Friday, March 11, 2011

Pupp - for the Rich and Famous

The recent Oscar celebrations with the arrivals of film celebrities on the red carpet, have reminded me of my short visit to the czeck town of Karlo Vivary (Carlsbad) some six months ago. While there, I was fascinated by the architecture and history of Grandhotel Pupp . This hotel hosts the annual International Film Festival and the cinema people that attend it, and is also temporary home to vacationing actors. The hotel was used in several films, the most known one - James Bond's 'Casino Royale'.

It started as the Saxony Hall in 1701. A guy named Jan Pop (german Johan Pupp) came to Carlsbad where he worked with a confectioner. He married his employer's daughter. She managed to buy partial ownership of this Saxony Hall and the nearby Bohemia Hall built later. These halls and a third one purchased by Pupp himself will later become the Grandhotel Pupp, which is now part of Pupp Complex. The impressive building was built in the 18th century in Baroque style ; its rooms renovated in the late nineties.


Walking on the carpets and through the rooms of Grandhotel Pupp is to walk in the steps of history. Throughout its history of three centuries, this hotel has hosted famous people from all walks of life: political ,religious, cultural , financial, scientific- from Europe and beyond that. Here are a few names: Bismark (german chancellor), russian Czar Peter the Great, Carlos King of Spain, Harald King of Norway, composers: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Liszt, Dvorzack, actors Gregory Peck, Michael Douglas, Whoopi Goldberg, Alan Alda, Ornela Muti, psychoanalyst Dr. Freud.

Grandhotel Pupp is a luxurious hotel. It has more than two hundred regular rooms, suites, several apartments dedicated to very famous people, a presidential room, an imperial room, a spa center, casino, golf course & club, restaurants, bars, cafe, conference room, halls for special & festive events.

woman with jug- symbol of thermal baths & spas

Now back to the 2011 Oscar ceremony - Colin Firth is sooooo handsome , talented , and...british! I'm glad that the Oscar went to both "the King's speech" movie and its star .


  1. I definitely agree with Colin Firth and The King's Speech as the best choice for the Oscar. I remember Casino Royale and the hotel scenes. It must be lovely.

  2. That is certainly a luxurious hotel...


  3. Doesn't "Pupp" mean "doll" in German? "eine Pupenstube" is a doll's house. German houses look like dolls' houses because doll's houses ARE German, didja know that?!

  4. Gosh, what a splendid place, but one which I don't think I am ever likely to visit, apart from reading about it on your blog! It would seem that the more I live in a countryside environment, the less enthusiastic I feel about spending time surrounded by too much bricks and mortar, even if the place is as grand as this one. I know I always say this, Duta, but as ever, you made me think, and thankyou for that.

  5. Donnie,

    In fact, it was not a surprise. It was rather expected that they win.

    Trevor Woodford,

    'Luxurious' is only one of the many adjectives attached to this grandhotel, one of the finest in Europe.


    Thanks Gled for enlightening us. You're right ,of course, as you have a good knowledge of the german language.


    I also like simplicity and the countryside. However, I can't stop admiring fine architecture which shows the greatness of the human mind.

  6. What a grand structure filled with history. Girl, can ya imagine if those walls could talk. I'm in awe of the beautiful architecture, they just don't build 'em like that anymore.

    Thank you for sharin' this with us!

    Have a beautiful day sweetie filled with warm wonderful blessings!!! :o)

  7. What a beautiful hotel. I've never been anywhere so fancy!
    I love Colin Firth too!

  8. I fell MADLY in love with Colin Firth 15 years ago when he played Mr. Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice". I was so happy he won the Oscar for "The King's Speech", which is one of the best movies ever made. It was wonderful, wasn't it?

    The Grandhotel Pupp looks like somewhere I would enjoy staying ... however, it may be a little out of my budget. :-)

    You always have such interesting posts.

  9. I have not seen the movie but will see it someday. Beautiful pics

  10. I like the statue in its flower-filled basin, I think it's a wonderful way to advertise a spa!

  11. Love the Baroque architecture.
    Such grandeur!
    Thank you for sharing my friend.
    Enjoy the rest of the day and
    have a great new week ahead.

  12. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the coffee:-) I always enjoy stopping by your blog, you have the most interesting things.

    Have a great week, Warm Wishes, CindyLew

  13. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story and these beautiful pictures. I love that you can take me places that I'll never get to in person.

