Saturday, March 5, 2011


'Noir' is the french word for 'black' ; it appears in widely known terms such as the cinematic 'film noir' . It is also the name of a unique shop in my home town which specializes in selling various items in black color : clothing, jewelery, pillows, lamp-shades , mini statues - the 'hottest' item being.. .black toilet paper. According to one of the two blond, black dressed ladies that own this shop, the concept behind it, is theirs original, and they might even export it abroad .

Once, I visited a co-worker at her home. I was shocked to see that everything in the kitchen, except the walls and floor - was black. Since then, I've gradually got used to the idea that black is not only the colour of mourning, there's more to it; it is elegant , distinguished. In fact, I like to wear black. I also like black pots , and certain black furniture pieces .

The above-mentioned store , has a glass facade (windows and entrance) so its whole interior is seen outside. The shots were taken in the evening ( It's hard to take pictures of it in daylight as the picture shows reflection of the street through the glass). Two things 'brighten up' the place a bit :the colour of the walls and shelves, and the images of famous stars such as the M. divas: Marlen Dietrich at the back and Marlyn Monroe at the front part of the shop (the latter has been lately replaced with the image of Frank Sinatra).

glass facade

The walls, and the shelves attached to them are painted in mustard yellow colour which is a nice contrast to black. The lower rims of the shelves have slogans written on them explaining why black; it's dramatic, it's beautiful, it's mysterious, it's powerful , it's magic, it's glamorous , and it is never out of fashion.


The prices are rather ...pricey. I could ,however, afford the black toilet paper. It is sold as one roll of paper wrapped up nicely for a present and put into an elegant black bag with the tag 'Noir' on it.. I'm not going to use it , so please don't ask me whether it does its job well.

black toilet-paper roll


  1. That looks like an interesting shop and a roll of black toilet paper would be quite a novel item too display. Great photos.

  2. What an interesting post...and shop.
    I like wearing all black most of the time (except when cycling).
    Have a good weekend.....


  3. I think this is very cool. I love black, mostly to wear or to set the table. I would enjoy this store quite a bit!

  4. It's an interesting idea for a store and would probably do well in New York or LA here in the states. It really does not appeal to me, but I have a sister who loves black. I couldn't afford to shop there anyway.

  5. Black is always classic but in all my born days I've never ever seen black toilet paper!!!

    The store looks very classy! Another very interestin' post sweet Duta!

    God bless and have a terrific weekend my friend!

  6. Oh, it's very interesting shop ! Anyway, already the univers is consist of Black vs White...for example, the Sun and the Moon...shade and light, negative and positive electricty...thanks for the interesing posts and the Black toilet paper's...never ever seen and heard about the special pic...!!

  7. This shop looks and sounds wonderful,I would love to wander around and would probably buy something.
    I love black shoes,gloves,scarves and black beads,bangles etc,in fact anything art-deco. Yes I would like this shop, though black toilet paper ?,perhaps a fun gift for my wacky Son in law.!!!
    Loved this post Duta,thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Nice shop. We don't have one yet. Black is in indeed. I like black dress and gown.
    Great post my friend.
    Have a great day.

  9. DUTA:

    I would have loved that shop as black happens to be my favourite colour. Black has its own charm. Mystery, seduction and the like are associated with the colour.

    Black toilet paper does seem a bit funny but still.

    Your place seems to be filled with lovely shops as these. I remember the footwear shop now.

    Joy always,

  10. I was a janitor for a number of years, and I have this to say about black: do not, under any circumstances, use shiny black porcelain bathroom fixtures! They show EVERY speck of dust, water spot, and streak. They only look clean immediately after being cleaned!

    Black toilet paper, however,...well, whatever! It would probably be a conversation piece...

  11. Duta
    That is a very unique shop. I bet it is fun to browse. Some people use black and white themes to decorate with and even black and white weddings. Everyone to their own taste but I like LOTS OF COLOR. PEACE

  12. I like the concept of this shop. Way back in the day I used to plan to have a black & white bathroom - so I could use some of the penguins I collected. That black TP would be PERFECT for it :)

  13. What an interesting idea for a store! I love the fact that the use the black and display it with that yellow and with the slogans. How very original. I love to wear black as well but never thought of black toilet paper. I'm like you DUTA, I would have to buy a roll but I would never use it either, it would be much more fun to display it!

  14. Ah black toilet paper...that sounds like exactly the thing lacking from my life.;)

    Really though, it is a unique idea (the store) and I appreciate that it is an interesting concept. Personally I love color far too much to have much black around, although I do like it sometimes. I love a vibrant environment!

    Have a lovely day!

  15. Donnie,

    The shop certainly catches the eye. It's not a usual shop. The roll of black toilet paper is an intriguing item.

    Trevor Woodford,

    I'm glad you find both the shop and the post interesting. Wearing black is a good, practical idea. I say so from personal experience.

    Sue(Someone's Mom),

    Yes, you would enjoy it. Judging by your blog, you like special stuff for you and for your home.

