Sunday, May 24, 2009

A smile on your face (e-mail sent by a friend)

Can't eat pork
Swine flu...

Can't eat chicken,

Bird Flu..

Can't eat beef
Mad cow..

Can't eat eggs

Can't eat fish
Heavy metal poisons in the water

Can't eat fruits and veggies,
Insecticides and herbicides.


I believe that leaves Chocolate and Ice -cream !!!

Remember....'STRESSED' spelled backwards is 'DESSERTS'

(Send this to four people and you will loose 2 pounds. Delete it and you will gain 10 pounds immediately!)

That's why I had to pass this on... didn't want to risk it...
And I wanted to put a smile on your face."


  1. :-) Duta, yesterday before leaving Rite-Aid pharmacy I bought a small sampler size of Whitman's chocolates. So so good. :-)

    Who is Marina Vlady?

  2. LOL, Duta. I'm smiling and laughing.
    Thank you!

  3. "Eat a nectarine everyday. Half a peach, half a plum, it's a hell of a fruit." Do you know where that line came from?

  4. Hi Lorna,
    Enjoy the chocolates you bought!
    As to your question: Marina Vlady is a french actress of russian descent.When I was a young girl, I saw her in a film and became a fan of hers. I wrote her a letter and she sent me a photocard with her signature and a few words in french. I was very happy and proud of that.
    (I must confess I have a strange fascination for deep set eyes like hers both in men & women. I can't explain this).

  5. Hi TallTchr,

    No, I'm afraid not. Anyway, I believe Fruit is the best Food. I like to eat Fruit (including peaches) more than anything else. I cannot imagine daily life without eating fruit.

  6. Hi Kelly,

    It's what you've advocated in your last blog : smiling and laughing. So, I'm glad I offered my small contribution to that.

  7. Now that's the kind of advice I like! Just wondering how good it is for high cholesterol, but if you don't tell my doctor, I won't.

  8. Hi A human kind of human,

    I know from a cousin of mine who's having trouble with pills given by her doctor, that walking is good especially for elevating the good cholesterol. I'm sure that good mood (laughter) and no sress can do wonders about any medical problem including high cholesterol.

  9. Duta, this is funny! thanks for sharing!
    But it's a hard choice. I love it all, veggies first, then meat, pasta, potatoes and ride. But I can't do without chocolate and fruit (that's mostly my dessert). They call California the fruitbowl of the USA, so we can get any fruit here at any time -so spoiled!

  10. Hi Jeannette,

    I agree. It's funny. It's also true.
    I'm a great lover of fruit but the tastes are not what they used to be. So I also sin sometimes with icecream or a slice of chocolate teramisso.

  11. LOL, the world really does seem that way sometimes, all the do nots! I love chocolate, though, and love the smile this brought to my face.


  12. Hi PeacefulWmn9,
    I'm glad it brought a smile to your face.That's the idea.

    I'm surprised 'dairies' was not mentioned in the Do not's list. Everything we eat or drink has some minus. We'll have to rely a lot on our own judgment.

  13. Chocolate and ice cream. Of course!

    Thank you for the chuckle today. :-)

  14. Jo,
    You're welcome.
    There's no one who dislikes chocolate or ice cream.