Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prague at first sight

Last week I was in Prague (the capital of the Czeck Republic). That's a lovely city with very impressive architecture and lots of attractions.
The weather was cold (especially in the area of the famous Vltava river), but the sky was clear and even sunny at times, and this was good for walking around and taking pictures.

Most of the locals don't know English or any other major language . If a foreigner enters a store to buy something, both the salesperson and the customer get irritated as they have no common language. In this respect, Prague is not a friendly city. Driving is crazy here, and it's really dangerous to cross a street with all its tram lines and very few, if at all, traffic signs.

There are some love-sculptures in public places that are a delight to look at. Two such sculptures caught my eye in particular. One is placed in front of the Intercontinental Hotel ( a few steps from the Vltava), another, on the Petrin Hill (which offers a panoramic view of the city).

In the very center of the city, at the entrance of a book shop - a poster of Madeleine Albright (Albrightova, in the czech language). It seems that the Prague-born former USA Secretary of State is loved and admired here.

I can't remember anything specific about her as a Secretary of State. I think I will remember though, the present one, Hillary Clinton, for the fact that although she couldn't keep an eye on her husband, she thought she could keep an eye on the World.


  1. Ha! Good one Duta. So true about Hillary Clinton. The statues are lovely. I wonder though about their meaning, they seem very sensual, well at least the first one does.

  2. Oh, you are a clever wordsmith. Enjoyed this tremendously.

  3. Ya never fail to delight me girl! You sure do have a way with words!!!

    Well, just shock my modesty and fan me now, would ya look at those racy statues!!! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya girl and have the most amazing day sweetie!!!

  4. The book must be interesting and the statues are very good, especially the first one! Shalom.

  5. I enjoy your posts Duta because I know I'll never see these things myself.

  6. Yes indeed. That was a good one about Hilary.

  7. I didn't know Ms. Albright was from Prague. She was really something. Love the statues.

  8. You're so lucky to get to see so much of the world. I doubt I'll ever travel like you do, so I really do enjoy it vicariously. As AngelMC said, it was a good one about Hilary.

  9. Alicia,

    You're right about the first sculpture. I would say it's kind of erotic. There were no inscriptions on them; the one on Petrin Hill had a name on it , perhaps the name of the sculptor. I googled it but no results. I'll make some real effort to get to the details of these sculptures.


    Thank you. Well, if yo mean my remark on H.C. ,it may sound a bit bitchy, but I felt at that time there was arrogance in her decision to run for Presidency, after all that stupid affair of her husband's.


    I'm glad I shook your modesty. It doesn't suit you to be modest anyway. God bless you too!

    Phivos Nicolaides,

    The book is considered a best-seller. I do agree with you about the statues; they are very attractive.

    One Fly,

    Don't be so sure about it. One never knows where he'll be or what he'll see. I've never been to America, and yet I hope to visit there someday.


    Thanks. I hope it doesn't offend anyone of my readers who might be fans of her.

    Janie B.

    Yes, she was born in Prague . She came to USA as a girl of 11. Her father was a diplomat, and she followed into his steps building a career in foreign affairs.


    I'm not such a big traveler as it may appear. You have probably travelled through many of the countries of the american continent. I've never been there.
    Glad you liked my remark on H.C. Hope no one gets offended by it.

  10. Duta,
    I read a book about people who work in the White House and HC nickname was "The Big Girl." She just made a rather arrogant statement before the elections on Nov 2nd, "That their agenda would go thorough no matter who got elected." Just shows she is out of touch with the average Americans so I really thought your comment was funny. The first statue shows the lady in the back pouring him a drink which I precieve as water which gives a very tender touch. The second a love embrass. I really like the 1st one best. Sounds like you had a fun time. Peace

  11. Praga is such a great city!
    About Mrs. Albright...I read hers biography. Very interesting! It you have the time, don't hesitate to read it.

