Sunday, December 28, 2008

HYDRA - island, town,water, dragon

Hydra ( the name means 'water' in Greek) is the capital and main port of the rocky island with the same name . What is special here is that motorized transport is forbidden. Even bicycles are not allowed. Transport of people and goods is made by cart, backs of donkeys, boat.

Since 1950 it has attracted artists from all over the world turning into a cosmopolitan artistic and cultural center.

Hydra Harbour

From port to town

Cafes and shops line the quayside

The Hydra with no cars

Hydra (multi-dragon, in mythology)
A cosmopolitan town and artist colony
Painters/writers find here inspiration
For their versatile cultural creation

It has a horseshoe port with yachts
Many cafes, tavernas and shops.
Timeless, stone charming houses
Separated by narrow paved alleys

No modern transport is allowed
On the island and in the small town
Tourists stroll in the cobbled lanes
Enjoying it all, despite leg pains.


  1. Duta, I'm loving your new blog! This is great! Old photography has a special place in my heart...the look and feel of every photo speaks volumes. Thank you for sharing, I'll be checking in often.

    Happy New year, my friend.

  2. Thanks a lot. Happy New Year to you too !

  3. Duta,
    Hydra seems to be a place I would love to visit. The closest I came, was Athens, about 12 years ago.