Thursday, May 21, 2009

The leaning Tower , the ailing Economy

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), the famous physicist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher - was born in Pisa, Italy.

(The term 'physicist' BTW makes me sometimes smile . There's a young physicist in our family and people always ask his mother the same old question. Why not doctor or lawyer, why did he 'waste' his talents on this stuff, physics? His mother fights back trying to justify her son's choice of profession by telling those people that her son the physicist is... A b o v e doctors and lawyers, he's a S c i e n t i s t and their question is a stupid, primitive question...,OH, WELL).

entrance to the Tower

Pisa. This town became worldwide known not through Galileo Galilei, not even through the young, blind lyrical tenor Andrea Bocelli who was born in the region and studied Law and Music in Pisa, but through its leaning Tower. The Tower is a major tourist attraction, and rightlly so.. Once you got to the top of it, you're rewarded with a splendid panoramic view of Pisa and its surroundings (weather depending of course).

the leaning Tower of Pisa

When I look now at the tower in the picture, I see... the american Economy ( no offence intended. After all, we are all in the same boat) . There's much talk about 'crisis', 'slow down', 'recession'. Well, I think none of these terms is correct. The correct term, I believe, should be Decline. It's a natural Decline occurring after long decades of living much ,much beyond means. Next phase (if nothing is done about Decline), could be, God Forbid, Collapse.

at the top of the Tower

In 2001, something was done to prevent the further leaning of the Tower of Pisa and, as far as I know, it ended up quite successfully. There's only one thing that can be done to prevent further decline of America's economy - and that's a process of re-education of the nation in the spirit of' 'live within your means'. But, unfortunately, this is something almost impossible for any government to carry out. So, our american friends shoud better adopt the attitude of those living under the active Vesuvium volcano. The people in those flourishing villages & towns under the volcano, know that it could errupt any moment and bring about Collapse of the whole region, and yet they believe, this moment will never come. It is this Belief that helps them carry on quite well with their lives.
Think positive.


  1. Wonderful post. I learned at an early age to live within my means and we have done so. It used to be the American dream to own your home. Now people just want instant gratification and don't know the joy of getting something you've wanted after working for it. I pray we come out of this decline as you refer to it sooner than later but there must be many changes made.

  2. Lovely post, Duda!! I have tried at different times to leave a comment on your blog but was not accepted. Now I think I found the reason: I had not made a proper Google profile. I thought I did, but it was not ”proper.“ So I am hoping that finally I will be able to leave comments on your blog.

    Cross your fingers.

  3. Hi Duta, unfortunately it is not only the American economy that threatens to follow in the footsteps of the tower. Here in South Africa we have the same problem. My generation's dream was also to own your own home. Now the dream it seems, is to own a luxury home, a 4 x 4, a sedan and at leat two quad bikes. The reality is that those who have these, does not own it. The banks own it all... and the scarriest thing is that they see nothing wrong with it! At the other end of the scale we have extreme poverty, but those you don't see on the television or read about in the glossy magazines. Yes, well, I'm speeching again, so "shut up" Human.

    Love your blog.

  4. Hi Duta! My ”Pesky Moderate Republican“ blog is now closed and my huge Political blog is at :

    I hope that you come and visit there. I have an RSS button.

    Meanwhile, I am so happy that i figured out why my Comments would never go onto your blogs (and several others) !!


  5. Lisa,
    Thank you. I too was educated to live within my means, and sometimes, I look around me astonished at the ease with which people make use of their credit cards. May God bring us all back to our senses!

  6. Lorna,
    Thanks a lot.
    I also had no luck with your blog. You've moved its place and I got lost. Now I checked your site, and joined your "southern californian woman" as a follower.

  7. A human kind of human,

    Welcome to my litle blog and thanks for your comment. I very much agree with your key sentence: " The banks own it all... and the scarriest thing is that they see nothing wrong with it".

  8. I've disabled all that could stand in the way of someone wishing to leave a comment, but with computers there's always some unexpeced issue.
    I will visit you at your political blog ; it should be interesting.

  9. Great post, Duta. I've never been to the Tower of Pisa yet, but soon I hope to make it out there. I really like how you correlate the tower to the economy, it's a great connection. I really hope it doesn't collapse tho!!

  10. Ron,
    Yes, you got me right. I'm like that, one thing reminds me of another, one issue relates to another.

    As for the economy, I also hope it doesn't collapse, but I'm a bit pessimistic of what's going on at present.

  11. Hi Duta :) Your post is right on point. Great analogy about how we Americans have been living our lives. Too much excess. Nobody seems to know how to live within their means anymore. Americans are resiliant so I do believe they will come through these difficult times and will be even better for it.

    I love the pictures, Duta! Beautiful!

  12. Hi Kelly,

    Yes, I've heard americans have the appropriate qualities to overcome he 'crisis'.
    As for the pictures, they're amateurish, but they are mine and a reminder of places and happenings in my life.

  13. Always wanted to visit Pisa, but I only got to Venice, and hubby to Rome. Must be quite a sight - glad you took pics of it!
    About the economy her in the USA - you are so right about living beyond your means. But if you know how "easy" and tempting it is made on people here to get everything on a credit card, with every intention to pay if off!
    I'm very skeptical anything changes unless they're going to put severe restrictions on credit card companies and loans in banks.

  14. A perfect analogy! As an American, what I see is the "little person" living within their means and striving even harder to do so in this economic mess, which was brought about by the "big guys." Optimism is always good, even in bad times. And taking proper action helps bring that about, as does helping others.


  15. When I saw the tower I don't think it was leaning that much! Great Photo's. I voted for Hillary. Now I have to pray till Nov 8th. God Bless you and all your loved ones. yvonne