Sunday, May 3, 2009

Capri, c'est fini

The Marina Grande (the big harbour)

"Capri c'est fini
Et dire que c'etait la ville
De mon premier amour
Capri c'est fini
Je ne crois pas
Que j'y returna un jour"

The above is the refrain of a famous lovely french song which refers to Capri , the city of the singer's first love , to where, he believes, he won't return anymore. This city is the main center of the Capri island which lies in the south of Italy, a short sail from Naples.

[ The song is a sweet, quiet song, but there are also some 'disco' versions of it heard at weddings, and dancing halls. I've recently been to a wedding, and when this music was on, a young girl approached her grandfather who was sitting next to me, and asked him to come dance with her, as she knew it was one of his favorites. I watched the two of them , they were dancing like there was no tommorrow. I looked at the grandmother, she seemed rather worried. I told her I was impressed with her husband's dancing performance, considering his age. His age, she said, and what about his pacemaker (device for regulating heartbeats)? ]

I like to visit islands like any other tourist does, but I don't think I could live on one for long. There are , however, people like artists or scientists that find great inspiration for their work on these islands, and make their home on the island of their choice for long periods of time.

Such was the swedish physician and writer Axel Munthe who built the splendid 'villa San Michele' on the Capri island. at the turn of the 20th century. It is a 'museum-home' with magnificient gardens and adorned with many works of art . Big tourist attraction.

Apart from the villa San Michelle, people take great pleasure in visiting the Marina Grande (big harbor), the Marina Piccola (small harbor), the Annacapri commune high on the hills with its mountain Solaro, many caves ( the Blue Grotte being the most famous of them), the 'Faraglioni' (three sea rocks that stand out of the sea) and more..

The Faraglioni

"Capri c'est fini"


  1. So beautiful, Duta. I absolutely LOVED Capri when I was there. Your story about the grandpa dancing is funny too. Good for him, at least if his pacemaker fails, he will go enjoying his life :)
    Thank you so much for your kind words to me at my blog. I appreciate them so much and I appreciate your friendship too. You are a wonderful person. Thank you!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I'm flattered. Even when you take a break to sort things out for yourself, you find the time to read my little story and leave a comment. I really appreciate this. You are something, one of a kind. I wish you lots of Happiness . You deserve the Best in life.

  3. Duta, thank you for dropping by my blog (Ars Brevis) and leaving a comment. I thought I'd respond here since I never expect people to come back. BTW, I'm hoping to visit Israel in October. Please stay in touch.

  4. The song and the video beautiful!
    I have traveled a lot within the United States but would love someday to travel to other countries. So much to see in the world.

  5. You're welcome TallTchr. I would have gone back to your blog as you have an interesting way of writing.

  6. I commpletely agree with you PeacefulWmng about the song. The pictures, however, are low quality as they were taken with a basic, non digital camera. Nevertheless I like them. Anyway, thanks.

  7. Hi Duta :) Just thinking of you today! Want to wish you a Happy Day!