Friday, October 2, 2015

The Syrian Saga

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Syria is a small country which might, God forbid, become the cradle of a big disaster called World War 3.

Those who think, how noble on the part of Europe to open its gates to syrian refugees - think again. It would have been more noble if Europe had done something real to restore the order in Syria, and  thus prevent the flood of refugees which is bad for all parties: Europe feels 'invaded" by people of another religion and mentality, the syrian refugees , unrooted from their natural environment, are planted in places where they'll loose their identity and dignity, becoming second-hand citizens  for life.

Putin is trying now to do something about restoring that order. It's a bit late, but better late than never, as they say.  His chances to succeed , that's entirely another matter. He's not alone, the iranians are there too;  their main concern is to consolidate Assad's regime, and so, bring some kind of stability to the region where they also do have interests of their own.

It might work , if  the americans won't interfere. It is the americans who have started the whole  thing with the "arab spring' concept, and the naive demand for democracy to replace the heads of Mubarak, Khaddafi, Assad - the result being total chaos followed by the appearance in the area of the new, barbaric player called Daesh.

My guess is that Obama ,won't leave office in 2016 without  first bringing about an armed conflict with Russia , conflict which might eventually escalate into a world war. The clash has started with the sanctions imposed on Russia over Ukraine dispute, and is now going on with the russians' effort to save Assad which is not what the americans want.  I can only hope my guess turns out to be wrong. 

Anyway, as an  israeli, I don't trust any of the above (russians, americans, certainly not iranians)). We'll just have to wait and see how things evolve.


  1. I love reading your opinion of the Syrian make sense, they will have a hard time adjusting! I am like you, hope it is not a world war but?? I personally want to stay out of war since my son would be involved, sure makes a difference to have a son involved

  2. Kim,

    Thanks for your comment.
    No mother wants war, and you are not different of any other mother that wants her son safe and sound. Let's hope there'll be love not war, in our world.

  3. Hi Duta,

    Politics and Religion are all subjects that have so much charge. I like your opinion, and like you, I hope the powers that be will keep their egos in check.

  4. I Think that you arÄ™ unfortunatelly right...

  5. Angelina,

    Indeed. Politicians are a very dangerous sort (ego, populism,love of the chair). It's up to us, the ordinary people to try keep an eye on them to prevent disasters.

  6. Ola,

    "unfortunately", yes. I'm appalled by the governments of Germany, France, Italy and other european nations that blindly joined the americans in doing nothing constructive to help stabilizing the situation in Syria. And now they've ended up with the syrians at their door.

  7. Your concerns are my concerns. The world is in an awful mess. Thank you for your visits.

  8. Linda O'Connell,

    You're welcome.
    "awful mess" - is an accurate descriptive term. It looks as if only the Divine Power can undo this mess.

  9. The Americans are largely responsible for many of the major crises across the world.Their drive to democratize dictatorships is the real cause for strife and anarchy. Iraq,Libya,Egypt,Afghanistan & Pakistan are perfect examples.Who is America anyway to decide the fate of military dictatorships.Who has appointed them as liberators and saviors of the world ? But then America is militarily mighty and hence their juggernaut rolls on with little or no opposition!

  10. Ramakrishnan Ramanathan,

    I totally agree with your opinion. I couldn't have put it better myself.
    America's indeed 'militarily mighty', and yet she looses in war. Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan are not exactly victories. So, one would expect the americans to draw some sort of conclusion about their military abilities and go deal with their own affairs instead of meddling into the affairs of other nations. So far, no sign of that.

  11. It's so easy to play the blame game. Anytime another county interferes with civiil war things go wrong.
    In the meantime, what is the solution? More bombings? I don't think so. I have to disagree.

    Canada has a wonderful mutli-cultural society where refugees have become equal citizens. We took in 70,000 Vietnamese boat people, for example. I was very happy to have these children in my classrooms. I had kids who had fled the Gulf War, too. It enriched my classrooms and our world. We gave them food, clothing, shelter and they have become contributing members of society.
    They have dignity, a sense of self, and are first class citizens here. Judy Trinh is one such person.

  12. Jennifer A. Jilks,

    No, it's not easy to "play the blame game". It takes a lot of effort to annalyze facts and ignore slogans. Interference and bombing are wrong, but sometimes it takes the bad to prevent the worse.

    Canada is mainly a country of immigrants for immigrants. Europe is something else.
    Besides, it depends on where the refugees come from. People from the Far East are much more adaptable then those from the Middle East or Africa.

