Friday, February 25, 2011

Workout in the Park

It is GFF - Green scenery, Fresh air, Free equipment, and... it 's near my home. You won't see any hunks with muscles here, as the place is basic, not for professionals; it suits any age and gender though. I have become rather addicted to it - at least twice a week (weather depending and time permitting) for about fifty minutes.

workout devices

The little park has beautiful trees (good for resistance exercises) and trails for brisk walking, jogging and bicycles. In the middle of the park - a tiny round soft spot with five solid basic workout devices, and some benches around it. At first, it is boring , but then you think of the advantages: it saves time and money (near home, free access to equipment), it puts you in shape for the warm days to come , not to mention the good it does to health in general; and so, you joyfully plunge into it.

jogging trail

Kids and dogs belonging to people who stop here for a short work out, can be a distraction sometimes - you would rather play with them :). Dogs, by the way, are not allowed in the park, but this is the Middle East here, nobody gives a damn on what is allowed or not. In the evening the distraction is of a different nature: young couples sitting on the bench, holding hands, chatting and kissing while the moon shyly looks upon them through the tree branches.

having fun


  1. Now if this is not the coolest thing I've ever seen. We have parks with playground equipment for children where the adults only have the benches to sit on. I love the idea there is equipment for adults to play on. It's just great!

    Yet another amusin' informative and interesting post!

    God bless and have an awesome weekend sweetie!!!

  2. We have some walking trails, but nothing as cool as this.

  3. Nice and free, this is the coolest thing that you do not have to pay for it.COOL!

  4. I like this idea a lot. As Nezzy says, adults are not catered for here with basic exercise equipment and would be expected to pay a monthly subscription to a gym. A secondary cultural thing would be to overcome the embarrassment of using such equipment as initially it would be humorous to all. My local council might say that we provide Tennis courts, bowling greens and football pitches. These activities are perceived as being for specific age groups, some are underfunded based on their use and not meeting the whole needs of the community anyway. We have rules about dogs and paths so the park seems the progression of where to go. The footballers are dependant on the responsible dog owners.
    Thanks for your post, it makes me think that we are so out of date in the UK and even before times of economic hardship, I can hear the authorities moan that there is no money in the pot. Have a good weekend ... using your facilities, I'm off for a walk with friends 15 miles away !

  5. Nezzy,

    'cool' is the key word. The idea of a "playground" for adults is very cool indeed. Nearby, there's a real playground for children and that's cool too.


    This is a small one with only five devices , but there are bigger workout spots in the larger towns and neighborhoods, and that's fantastic.

    Lumi Ro,

    Indeed so. Finally people get something good without having to pay for it any fee.

    J on tour@jayspaze,

    I'm delighted about the whole thing. If something gets broken,there's a phone number to contact the municipality and they immediately send someone to fix it. It's the first time in my life that I feel the local authorities think about the resident not only as a tax-payer.

  6. Ingenious little park. Looks so inviting. I'd want to stop by every day!

  7. Beautiful article.You describe so well.I could actually feel as if I was sitting inside the park watching everything happen as you have just described.Delightfully written.

    Have a Great Weekend!


  8. Oh, it's very beautiful we have alike a park within 10 mins from home...Beautiful pictures too...!

  9. I like the ideea. Unfortunately we don't have such of places.
    Good for you!

  10. Wonderful that this is provided to encourage a healthy lifestyle...I rather like the thought of 'no hunks'! I really hate a gym environment where the beautiful people show off their already perfect bodies to those of us who are...shall we say, 'gravity challenged'. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  11. Jayne,

    You've summed it up perfectly: ingenious and inviting.

    Avijeet Das,

    Thank you. I feel flattered by your kind words about my writing.


    Beautiful indeed, and only 5-10 minutes from home, which is wonderful.


    You should put some pressure on your municipality. The residents deserve services like free workout spots.

  12. That is really nice for getting in shape and in the fresh air too. Lovely place.

  13. C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson,

    "gravity challenged" - I like the expression.
    As for encouraging a healthy life style, I'm all for it, and I appreciate the efforts done by the local authorities in this respect.


    It sure is what you say in your comment: a lovely place, helping one get into shape.

