Sunday, July 31, 2016

Recycle Bins, Donation Bins

They say there's big profit in the recycling business.  I don't know about that and frankly I don't care. I'm just pleased not to throw away my used items into the garbage , and at the same time I'm proud to help, in a small way, protect the environment.

There's a decent coverage of the city with  recycling bins of all sorts: for glass bottles and jars,  plastic bottles,  clothing and textiles , paper and cardboard, metals and even...holy items. 

These bins are placed at "strategic" points: near grocery stores, malls, post offices, parking plots - either as several kinds grouped together or as individual bins. (Disposable bins for batteries and small electronics are not placed outside, for safety reasons.)

bins near a bus stop and a synagogue, 

bin for clothing, bags, shoes, textiles

bin for paper, cardboard...

bin for glass bottles and jars

bin for plastic bottles

Usually, people donate clothes and accessories that are in good condition,  to charity organizations. The donor brings the package with the stuff to be donated into the office / thrift shop of the organization, or throws it into a donation bin outside the place. 

There are rumors that, for some reason, most of the undamaged, good stuff also goes to recycling. If this is true, then it's rather sad news. These clothes could make someone happy. One could sometimes get a unique  garment for free or for a fraction of the price. Another could get several garments for the price of a single new outfit.   Let's hope the matter will be investigated and good, usable items will not go to recycling centers.


  1. I am always happy about people recycling... but even if you don't believe in religion, are secular, etc... a recycling or trash bin near a synangogue, mosque, temple, etc... is not my thing. :(

    In Germany the Red Cross has recycle bins for clothes ad shoes, which are for those in need. Partly for poor people in Germany and partly for people in 3'rd World countries. (My parents, siblings and I worked non-profit for it so we loved raising money & such for the Red Cross)

    I, too, wish that the clothes in Israil won't go into recycling. It would be sad!!
    Doesn't Magen David Adom / Red Diamond have bins for clothes & shoes?

  2. Pink Panthress,
    Hi Nokta, Good to hear from you.

    I totally agree with you about the proximity of the bins near the synagogue. I find it irrespectful. It actually started by placing there a bin for worn,
    damaged holy writings and relics; and then the recycling people saw the potential of the place - grocery stores on the left, post office across the street, a bus stop, so they added other bins.

    As I've mentioned in my post - there's a bin for donations outside the charity organizations, but it seems distributing the stuff to those in need or selling it at a symbolic price in their thrift shop has probably become somewhat of a headache to the volunteers and the people in charge of the relief projects, so they sometimes take the easy way of sending at least part of it to recycling (for a certain amount of money, I suppose). Well, I can only hope the rumours are not true.

  3. We recycle what we can here, and there are plenty of collection areas although the recycling bins are nowhere near as artistic looking as your are!

  4. Vera,

    Some people claim that design (shape and color) of the bins can increase the rate of recycling. There's something about that. Ours are made of solid plastic, come mostly in two nice and practical colors: green and blue, and have convenient openings through which to throw the stuff to be recycled.

  5. I know what you mean by recycling! I want to help the environment but it takes more effort to recycle than to just throw it out. I wonder if our recycling actually gets recycled?? The effort is worth it I hope....we want the earth to stay beautiful

  6. Kim@Stuff,

    Hi Kim,
    I've never actually visited a recycling center. I know in theory what happens after the stuff is picked up from a recycling bin. It's taken to a sorting facility, then cleaned, shredded if neccessary, blended with other similar material and coverted into a new end - product.

  7. This is a great post. We have many resale shops for clothing, etc, reasonably priced. But very close to us, the township center has many huge bins for used clothing, shoes, household goods and so forth that eventually go to various agencies for usage. On the last Saturday of the month, people can dispose of paint cans, oil, electronics, yard waste there also. Plus we have recycle bins for paper and plastics at our homes. Also there are many agencies such as Diabetes Assoc, Army Vets and so forth that will pick up bags of used clothing and household appliances from our houses, and on and on. Here's hoping the usable items you mentioned will still benefit someone!

  8. Pam,

    That sounds great! I especially like the picking up of stuff directly from your house. Maybe there's a similar service here, but I know nothing about it.
    Our day for yard waste and big items (like pieces of old, broken furniture) is Tuesday. The Municipaliy contractor's truck takes care of this.

