriate word as to how I feel in a carriage.
    I'm glad my post made you smile. Smiling is good for our health.

  5. Cat imi plac orasele in care te poti plimba cu vaporasul! Daca voi ajunge vreodata primar al Bucurestiului am sa transform Dambovita in canal navigabil :)

  6. Vert Ange,

    Bun si frumos plan! Iti doresc sa ti-l realizezi.

  7. What a wonderful way to see the sights!

  8. DUTA - You're funny. "I'm not on very good terms with boats and ships. For some reason, I feel rather unwell on vessels." How COULD you work on this, if you feel seasick? lol...

    I didn't know you are shy. I can see why one would feel under the spotlight when riding on an open carriage!

  9. Sue (Someone's Mom),

    I do agree with you Sue on this. I think carriage rides and boat cruises are a colorful, pitoresque and romantic way to see the city's splendid sights.

    Lynda Lehman,

    What I meant by "work on it" (and apparently failed to express myself correctly)was that I should have learnt about all of the available means against seasickness, take the neccessary precautions, and go on a cruise to see if they work in my case.

  10. I think a carriage ride would be wonderful. I, too, don't do well on the water. I take a pill, but it make me drowsy. For that matter, I have to take this when flying also. That's why I'll never get to see the world the way you do - I don't like to fly, or travel on water!

  11. I think a carriage ride would be fun, I guess I'm not shy about that. I have not been on a cruise, but ferries and fishing boats don't bother me. I've never been on the ocean, though.
    Ginger is good to settle a queasy stomach...

  12. I can't get enough of your pictures. I wonder when I will be able to see those places of this post. My appetite for Prague has been whetted enough here.

    Joy always,

  13. It always confused me as a kid why public nudity was permitted in statues but not with people. I also wondered if my parents were embarrassed by it. Their poker faces, when we went to museums, seemed a little strained to me.

  14. Well, I have been there 2 years ago, thank you for this wonderful story!
    Best regards from Romania!

  15. I guess that's true that all eyes are on the horse and buggy. Good observation.

  16. Bica,

    I don't have problems with flying but with landing of the plane; my ears start aching for the 20-30 minutes of landing duration. It's the difference in altitudes that causes it, but not everyone suffers like I do.


    Lucky you having no problems on boats and ferries! I've heard about ginger too, but never tried it.

    Susan Deborah,

    Well, You're young so you'll get to see these places. Don't worry! I'm glad my Prague pictures have triggered your appetite for visiting this city.


    I guess you were a smart, inquisitive kid.
    Anyway, in Israel nobody will get permission to place a statue displaying nudity on a public spot as the religious circles will not allow it.


    Thank you for reading it, and of course, for your kind Regards.

    Sharon Wagner,

    Hi Sharon,
    In a carriage, one is right in the public's eye. Not everybody feels at ease with that.

  17. Hi my dear Duta~ What's with all the naked statues lately! :)

    Came by to wish you a Happy Hannukah! May the Peace of God rest upon you & yours, my friend.

  18. The best way to see a new place is by horse carriage, it is a way to get into the character of any new place. I don't mind that people see me, I wave and smile as they pass by.

    Lovely pictures, Duta!

  19. Susannah,

    Thanks for the wishes. We have a rather sad Hannuka because of terrible fires that have caused loss of lives and property on Mt. Carmel and its surroundings.
    Blessings, and Best wishes to you too!


    I'm trying to imagine you waving and smiling at passers by. A ride in a carriage suits you; you look great!

  20. beautiful .thank you friend for your lovely comment in my blog

  21. Hi Duta,
    Thank you for visiting my 'Aura of Past Shadows' blog recently.
    You have a very interesting blog here and I certainly intend to continue to follow.
    Regards from the UK

  22. Lovely post. I was brave enough to take a carriage ride in Montreal, Canada many years ago. It was nighttime in an old section of that beautiful city so wasn't bothered by people staring at me. I was simply too busy taking in all the beauty of my surroundings, the smells of the vendors and the companionship of my friends who accompanied me. I would do it again. As for sea-sickness, NEVER AGAIN WILL I STEP FOOT ONBOARD A BOAT! I tried all the recommended precautions prior to boarding a salmon fishing boat out of Ilwaco, Washington USA and spent the next eight hours so ill that I wanted to die. Trains have the same effect on me but not airplanes. Go figure. Duta, you always evoke memories for me with your wonderful posts. Thanks.

  23. Duta
    I love to ride in a carriage and especially if you have a good tour guide to point out places of interest. Then you can pick and choose and visit the ones that sound the best. I would also had to ride the cruises and take lots and lots of photo. Hope you get over your adversions to both on your next trip. Peace

  24. Haha, that poor man. I wonder what those children were saying as well...they can be quite insightful.

    Great pictures DUTA! I would love to ride in a horse and carriage! I've always wanted to travel to New York and ride one through Central Park in the Snow. But you know me, Iwanna

  25. Kashturirajam,

    Welcome to my little blog, and thanks for your comment!


    Welcome!Thanks for your kind words. I hope we'll indeed exchange blog visits and comments.

    C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson,

    Thank you for the vivid description of your lovely experience with a horse carriage ride in Montreal, and with the not so lovely experience on a fishing boat in Ilwaco, Washington.

    Lady Di Tn,

    You're completely right. I'll try and follow your advice next time, that is, get over my "adversions" to carriages and boats.


    Yes, the man and his two kids succeeded in drawing my utter attention; it was like a movie scene.
    I'm sure you'll find the right time and place for a ride in a horse carriage.

  26. Prague looks beautiful...and the horse and carriage would be fun in the evening if it wasn't too cold (it would hide you from view).

    Thanks so much for the acupuncture advice, I think my hubby might do it. We know about it but it never entered our minds. I'll let you know how it goes.

  27. Shame I never had time or rather make time to do the boat tour.

  28. Lisa Petrarca,

    Prague is beautiful day&night. I'm not sure the horse carriages are active in the evening hours.
    As for the accupuncture advice, You're welcome!. Hope your hubby feels better.

    J on tour@Jayspaze,

    Well, Prague is a city one should visit more than once in order to be able to enjoy all that this city has to offer. So, next time, you"ll take a boat tour.

  29. a great city, with a wonderful atmosphere!

  30. Hi Duta, I too would be shy about riding in a carriage. Maybe a ride on a private road would be o.k. I like to walk about and look all around me. As for a cruise, hmm...I had better stay on land!

  31. Lara,
    Welcome to my little blog!
    As for your comment - well said. Thank you.


    So it seems we have something in common. We're both hesitant about carriage rides and cruises.

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  33. I think you are a lucky woman. Travelling to all these places should be a delight.

    I like boats and ships and perhaps also shy to ride on a horse.