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  13. Must remember to spell check BEFORE I click post.
    What I meant to say was that personal integrity and honesty have no place in American politics, making Hilary the perfect choice for US president. She would fit right in with past an air headed bimbo (Palin), traitor and collaborator (McCain) and fascist idiot (Bush). My country is divided by hate and intolerance fostered by our political system and many fear the US is coming apart at the seams.

  14. Both the sculptures look lovely and how aptly they are named. The figurines seem to exude love and sensuality. Should go and find out the details of the sculptors.

    Well, no comments about Ms. Clinton. But it was a nice idea to end the post on a note like that.

    How have you been, dear Duta? Seems like a long time.

    Wishing you health and joy,

  15. You are a crack up, Duta! Enjoyed your post.

    Poor Hillary. Perhaps Bill was looking at too many love sculptures!

  16. Yet again I have experienced a portion of the World which I shall never see. Loved that first statue, and I agree with you about Hilary Clinton. I didn't think she quite 'fitted' although I am sure that if she had succeeded she would have as best a job as she could. Looking forward to your next 'snippet' about where you have visited.

  17. Lady Di Tn,

    I love your words about the statues: a "tender touch", a "love embrace". It is indeed so. In the first statue, love is displayed in a tender touch; in the second one love is more obvious, being displayed in an embrace.

    Vert Ange,

    Great city indeed! As for Mrs. Albright - even when just reading the chapter in Wikipedia about her, one gets stunned by her background and personality.

    Rocket Man,

    Unfotunately, there's no ideal political system neither in the USA nor in any other country. That's why people are constantly looking for a way to elect real leaders such as Churchill and not the paperpersons that are elected by the present system.

    Susan Deborah,

    I'm fine. Thanks Susan, for asking. I'm glad you like the two sculptures, and I'll sure try to find out something about the artists and their work.


    You've got great humor! The last line of your comment made me laugh. It's good to laugh and not take things too seriously, or politically.


    Please don't say " I shall never see". One can never know where Fate takes one.
    It seems everyone likes the first statue ; perhaps because there's more tenderness in it . The second one is too obvious.

  18. Hi Duta, I was amused by your remark about HC, there is a very good point there! I'm not a politically oriented person, and didn't know Albright's background. It would be interesting to know more.
    Thanks for the glimpse of Prague, and for your kind comment on my blog!

  19. "I think I will remember though, the present one, Hillary Clinton, for the fact that although she couldn't keep an eye on her husband, she thought she could keep an eye on the World."

    THAT is the funniest, wisest, most savvy comment I've read in a long time! LOVE that -- sums it all up in so few words!! DUTA, you're GREAT! ;)
    (BTW, could I use this quote on my sidebar?)

  20. Lovely pictures, and what a fun trip for you. I've always been convinced that if wizards really exist, they are quietly roaming the streets of Prague, incognito. Doesn't it seem like the perfect place for magic? It's the architecture, I think. I'm only judging from pictures, but there's something about even the more humble dwellings I've seen there. It really does seem as if the proportions are just left of being realistic on everything.

    I just remember seeing pictures of a doorway and thinking that only a particularly small creature from folklore could easily fit through it. The door in the hodgepodge row-house next door was tall and thin.

    You might like Albright, Duta. I do, when I set aside her politics, as we don't agree politically on much. However, she's very bright, and when her husband behaved like a dog? She shed him like a flea and ended up the Secretary of State. So I do think there's a lot gumption and spine within the lady.

    I've heard her speak, of course, and she does well. I really do dwell across a political divide from her, but she is honestly interesting.

    And if you thought that about Hilary, then the opposite is true of Albright.

  21. Dimple,

    I'm also not political, although I do have opinions. After all we don't live in a vacuum.
    Albright's background is very rich and interesting. Wikipedia offers us a fair glimpse in her life. Thank you for your kind words.


    Thank you for the epithets (funniest, wisest, most savy, great). I'm very flattered.

    Although there's truth in my saying, coming from a woman it sounds a bit bitchy. I'm afraid there are non-political women out there, that are or were in the same situation as Hillary was with her husband, and they might get offended by "she couldn't keep an eye on her husband".