  9. Duta, it's nice that they provide recycling bins all throughout your city. I really like the clothes and accessories bin. What a wonderful idea. It helps people who are less fortunate have something to wear when needed. Great idea. I wish I saw more of them around here.


  10. Red Rose Alley,

    Indeed , Sheri, the bins are a very good idea , and they look quite esthetic.
    Let's only hope the good stuff gets distributed to people in need, and not sent to recycling centers.

  11. Daliana Pacuraru,

    I suppose you're right. Recycling and the bins are a trait of the modern, more civilized world. Former civilizations didn't have them.

  12. Recycling is such a good idea ♥

  13. Summer,

    It's even more than just a good idea. It benefits the planet in so many ways! ; saves energy, improves air and water quality, conserves natural resources etc...

  14. Like this idea of placing bins for segregation and re cycling.

  15. Haddock,

    'Segregation' is associated with something negative - separation of people, usual on racial ground; here you remind me that the word actually means also separation of objecxts.The idea of recycling bins has been successfully put in practice in many parts of the world.

  16. I have a bag of clothes right now headed for a recycling bin. I do my best.

  17. We recycle here too. Only thing they wouldn't take was an old microwave. Felt weird that they couldn't recycle that.

  18. Tanya Lynne Reimer,

    Sometimes, the manufacturer will take it back for responsible disposal. Anyway, small appliances like microwave, toaster, blender are disassembled and then the components get recycled.

  19. I have also heard the same thing about clothing, that it is recycled and sold by the pound as rags. Sad. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  20. Linda O'Connell,

    Some stuff also reaches the third world market. I wish that someone enjoys wearing the good items, no matter where.

  21. I grew up recycling but did not know that was what it was called. Haha We used whatever we had to deal with life's challenges but were unaware we were what was called POOR. Now I believe lots of folks do it to make themselves feel better that they are contributing to saving the Mother Earth Unfortunately they need to step back and see what can really be done. On the hill we save cardboard, plastic, cans and glass along with newspapers to go to the recycling center once a month in the back of the pick up truck. The center is not pleasing to the eye. Just several large dark green dumpsters and what I hate is the folks who do not smash the cans or break down boxes so more can go into the dumpsters. Also it is really messy and I often wonder do the ones who make the mess keep house this way? Peace

  22. Lady Di Tn,

    Our recycling center is not near, so I don't really know if things are processed as they should be. I'll ask around to get its location, and perhaps I'll have a chance to visit there and satisfy my curiosity.

  23. I recycle glass, cans, clothes, plastic. It has to help. In fl.
    My neighbor followed the garbage truck and said they just dumped it all in a hole. I was up set after spending all that time . Maine is different.
    We all have to work at it, and save water too.

  24. They recycling bins certainly do look appealing. I agree that we should recycle and it does make me feel good to do so. I even feel guilty now if I throw out something that I know can be recycled.

    And being a huge fan of going to thrift stores and second hand stores I am all for people donating to those organizations!

  25. La Petite Gallery,

    If indeed your neighbor saw the truck dumping the stuff to be recycled into a hole, perhaps he should have found a way to file a complaint to the municipality.

  26. Alicia,

    I 've noticed, through reading of blogs, that american women are great fans of thrift stores and secondhand stores. That's a positive phenomenon.

  27. what city are you in? Europe seems so great about recycling, or making an effort. I lived in the US 6 years ago and then they had a ways to go to catch up!

  28. There are good and disrespectful locations for such bins, aren't there? That said, it is important to recycle.
    I find too many have a garage sale, then dump their things at local thrift shops. They have reported that much of it they have to pay to send to the dumps. People can be quite selfish.

  29. Krystal//Village,

    I live in a suburb city of central Israel which is not Europe, but is starting to be quite OK about recycling. A lot depends on the various municipalities - to see that there's a good coverage of the urban and rural locations with recycling bins and recycling centers. Things are not perfect but on the right track.

  30. Jennifer A.Jilks,

    As I wrote in a previous comment - things regarding recycling (location of bins and centers, picking up, processing or disposing of, distribution to thrift stores etc..) are far from perfect, but hopefully they're on the right track.