Friday, September 4, 2015

Moscow 10 - Old Arbat Street

The 'soul" of Moscow as they call it, is a long pedestrian street full of atmosphere. Easy to get there. At one end, the Arbatskaya metro station, at the other end, the Smolenskaya metro station. 

It has everything;   a bank, a cute post office, theaters, an automatic toilette which opens with a plastic card (obtained by inserting some coins in a slot), the headquarters of Aeroflot - the russian airlines .
              W.C.- a cop showed me how to get the card that opens it.

                    front of the Vakhtangov State Academic theater

                                                         Post Office at a corner

The street is lined with souvenir shops and  eateries, sprinkled with street performers and art vendors. Amid all this - the house of Alexander Pushkin, the famous russian poet, where he lived for several months with his young wife Natalia.

Teremok - chain food specializing in russian crepes

Paintings for sale

                                        Pushkin's house museum

                      young bronze couple: Pushkin and his beloved

                                                         Pigeons'  vendor

                                         Tai chi demo by the girl in blue

I visited twice: on a cloudy day and on a bright day and enjoyed it on both visits. Perhaps it's not a "must see"  place, but still one that gives much insight into the russian way of life (past and present), and offers a pleasant stroll along an old and famous street.


  1. Everything looks so neat clean and orderly.People are moving around in a relaxed & comfortable manner without fear.Moscow has really transformed from the dreary days of the fearsome communists and the dreaded KGB !

  2. Ramakrishnan Ramanathan,

    Absolutely. Before I set out to Russia I was warned by people to beware of cops and their supposed tricks, but nothing bad happened. They were there to help the tourist if necessary.

  3. One Fly,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you think the stuff about old Arbat street is interesting. It is indeed.

  4. Very interesting. I have to admit that I too think it looks so neat, clean and orderly. So different from where I live where there is so much traffic, cars everywhere and lots of trees and grass. Those paintings are lovely and I love the blue color on that building. I would visit it even if it's not a must see. Thanks for showing it to us.

  5. Hi Alicia,

    Well, it is a pedestrian zone, so no cars are allowed. Even so, people in Moscow prefer to use the Metro if they wish to get anywhere in a matter of minutes. That's what's nice about the Metro: the rich and the poor are in it together. A car, no matter how fancy, won't help you reach your destination quickly.

  6. After reading your post, I marvel at your adventure. Surely someone should paint over the black marker drawing on the Post Office door. To be so close to the Bolshoi and not go in is almost a crime my dear one but you did give us quite an outside treat of it. Not counting the back of Zum which could be corrected with Banners of flowers (hehe I am sure they will take my advise). The bronze of the young couple at Pushkins museum is wonderful. I truly would have loved to walk through Novodevichi Cemetary and see Nachezhda marker saying without words "I see you from the grave" Thanks for taking us along and St. Basil is a must see and I envy your trip. My favorite photo of you is the one in front of the Catherdal. Peace

  7. Lady Di Tn,

    Thank you for reading my posts on Moscow, and thanks for your witty and kind comment.

    I did many 'crimes' like the one with the Bolshoi, and I'll probably do some more; when you're on the road and your time is limited, you do what you can, not always what you wish.

  8. It looks like a beautiful place to go, the Arbat Street. :)
    And that blue of 'Pushkin's house museum' is such a beautiful shade!

    Thank you for this Moscow Series... I enjoyed it immmensely, Duta!!

  9. Pink Panthress,

    As I said, I went there twice. Something about its atosphere attracted me like a magnet.
    I'm glad you've enjoyed my Moscow posts. Thanks Nokta.