Friday, January 2, 2009

SYMI - island, town, harbour

Acording to greek mythology, Symi ( name of a nymph) is the birth place of the three Graces (goddesses): 'Beauty', 'Mirth', 'Good Cheer'.

In the 19th century Symi grew wealthy (one can judge by the mansions on the hill surrounding the town) from...sponge trade .
It seems
that tourists (attracted to the beauty of the place as well as to the open air festivals) , and pilgrims (coming to Panormitis monastery in hope for miracles) - are the main sources of Symi's economy of today.

The town of Symi is considered the most beautiful among the Greek island ports and is protected as national treasure.

The port of Symi

The island of Symi, small and hilly
Is reached easily by sea ferry
It's a real heaven for tourists
A proud host of summer festivals

Birthplace of the three Graces
Has neo-classical tiled-roof houses
And some sites worth visiting
Within the town and ouside it

The horse shoe shaped port
With bars and shops of every sort
A monastery bult for St. Michael
Panormitis ,the protective archangel
The monastery of Panormitis is located on the south end of Symi, on the sea front of the tiny village of Panormitis. Inside it , in the church devoted to Archangel Michailis (considered the patron saint and the guardian of the sailors in the whole region) , there's a 2-meter high silver leafy wall icon of the Panormiti, believed to perform miracles.

The main entrance to the monastery


The islet of Agia Marina

Some twenty minutes boat ride from Symi harbour is the islet of Agia Marina which houses the chapel of Holly Marina. The sea water here has shades of blue which ,according to some tourists , is hardly seen in other places .

A small port on a slight windy day
It's cold, wet, and yet, the bay
And the hilly pineclad village
Are worth the time and the voyage

( by olesw, background music - Zorba The Greek theme)


  1. Duta, these are great! Are the photo's from your personal family albums?

  2. Thank you. Yes, the photos are personal. The video is not, and I suspect it's causing me some problems in editing the post, although I was told YouTube is safe.