Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Quick Bite in Praha.

At home , I'm more or less disciplined as to what I eat; after all, I do believe in the saying: "You are what you eat and drink" . When I'm away from home, especially in another country, I am always eager to sample the local food (which usually tastes pretty good , but is not exactly the dieter's friend).

The Czechs have booths and stands placed strategically in central squares, markets, at touristic sites - selling a great variety of fast, mostly hot food which goes very well with the cold weather, and with beer.

The sausage (klobasa) is the king, and the delicious fried cheese sandwich ( smazeny syr) is the Queen of this sort of food. There are various types of sausages, and they are eaten with mustard/ketchup/sauerkraut. In the meat category, one could also choose to buy chicken shawarma topped with veggies and sauce or chicken fried cutlet.
The fried cheese (Edam cheese) which comes with mayonnaise on top and is placed in a bun, is a 'star', both on a simple food stand, and in a classy restaurant.

There are ,of course, various side dishes such as those based on potatoes (boiled, baked or fried), pasta, rice, dumplings. The main beverage to go with all this is local beer. They say, by the way, it is best to eat fried food items after you've had some beers, as the fat will absorb the alcohol.

Sweet treats are fairly represented by waffels, dumplings filled with fruit or cream, crepe, and yeast-based pastries.

The smells in the area of the booths and stands are irresistible, and the atmosphere - cheerful. People obviously enjoy eating & drinking in the open air, especially when there's also some entertainment around.


  1. Can almost smell the baked goods. Oh it all looks delicious, but I am not sure if my tummy could handle it or not. I love taking a journey thru your posts!
    until next time... nel

  2. Suddenly I'm starving! Those dishes look delicious. I always enjoyed sampling street food when I was traveling. Of course, back then I could gorge myself and not gain an ounce. Now I put on weight just looking at photos of food!

  3. Oh, I love this post. I try to be disciplined, but it's hard. Where I work, people are always bringing treats, and it's so hard to resist. The food you describe sounds wonderful, and not unlike what you might find in Wisconsin (especially the beer).

  4. The food looks so good and your description of it is mouth watering.!!
    I love sampling the local food when I travel and collect recipes of my favorites,but it never tastes the same when I make it at home.Perhaps it is the atmosphere of the holiday that is the missing ingredient.!!

  5. It's always good to see a real life post and particularly involving food. I remember it was a great place when I was there 4 years ago.

  6. Nel,

    Oh, Nel: "I'm not sure if my tummy could handle it or not" - You have such a way with words, I love it.

    Rocket Man,

    I know what you mean. Many complain of putting on weight just by looking at food pictures.


    It's indeed hard to resist good food. Food gives us one of the greatest pleasures in life. Pity we have to be picky about it, for health and esthetique reasons.


    I gave up collecting recipes for the same reason you've mentioned: "it never tastes the same".

    J on tour@jayspaze,

    " a real life post" - thank you for the kind expression. Prague is still a great place and has a lot to offer its visitors.

  7. You are very lucky to travel to all these places.

    Reading your words I felt hungry now. So all I need is a pleasant atmosphere :)

  8. These sound delicious, all of them! I'm glad I can read about them without inflaming my insides or gaining weight! (I don't gain weight by reading about food or looking at the pictures, but I do from eating too much because the writing and pictures make me hungry!)
    Thanks for taking me with you, I am unlikely to get to Prague any other way!

  9. After reading your blog I realised that I hadn't had anything to eat for a while, and was hungry! It was the sight of all that food that did it. Lovely atmospheric writing, Duta, and you painted a vivid picture as always.

  10. I can almost smell the aromas seepin' from the computer! WoW and we're just havin' tacos for supper. What a wonderful variety of foods to sample...I fear I would just have to wear elastic! Heeehehehe!

    You always take me away from the Ponderosa sweetie!

    God bless and have a great weekend! :o)

  11. It all looks and sounds delicious. I can just imagine the mouth watering aromas filling the air.
    Hmmmm good!!!

  12. Oh my! I rarely eat anything fried at home and yet some of the best "away" foods are fried. I think that is why when I get home I'm so ready for salads and veggies. All of these things sound so good!

