Monday, January 12, 2009

ATHENS - The Acropolis..and more

Athina - the greek word for Athens - reminds me of the famous greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassiss.
His first wife and his only grandaughter were both named Athina.

I have a little theory (supposedly, not original) : I think everyone is born with a certain Luck which goes with him/her from the cradle to the grave. In-between there are ups and downs, but a person's life usually ends more or less within the same kind of Luck it started with.

The "Rise and Fall" of Aristotle (Ari) Onassiss seems to be a fairly good example. Son of greek refugees, he worked as a liftboy, as telephone operator, and then his Luck gradually changed. He became rich, successful and famous through commerce with tobacco and ships. He married Athina (Tina), the daughter of a greek shipping magnate, whom he later divorced, had a long love affair with the world's greatest opera singer, Maria Callas, married late USA president John Kennedy's widow ,Jacky Kennedy, bought an island, had connections with Heads of States, Kings, etc.. and then, when in the third phase of his life, his Luck changed again.

His decline (personal , not financial), reached its bottom with the death of his son Alexander (25) in a plane crash. Onassiss never recovered from the tragedy of his son's death. He didn't live long enough (died three years later) to face another tragedy, that of his daughter Christina's death (37) .

And what became of the two Athina-s ? Athina (Tina), Onassis' divorcee ,died a year after her son's death.
Athina ,the grandaughter, is the sole survivor of the shipping tycoon 's immediate family, and she doesn't live in Greece.

The Acropolis (upper city)

In the center of Athens there are two hills : the Acropolis and the Lycabetus , both offering a splendid view of the city capital Athens.

The Acropolis is viewed as the highlight of ancient Greek civilization. It is believed that this is where democracy was born and where art and life became almost inseparable.
On the top of the acropolis is the Parthenon erected in honour of Athena , goddess protective of Athens. It is considered a marvel of architecture.

The Parthenon

The Acropolis, the upper city
Watching over Athen's beauty
Symbol of ancient civilization
The Greek's pride as a nation

A place of major temples
In honor of Athena Goddess
The most famous on the site
Is Parthenon standing upright

From the Acropolis one can get a superb view of the city with its outstanding landmarks: the Olympic Stadium, the Zappion , the National Gardens , etc.. Below the Acropolis is the ancient theater of Dionysos and the well-preserved temple of Thissio.

The ancient theater of Dionysos

On a stone chair in the theater of Dionysos

Behind, is the temple of Thissio

Monument in front of the Olympic Stadium

The Zappion Exhibition Hall

In the city square, pigeons everywhere

Guard- the Presidential Residence


  1. Oh wow! These are spectacular photos. I've yet to visit this area of the world. It's definately on my list. What year were these photos taken? I wonder how much has changed since then...

  2. Thanks a lot. The Olympic Stadium probably looks different now as it has been renovated for the Olympic Games held in Athens in 2004.
    The Acropolis is a must for everyone as it is considered the cradle of western civilization. Last year there were terrible fires and this year, violent demonstrations in Athens, and there was fear that the historical sites might get damaged. One never knows what can happen these days.