Monday, January 5, 2009

Rhodes Rhodos Rodos - island of the Sun

I'm ashamed to admit it, but the first thought that comes to my mind when someone mentions Rhodos, is a big omelette with mushrooms I ate at the hotel "Blue Bay"on the day of our arrival in Rhodes. It was unforgettably tasty, or ..perhaps I was very hungry.

And then, I noticed the woven bed cover in the hotel room and liked it ,not knowing of course, that the next day , in one of the old city shops ,I'll find a poncho made of the same blue wool fabric as the bed cover, and I'll buy it on the spot. Another acquisition during the old city tour was that of a silver pendant representing the Colossos of Rhodes (statue considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world), and a wooden matchbox with a metal deer on it - the Deer- the emblem of Rhodes guarding Mandraki harbour at the entrance to the city.

Bed cover that 'got' me a poncho

resting by the hotel's pool

Rhodos -the island's main town

My first real vacation trip abroad

Was to the greek island of Rhodes
I liked everything, including the flight
For me it was "love at first sight"

The city of Rhodos is divided in two
The old part and the modern, the new
Tourists are much attracted to the old
Which is medieval and walled

The entrance to the old city's made
Through the in-walls eleven gates
The busy narrow cobbled lanes
Are crossed by old archways

The modern city has broad streets
Lots of shops, beautiful things
Nice buildings ,hotels, green parks
Intensive nightlife with many bars

And in the area outside
Fine beaches, blue sea and sky
The famous 'valley of butterflies'
Archeological and historical sites

sculpture at the Archeological Museum

stone balls in the city park

in the old city

panoramic view of Rhodes - on a cloudy day
Outside the city of Rhodes ,I recall two outstanding attractions: the valley of the butterflies and the acropolis of Lindos.


Above the modern village of Lindos
On the east coast of the island of Rodos
Rises the Acropolis - citadel and ancient spot
Offering views of the coastline and Rhodin port

One can climb up to the Acropolis on foot
Or on a monkey's back , sturdy and cute
Either way it's a rewarding experience
Providing pleasure, in the first instance

The Acropolis of Lindos

view from the Acropolis

Valley of the Butterflies

Between June and September, thousands of butterflies flock to the valley which is about 12 Km distant from the city and has many wooden bridges, streams, and waterfalls. It's a fascinating sight attracting lots of tourists eager to watch the butterflies phenomenon

Valley of the Butterflies ( by oldboy96)

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