Saturday, September 12, 2015

Seeking Equality

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The other day I bumped into a beggar, not the usual type of beggar . It was a young woman holding in her left hand a plastic jar for coins, and in her right hand a ...smartphone for keeping her company during her sitting (on a chair) and waiting for the coins to come.

That made me think.
I know some families that are clients of the welfare authorities, and not only do they have smartphones but also cars, airconditioners, and other items that are not exactly considered basics.

The above reminded me of an article I once read.   According to that article the task of social welfare nowadays is not only to assure a minimum of living to everyone, but also to seek some sort of equality .

Well, the world is certainly changing.  We live in a society of tremenduous gaps, and this is a very explosive situation that has to be dealt with one way or another . 


  1. A lot of homeless support organizations provide cell phones to clients to enable them finding jobs. Probably not i-phones, but that might be what you saw.

  2. English Rider,

    You may be right. There are, indeed, volunteering organizations that help people in any way possible, and that is heart-warming.

  3. It is very odd indeed...most of my poorest friends had smart phones before everyone else and they are the first ones to buy them for their children. We are not rich but My hubby has a good job but there is no way my kids are getting their own phones. It just never made any sense to me.

  4. It must be difficult to draw the line between what is and is not the necessary requirements for those who are less fortunate. I would not like to have to make the decisions about they need to have.....I think I would be on a permanent guilt trip....

  5. Libbie Doyle,

    I see what you mean, Libbie. Sometimes I'm quite surprised at what I see around me, but I keep things to myself ,being afraid not to look or sound petty.

  6. Hi Vera,

    A lot depends on what is meant by "less fortunate". I wouldn't be surprised if the young woman waiting for the coins would think of you, who work very hard on your smallholding, as less fortunate than she is.

  7. It's true about giving away phones - whether they are smart or not is another matter. No one will be paying for a data package.

    These are tools but to most just a toy no more. I could see where a smart phone could come in handy for some who need and want information.

  8. One Fly,

    In a way, cell phones/smartphones are kind of a symbol of the consummerism of the modern world. They're indeed both tools and toys- and yet, hardly a big necessity. One could still find work and stay in touch even without these items.

  9. People who are "less fortunate" have lower earnings but spend everything they have. They do not save for a rainy day. They live from day to day. But they have desires and yearning too ! They might skip a few meals or buy less clothes but will spend the money on luxuries like Smartphones. I am not so sure that Smartphones are a luxury any more !

  10. Oh Duta,
    Maine has so many that have figured out every way to scrounge a buck out of the Govt. It makes me sick. They lie and charge a Senior $15 buck an hour to do a poor job of cutting the grass. They do not try to do anything well except scam
    people. I wish someone would grab her cell and put it where the sun doesn't shine.

  11. Ramakrishnan Ramanathan,

    Perfect analysis. I couldn"t have said it better. Thanks.

  12. La Petite Gallery,

    One tends to judge things according to one's experience in life. I trust you, and your experience.

    I wrote about the scene with the young woman as I felt there was something wrong in it, no matter how you look at it. She wasn't even focused on the begging, but on her phone. How could she expect people to take her seriously, have pity on her and give her some money?

  13. That does seem pretty far from what I thought of as the needy......a smartphone but I understand everyone wants or needs one?? Our world has changed

  14. Kim,

    There's no limit to what one may want or need. The solution would be to live within our means.

  15. There is a huge gap, however between the very rich and the very poor. This situation needs to be addressed. We pay our sports starts and CEOs way too much money. I don't begrudge a woman a phone! My son (age 30) doesn't have a landline, only a cell phone.

  16. Jennifer A.Jilks,

    Hi Jennifer,
    I've mentioned the gaps, they are indeed huge, and should certainly be dealt with. As for the woman,it's not a matter of begrudging her a phone.The place she was sitting and the purpose for her sitting there (begging)just didn't go hand in hand with her cellphone or iphone.