Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Cartoon Museum

With all those terrible events going on in the world: the terror attacks in Nice (France) and in Istanbul (Turkey), the killing of cops (USA), Erdogan and the coup failure (Turkey), daily terror acts here in Israel etc.., I felt a strange need to bring a smile to my face. So, this week I found myself at the Museum of caricatures and comics located in the city of Holon.

On the roof of the building, stands the self-portrait poster caricature of Zeev (pen name), the most famous israeli caricaturist.  He died in 2002 at the age of 79. His family has donated all his cartoon works to the museum.

The poster with the self portrait was probably placed at first at the entrance stairs (see Wikipedia picture) and moved, for some good reason, to the top of the building.

Zeev - self portrait (Wikipedia)

My favorite is his  cartoon of the Peace process (between Israel and the arabs).  So simple, and yet expressing something so complex and hard to achieve!

the Peace  process

His caricatures of political figures are just genious. However, nowadays, I'm so fed up with politicians and their politics that even a good political caricature doesn't make me smile.

The museum honors the veteran cartoonists both outside and inside the building.  In the area near the entrance there are wooden posters representing some of their work. 

On the walls of the staircase hall that leads to the museum - there are biographical facts about these outstanding israeli cartoonists and samples of their work - framed and covered with glass.  Even on the elevator's room door there are caricatures.

the door to the elevator's room

I was  pleasantly surprised to find out that photography is allowed within the museum, despite the fact that its tiny shop is interested in selling cards, catalogues and books based on the stuff they have in the archives  and galleries. However, with my shoot and point little camera  I couldn't do much about those displayed delicate exhibits.


The museum hosts permanent exhibitions as well as changing ones. It has a room for educational activities too, and some audio-video equipment.

activities'  room

During my visit there, I focused on the displayed  exhibits of the late Friedl Stern, a well-know israeli cartoon journalist - caricatures on the theme of Adam and Eve from her book 'Fig Leaves".

They say there are only about twelve such museums in the world. If this is true then it's a Pity! I think  there should be more of this kind.


  1. I love cartoons figures. I like his work and the peace dove/slug is indeed very interesting.I don't know any cartoon museum so it is special

  2. Marja,

    Most people love cartoons. I know some that first thing they do when opening a newspaper is to look for the caricature of the day. As for the dove/slug piece - Zeev was known as a great Peace chaser and this is shown in many of his cartoons.

  3. How fun. I can understand your need for a diversion. And that place would do it.

  4. Duta, the cartoon museum is delightful. I think my favorite is the PEACE one. It's nice to see this post with all the chaos going on in the world right now. Thank you for sharing, my friend.


  5. Sharon Wagner,

    The heat of the summer and all those crazy killings are a bit too much for us.So, here I am, turning to escapism.

  6. Red Rose Alley,

    I'm glad you like it. The cartoon museum offers amusement; it's not heavy and serious like an archeological/historical museum, although there's history in cartoons and comics too.

  7. Oh Duta, what a treat this is. My uncle was Charlie Bowers (Mutt and Jeff)
    I grew up with him showing me doodles and reading me the comic strip.
    I love the snail and dove so clever.
    To be a journalist and cartoonist all in one is fantastic.
    Great post. yvonne

  8. La Petite Gallery,

    I have great admiration for those who are both journalists and cartoonists. It requires great talent and versatile knowledge.
    Thanks for your kind words.

  9. What a good place to be cheered up in although I am not a lover of cartoons, but my husband is and he would love to visit that museum.

  10. Yes, it does cheer one up, especially that the place offers the possibility of watching videos with the top satire shows displayed on our TV .

  11. Oh what a nice thing to do with all the terrorist in the world....the cartoon museum is a great idea, should be more of them in the world.

  12. I had never heard of a Cartoon Museum, what a great idea! I wonder if there is one close to where I live? I'll have to google that. I'm taking an Art Class and I have a whole new appreciation for people that are talented enough to create art of any form. Thank you for sharing this. I'm going back to look at your photos as I just breezed by then to finish reading the post.

  13. Kim @ Stuff,
    Hi Kim,

    I wish there was some cartoon exhibition depicting the current impotence of the world "leaders" in protecting their nations from terrorism. Maybe it would open eyes. Look what happened today in Munich! and it's getting worse all over.

  14. Alicia,

    I not only appreciate these art people, but also envy them. I wish I had their ability to tell something important just by drawing a few lines.
    Thank you, for reading my post and leaving a comment.

  15. I agree. What a lovely relief to have a joyful post to read!

  16. Jennifer A.Jilks,

    Indeed, it's the sort of place which could bring relief from anxiety and distress; the same can be said about the post that describes the place.

  17. Looks like a fun and happiness-inducing place to visit :)

    I wish you a wonderful Wednesday!

  18. Optimistic Existentialist,

    Thanks for stopping by. Indeed, the place makes one forget for an hour or two the worries, and replaces sadness with fun and positive feelings.

  19. What a great museum and a wonderful thing his parents did donating all his work so everyone could enjoy. And you're right, with all the terror going on, this place is a beacon for fun, smiles. Would love to visit one day.

  20. Nikki (Sarah),

    Yes, the family did a wonderful gesture by donating Zeev's works to the relatively young museum. His works are definitely the backbone of the material archived and displayed inside the museum ,which is a great little place both for children and adults.

  21. I would love to see that place.

  22. Rick Watson,

    This museum is certainly worth a visit. There's some magic about this place that makes us feel good.

  23. I so enjoyed the virtual visit at this museum. How fun!

  24. Linda O'Connell,

    I'm glad you did. Who knows, maybe there's a similar museum in your area, one that you could visit physically.