  13. What bothers me, Duta, is that you can justify Russia bombing, but loathe the Americans bombing. Russia is invading Turkish airspace, and that is just wrong. And they have collateral damage in Iraq. It won't end, as they just engage more, do more bombings and it doesn't end the tyranny of fascists.

  14. Jennifer A. Jilks

    Putin and Assad are not my friends, and the americans are not my enemies. I just live in this bloody area, and I should know what's going on.
    Bombing the Nazis was justified and so is bombing of the Daesh people (the head cutters); this is also for the benefit of whining Turkey.
    The americans have failed to do anything constructive in the region, so let's give the russians a chance.

  15. Duta, you have a very interesting point here.
    I wish we never had gotten involved, except for all that
    insane beheading, those Arabs do.
    I wouldn't trust them with any type of bomb. These
    guys are inbred , to put it another way INSANE.
    They have never progressed the people live so poor.
    The Hate and Bigotry has gone on for hundreds of years.
    How in the world did someone like Gibran Khalil Gibran
    come from that crazy race. What kind of a human can
    become an evil terrorist? God Help us. I don't want any more WAR.
    Pray for Peace. yvonne

  16. La Petite Gallery,

    Hi Yvonne,
    Indeed, the beheading practiced by Daesh people is crazy. The same goes for bombs placed in public places. We desperately need Peace,no war, no terrorism, but it seems it is more far away than ever. May God help us!

  17. The american government (and many of the american people) should be ostracised/isolated from the rest of the world.
    They always 'only mean it good', but in truth only want to play world police so their own people do not see what is wrong with the USA itself.

    I absolutely agree with you on that stupid arabian Spring... in Egypt it brought them a fundamentalist like Mursi & made life worse there.

    In Libya many girls don't go to school any more and are forced to wear loose muslim clothes since Ghaddafi was killed.

    Also... I am not a fan of Assad, BUT I think for the time being his government is better than what the fundamental muslims (the so called rebels) have in mind with Syria. For example under Assad girls may go to school, under the rebels girls aren't worth sh't!

    Turkey took the refugees in years ago & they are ungrateful in Turkey. they use swear word & do worse on turkish women who don't wear headscarves. In one case a group of syrian men tried to stone a turkish young woman on the street because she was alone outside after dark.

    And in Germany the government seized houses and apartments for these refugees while our own people live on the streets because housing prices are crazy high.

    I believe we, the western world, put the cart before the horse.
    Instead of preventing cases like Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan... we initiated them...

    I only hope my brother will leave Turkey when the war opens into its neighbour countries..

  18. Pink Panthress,

    Thanks Nokta,for your detailed, accurate and interesting comment.
    I suppose you're worried about your brother who lives in Turkey, especially now after the recent bomb explosion placed by the Daesh people.
    There's craziness prevailing in the whole region of the Middle East, only God can help.

  19. What a world, I don't trust anyone either. Lies and double talk here with the Govt. and Politicians. They are lazy and do as little as possible and do not deserve the pay they receive. I am glad Russia came into the mess. Please God,
    I don't want a war. We should leave there. Then just bomb the hell out of them,
    all the good ones have run to other countries. Now is the time to Level
    the Crazies.

  20. La Petite Gallery,

    It's easier to prevent a war than to let it happen. Unfortunately, it's in the hand of politicians and these constantly betray their people both on the internal front as well as on the external front.
    Thanks for your comment.

  21. The Americans create problems and then keep away in order to enjoy countries fighting with each other. Ultimately, the aim is to sell American arms so the countries will have no peace. If the Americans were really interested they should have intervened and put down ISIS with a heavy hand. They did not and let ISIS grow and inflict the worst kind of atrocities. Obama, will not interfere because he wants to leave with a clean slate but his successor will have a tough time to solve the mess.

    I appreciate Russia for taking a strong determined action to put down the rebels. Refugee problem is essentially the result of world powers keeping silent and turning a blind eye to the conflict torn Syria. Now Europe is burdened with refugee problems and they deserve it because they did not act in time.

    I don't think there will be a world war because the Americans under Obama will not act. Putin of Russia is a very strong headed leader and will not allow USA to dictate terms.

    Very interesting post.

    Best wishes

  22. Joseph Pulikotil,

    Thank you for your detailed and very eye-opening comment.
    Regarding the chances of a world war, even if there's no intention on either side to reach escalation - God forbid, things might go out of control. Let's hope for the best.

  23. Today is Thanksgiving, and I want to give thanks that we are not in a war torn Country, or refugees fleeing from bombs. Thinking of you today Duta,
    Love and be safe Dear. yvonne

  24. La Petite Gallery,

    Indeed, you have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for thinking of me. I greatly appreciate this.