    So, I don't think it's a good idea to place this on the sidebar, as there's no only a political side to it.

  22. "I'm afraid there are non-political women out there, that are or were in the same situation as Hillary was with her husband, and they might get offended by "she couldn't keep an eye on her husband".
    You are so very right. I hadn't thought about it this way. My blog is largely political (as you know), so I wasn't thinking of it in those terms. I would never want to harm someone lik that...

    I don't see things from every angle (though sometimes I really try), which is why I always ask before posting someone else's work.

    Thanks for your wisdom. Shall we now call you "Duta the Wise?" ;)

  23. Very interesting info & statues in Prague. It's nice to learn about other countries & it's good to know that they don't speak english (yes...someday I will travel).

    Funny comments about Hilary!

  24. If I ever get itchy feet and the lust to explore the world that I had when young Prague would be the city I would would visit if I were allowed just one destination.


  25. Lady Shimp,

    I agree with you. Prague seems to be "the perfect place for magic", and it is indeed the architecture that creates this image of the city.


    Oh, Susannah, you're so generous calling me wise! Thank you.

    I also don't always see things from every angle,but this time I got the distinct impression that one of my followers felt offended, so I started thinking...

    Lisa Petrarcha,

    Someday you'll probably go there. By then, maybe English will be added to most signs and be spoken by most of the locals.

  26. Hi Duta - I like the honest Prague report. My former co-worker was there a year ago and really loved the place. Maybe he was in a more touristy area where he could communicate better. I didn't know about Albright's Czech origins. Albrightova was very popular here and definitely not popular with my kin in Serbia for her Bosnia and Kosovo policy. Politics aside, I am so impressed by hers, Ms. Rice's and Hilary's achievements. It is so impressive for a woman in the US to achieve a high government position.
    Love your photos of the sculptures, esp. the 1st. As a structural engineer I am amazed by the balance of it. It seems that they are floating - is that a fin on the bottom of the bench? - Interesting subjects, with the tall woman just serving and looking stoic. I'll try and find more about the place.
    I was recently in London and was honked irrately 3 times for not looking RIGHT before crossing the road. Something to get used to in a hurry. :)
    Cheers from PV

  27. Thrup'ny bits,

    You're right. Prague has a lot and more to offer its visitors.


    Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment.
    Yes, I'm also impressed with these three american women for their huge achievement - the position of Secretary of State.

    The first sculpture is close to the river and it was very cold; so I just looked at the figures making it up, didn't check the bench.

  28. Glad to have you back!
    I have been there 2 years ago!
    Wonderful post!

  29. I envy you for all of the places you've been, but I thank you for sharing them with us! The pictures of the statues are exquisite and definitely eye catching!

  30. Wind,

    Thanks for your warm words.
    I suppose you wouldn't mind visiting Prague again; that's a gorgeous city!


    Jamie, sweetie! I'm so glad to hear from you! You're probably very busy with your studies. Hope you'll find the time to resume your blog.
    Thanks for your kind comment.

  31. Enjoyed this post, will try it again since it did not work for me the other night. I love the statues especially the first one. You can almost see the strength of the man and the softness of the female, no doubt lovers, and then the stoic look of the maid, only there to serve. And notice there are no legs on the bench they are on, only the legs of the people holding it up. Perhaps the artist is trying to make a statement about Love is all you need, or Love will get us through. I know kinda corny, but that is what I see when I really look at this. Very talented sculpturer. Enjoyed this Duta. I love traveling with you!
    until next time... nel

  32. Nel,

    You're right. "Love is all you need" is the message. You've got an eye for details, and the right words to describe them. Thank you and ...until next time.

  33. Wonderful post Duta, I have always thought Prague seemed so beautiful but the language issue would be too much for me. I am so glad you brought a taste of the city to me. I love those statues... Thanks!

  34. Jennifer D,

    Thank you for your kind words. If you ever go to Prague, you should do fine despite the language barrier, believe me.