  14. Nezzy,

    "...if those walls could talk" - indeed. Imagine all those lots of information from first source: heads of state, ambassadors, etc...


    It's actually two hotels within one complex: a five star hotel, and a first (four star) class hotel; both are the latest 'cry' in luxury.


    Yes, they were both wonderful: the movie "The King's speech", and its star Colin Firh.
    As for the hotel, I couldn't afford to stay there either; I just paid it a visit.

    Stuff could be worse,

    Like most of the british movies "The King's speech" is a gem, worth watching.


    Lovely statue! I could not take my eyes off it.I agree with you, it does a good job advertising the Spa.


    Of course you love it.
    Baroque architecture is impressive in its details, dramatic in its light and colours, rich in the use of ornaments. It appeals to our senses and it displays power and control.

  15. Cindy Lew's studio,

    You're welcome! Thanks for finding my posts interesting. Have a great week, too!


    I'm glad you like the pictures and the places.
    Please don't ever be so sure that you'll never get to these places in person. One never knows.

  16. What a Beautiful Hotel...!! Great the hotel and pictures too!!

  17. Only for rich, famous and much wealthy!! C'est la vie!

  18. DUTA, hi
    Welcome to my blog an many thanks for so kind words !!!
    Your blog is so interesting and you are allready in my favorites blogs.
    Best regards
    Magda from Greece

  19. nomore,

    Grandhotel Pupp is indeed..grand - big and beautiful. Glad you like the pictures.

    Phivos Nicolaides,

    C'est la vie, indeed. Frankly, I'm not that much in favour of grandeur and luxury. I like simplicity and modesty.


    A big welcome to you! Thanks for your warm comment.
    I was very impressed by the stunning pictures in your blog and hope to be a regular visitor.

  20. DUTA:

    More than the 'actual' post, I enjoyed reading the post script on the Oscars 2011. I like Colin Firth as well. There is something about British men!

    Joy always,

  21. The hotel seems steeped in history with the previous guests worthy of their own kind of Oscar ceremony. Something tells me that some of that would be lost on the modern day equivalents. Meanwhile I will content myself with the view from outside and enjoy the less expensive accommodation down the street which would probably give me a better flavour of local culture and more spending money to see more sights.
    Lastly as a British man, I am ashamed to say that I did not see The King's Speech but will catch up with it at some point.

  22. Susan Deborah,

    There's certainly something about the British in general, and the British men (especially actors)in particular. Something je ne sait quoi..good.

    J on tour@jayzspaze,

    Just like me. I enjyoed the hotel mainly from the outside; had only a brief view of the inside. Anyway, it's centrally located and accessible to visitors.

  23. I thought I recognized the hotel. Wow what history! Did you venture inside? I agree with your last statement about who should and did get the awards. Peace

  24. Lady Di Tn,

    Yes, I did peep into it, and got stunned.
    I'm glad americans are not offended by my words on the british actors and movies, and that they can be objective when it comes to fine script and performance.

  25. I'm thinking at your blog's name and I think this article fits best. Very well done.

    PS: I have not seen the King's speech yet, but I like that you are soooooo enthusiastic :D

  26. robert,

    Thank you for your kind words. Well, I try to write about all kinds of places: small, big, simple, complex, streets, shops, parks, cities etc... I don't compete with big travelogs.

    My 'sooooo' is referring to Colin Firth, the star of this movie.

  27. I want to go there and sleep on a bed fit for a queen and dream the impossible dream. Yeah.

  28. May this wish of yours come true! It's neither impossible nor improbable.

  29. Dear Duta,
    The Grandhotel Pupp is simply charming! Exquisite architecture and delightful history... I wished I was there...walking the halls, imagining the conversations that guests such as Freud would have had with others.

    "The King's Speech" is a great movie. I loved it, and I agree, Colin Firth is so handsome and awesome!


  30. Hold my hand; a social worker's blog,

    Hi Doris,
    I'm glad we agree on the charm of Grandhotel Pupp, and that of Colin Firth. As for "The King's Speech , it is indeed a great movie.

  31. Thank you for sharing another little piece of history. Places like this amaze me; where you can walk where so many famous, interesting and important people have walked.

  32. Alicia,

    As a previous commenter has already said : If only the walls could talk...
    It is indeed an amazing place.

  33. Oh! Just imagine if I could live there :)

  34. Book,

    Well, being in the hotel booking business, I suppose you could find a way to spend some time in this luxurious place.