    Janie B,

    Indeed, it is expensive to shop there. I'll just say that for the price of this single roll of paper, one could buy a package of 24 rolls of fine, not black, paper at the supermarket.


    'classy' and 'classics' are indeed the right words to describe black colour and the Noir shop.

  16. Gledwood,

    I suppose you mean the look of the 'Noir' store. I can understand you; it looks rather special.


    Yes, the universe seems to be made up mainly of two basic colours: light and dark.


    All the accessories you've mentioned in your comment (gloves ,scarves, beads) are available and for sale at this shop.


    I think Black is always In , never Out.

    Susan Deborah,

    I agree with your view on black - it is a charming colour. The footwear shop was located in a town I used to work there; the 'Noir' shop is located in my residential town.

  17. Dimple,

    Thanks for the TIP. As for the black toilet paper - it's just a gimmick.

    Lady Di Tn,

    "Everyone to their own taste" - indeed.
    By the way, the two ladies in the shop had black lacquer on their fingernails..

    The Bug,

    You've got good taste. Your idea regarding the black and white bathroom sounds perfect.


    I agree with you - the concept of black, a contrasting yellow colour, and slogans - is interesting and original.
    It seems everybody likes to wear black; as for the roll of black paper - it's nice to display it or just offer it as a present.


    Well, some like their environment vibrant (you for example), some like it quiet, and some like It's a matter of personal taste.
    In any case , the commenters here agree almost in unanimity that the shop 'Noir' is an original, interesting concept.

  18. A most intriguing shop. I would definitely have to go inside and browse around. I do love the idea of black toilet paper, what a fun gift it would be! It looks very fancy all wrapped up!

  19. What an interesting shop. I never have seen black toilet paper!

  20. La multi ani doamna!(pentru Ziua Femeii)
    Cu mult respect.

  21. Cheryl,

    The human mind never ceases to surprise: a shop selling only black items and a roll of toilet black paper as a gift.

    Stuf could always be worse,

    There's always a first time Kim...
    So now you know there's such a thing as black toilet paper.

    Viorel Irascu,

    Multumesc mult pentru felicitarea de Ziua Femeii.
    Cu aceasta ocazie va urez o Primavara frumoasa si fericita!

  22. Yellow and black: a perfect blend of colors. Although black is not a color but it is elegant.

    I wish you a happy Mother's Day.

  23. It seems that the extent of noir is extending boundaries. Not so sure about the toilet paper idea..... best not go there with discussing that one !!
    I seemed to wear black a while ago and have moved into a blue era.

  24. robert,

    Yellow is a warm colour and black elegant; the combination of the two has a nice effect in the shop.
    Thank you very much for the Woman's Day wish. Today the world celebrates the day of all women, young and old: mothers, grandmothers,sisters, daughters, singles.

    J on tour@jayspaze,

    I also oscillate between black clothes and blue ones. As regards stuff in the house, I'm more towards warm, soft colours.

  25. I'm glad the yellow is kind of a mustard yellow, because I always think of yellow and black as looking like a bumble bee. This doesn't, though, so it's a nice combination. I've always loved touches of black - be it furniture or accessories. I think black definitely adds elegance to a room. Not too sure about the toilet paper, but what a fun purchase!

  26. Once I went to a house and everything was NOIR!!! I couldn't stay more than five minutes there. My God it was too ugly and to be honest, I was scared!! Everything in black even the toilet paper... it sounds a little bit... peculiar...

  27. I like black, too. Black has a way of highlighting things that gives me peace. I think black leather is professional. I love my black leather seats in my car. I enjoyed stopping by and celebrating "black" with you today.

  28. I don't 'do' black, but I love the blackness of the starlit sky at night, especially if it has froths of cloud scattered hither and thither which are back-lit by a rising moon.

  29. Bica,

    "touches of black" - yes , 'touches', I like that in a room; it indeed adds elegance.
    Entirely black, it would look peculiar, even a bit scary.

    Phivos Nicolaides,

    Well, as a previous commenter has remarked : everyone to his taste. You're definitely entitled to an opinion.

    Shanae Branham,

    Welcome to my little blog!
    I agree with you on the 'highlighting' quality o black. I love my black leather jackets or the same reason.

  30. Thank you for stopping by and showing your support. I am glad our stories touched you!

  31. Vera,

    How poetic, Vera! Lovely comment involving the sky, the clouds, the moon!

    Shanae Branham,

    My pleasure. I was indeed touched by the two stories displayed in your last post ( it was my first time reading one of your posts.).

  32. oh wow... that's a unique, marvelous store. I agree, black is elegant and distinguished. I think the two ladies had a very brilliant idea at making NOIR (sounds so beautiful) the basic concept of their business.

    Another enlightening post. Thanks, dear Duta!


  33. Hold my hand: a social worker's blog,

    Yes, I kind of admire these two ladies for their original idea. At first, one gets shocked by the shop, but gradually , on a second and third look, it appears as something of grandeur.