  14. Good for you DUTA, keep up the workouts. Don't they make you feel great? I'm been riding my stationery bike 4 miles every day and I can feel the difference greatly. I wish we had a small exercise park like that close by to my home, how wonderful!

  15. Love to have that around my place. You are blessed my dear.
    Really cool place.
    Have a wondeful week.

  16. Alicia,

    I'll try my best as it is ,indeed, helpful and makes me feel great. This small park is simply a Gem. Kudos to you for persevering with the riding of the stationary bicycle!


    Thank you. I wish you too a blessed and wonderful wekend!

  17. I have never seen a park with workout equipment and I think it is such a great idea. I'm surprised it isn't crowded all the time. We should take a lesson around here!

  18. Thanks for showing us photos of a beautiful park! Yes well written post!

  19. Sue(Someone's Mom),

    I believe such workout spots in the parks of a city, are possible here because of the good weather all year round. People are outdoors most of the time, even in winter.

    Stuff could always be worse,

    I'm glad you like my photos and appreciate my writing. Thank you for the kind words.

  20. Duta
    I think workout equipment in a park a fantastic idea. Glad to hear you are taking advantage of living near by. Peace

  21. Wish I could join you there! Winter is winding down here in Wisconsin, and just looking at your park, gives me spring fever!

  22. Lady Di Tn,

    Yes, I'm taking advantage of my living close to the park. I hope I'll persevere and not get tired of working out in the park.


    We have very moderate winters here, so physical activity outdoors is possible and desirable even in winter.

  23. A great and an innovative idea, so useful for the community!

  24. Asemenea parcuri au inceput sa apara si in Romania, in Bucuresti cel putin, in sectorul 4 au inflorit. E un lucru bun

  25. Phivos Nicolaides,

    Exactly. It is the community that benefits.

    Costin Comba,

    Imi pare bine. Intradevar , parcurile acestea sunt un lucru bun, util pentru rezidentii din imprejurimi.

  26. What at great park! I love this idea! You're so cool, Duta!

  27. I'd like to share this post @ my blog. May I?

  28. Susannah,

    Thank you for your kind words.
    You're more than welcome to my blog!. You do me great honor, as this post like most of the others deal with small topics, not politics or some big,controversial ones.

  29. Good for your mayor!
    Congratulations to you for Joining Gymnastics.
    Persist and don’t quit!

  30. Rahel/Rodica,

    Yes, indeed, Kudos to the Mayor of our town!
    Thanks. I do hope to persevere in this physical activity.

  31. HI Duta.. thanks for joining my blog and coming by for a visit.. so exciting to connect with someone from Israel.. thats what I love about blogging, you can make friends with people all over the world!! you have some amazing photos on your blog as well!!

    Nice to meet you!! I spent time in Israel about 10 years ago, it was a GREAT experience.. even visited Dahab.. that was fun!!

    anyway have a super weekend and talk soon!! xoxo Jodi

  32. Jodi,

    Nice to meet you! Thanks for the 'follower' and the comment.

    I'm excited to learn that you've spent some time in Israel, and that it was "a GREAT experience".

    Have a wonderful weekend, too!

  33. Duta~ Thanks for permission to use this piece. I've used it in my post today. It's just a breath of fresh air -- from the one whose blog is full of the political & controversial! ;)

  34. Susannah,

    Thank you for the honour of using my post on your blog, and thanks a lot for your very kind words.

  35. working outdoors is always amazing, and the park is a great option!

  36. Sarah,

    We are lucky here with the weather; the winters are moderate, so we can enjoy the outdoors even in winter.

  37. What? No hunks with muscles there? hehehe... just kidding. That's a great park, I love trails and outdoors exercise.

    It reminds me that it's time for me to burn some calories!

    Have a great day, dear Duta!

  38. Hold my hand: a social worker's blog,

    Glad my post reminds you of something you wish to do, like burning calories, altough judging by your profile picture, you look perfect.

  39. Like many others who have commented, I have never seen anything like this. What a wonderful idea! I spent countless hours @ the park when I had babies & it was either read a book or jump in and play on the kiddie toys! This looks like a better option! ;) Thanks again for an great post!

  40. A Big Bowl of Cherries,

    I agree - it's a wonderful idea, especially here in Israel where the weather allows one to be outdoors all year round. In the bigger cities, there are workout spots with more than the five basic devices.