    Thanks for the info on my post today. I found a recipe so I can try it at home.

  13. This post reminded me of what is missing in Canada. I love the idea of central squares where people gather to visit while sampling yummy food.

    Your pictures are great and brought back some good memories of time past in Europe. Thanks.

  14. robert,

    Do eat then, enjoy your food and have a pleasant atmosphere which I'm sure you could easily achieve!


    The eternal problem - gaining weight by eating what we like. Eating is such a big pleasure! Pity we have to be rational about it.


    I like what you call "atmospheric writing" and I feel your words are a great compliment. Thank you.


    I'm sure the food in your Ponderosa is not less delicious than that described in my post. Anyway, your presence at a table would make any food taste great.


    Welcome to my little blog! The food, and the smells filling the air are indeed irresistible. Thanks for your kind words.

    Sue(Someone's Mom),

    With me it's the same. At home, I have control on what I eat; outside I try to sample all kinds of food including fried food which is usually very tasty.


    I've never been to Canada, but I think , perhaps, most of the time it's too cold there for people to gather in squares and have a bite.

  15. Duta
    The South in America thrives on fried foods therefore, I would be right at home tasting those wonderful treats. As for beer, I do believe that you should try a local one no matter where you go as you might not be back that way again. Peace

  16. The fat may absorb the alcohol, but I wish there was something that could absorb the fat. Anyway, I have a friend in the Czech Republic, and you've made me want to visit her.

  17. TallTchr,

    "....something that could absorb the fat." - so true! I too wish there was something like that.
    Good for you to have a friend there. Go ahead visit her , and have fun and good food! Anyway, the Czech Republic has much to offer its visitors.

  18. Duta, you are so well-travelled...! My goodness. I have a theory that street food is always better, always tastier and always fresher than restaurant fare. We actually have some really good street vendors here in Vancouver, but our weather doesn't get as cold as the rest of Canada. One of my favourite things is hot roasted chestnuts. Yum!

    Okay ... now I'm hungry, and I'm headed off to the kitchen for a snack. :-)

  19. Great photos Duta! I feel like I was there with you. The way you describe the food is delicious! How fabulous that you are able to travel to so many wonderful places and better yet that you are generous enough to share them with us!

  20. Jo,

    Your theory on street food is correct.
    Anyway, anything hot in cold weather tastes deliciously, including your favorite roasted chestnuts.


    I'm glad you liked the photos and my way of describing the food. I think, however, that when it comes to food you do a much better job than I do.

  21. Awww, thank you Duta. That is so sweet!

  22. Alicia,

    You're welcome, any time.

  23. DUTA:

    I want to eat all those now. What a treat this post was. Food is something very integral to any culture and it is absolutely amazing to sample cuisine from different places. I love Shawarma and often binge on that when I see an outlet selling it. This post conjured a sudden hunger within me. Anyway it is going to be 1 in teh afternoon and I shall soon have lunch. But the lunch here is not to kmy taste. Yearning for some home-made food by my mother. DUTA, do you love cooking? What a question. I am sure you must.

    Have a lovely remainder of the week.

    Joy always,

  24. I totally agree with your view on food as" very integral to any culture".
    As to your question on cooking, let's just say I don't dislike it.

    Have a joyful time!

  25. Phivos Nicolaides,

    It sure does.

  26. Lady Di Tn is exactly right about the South (U.S.), although I do try to stay away from it (the food, that it). Reading this post made me think of "Fair Food," as in, the "State Fair": Funnel Cakes, Brats & grilled peppers, hotdogs, cotton candy, etc... Reading your post made me feel like I was there, Duta. I could almost hear the music of the guys in that last pic, & I'm still wondering if that pooch ever got a bite of the man's snack!

  27. Susannah,

    I'm humbled by your words, Susannah. It's great that you can feel like you were there, and could almost hear the music. Thank you.

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