Sunday, June 3, 2012

The District of the "Woman's Best Friend"

The word 'diamond' (in hebrew and english) is all over the place. It appears mostly in two-word compounds such as: diamond exchange, diamond culture, diamond jewelry, diamond mines, diamond center, etc..

The Diamond Exchange District is located in the city of Ramat-Gan, and it has become over the years a sort of 'city within city' dominated by the Diamond Exchange - a complex of four towers connected by bridges .

entrance to the Diamond Exchange District

I happened to be in the area this week; it was not during the busy hours (it was around 5:30 PM). The diamond museum was closed and so were part of the jewelry stores, eateries, banks, insurance companies. The places that were still open, seemed to be less active. I entered the Office Depot store to buy a certain item, and afterwards I decided to take a walk around, as there was a cool , pleasant breeze blowing outside.

towers within the diamond district

Years ago when I had my set of diamond ring+earrings purchased (stolen from me later on) in one of the shops in the district, there were not so many towers here and the diamond industry was definitely smaller. Now, one feels like a tiny dot among all these mighty towers. Culture is given its proper place here through a beautiful theater "The Diamond Theater" ,and the interesting "Oppenheimer Diamond Museum".

towers facing the town road

"Harry Openheimer"  Diamond Museum 

The Diamond Theater

The Diamond Exchange complex with its commercial offices and halls (where its members are engaged in trading, cutting, polishing, marketing of diamonds), gemological laboratories, museum, banking and postal services - is considered the world largest diamond exchange.  Its  rivals to the title are, I think, the one in Mumbay (India) and the one in Antwerpen(Belgium).

Bank of India in the israeli Diamond Exchange district

It's interesting to note that business within the Diamond Exchange is made with the traditional phrase 'mazal ve bracha' (luck and blessing) uttered when closing a deal and accompanied by a handshake - no contracts or lawyers. Would you believe that?).


  1. No contracts or lawyers...that's amazing! Business used to be conducted that way in many places, and a man's word was his bond. That is not so common anymore. Too bad.

  2. Diamonds??? Who's got diamonds. Not me. Someone else got my diamonds. Whoever has mine I hope you are enjoying them.

  3. Interesting...who would think that anyone does business nowadays without lawyers involved. Very refreshing!

  4. Dimple,

    It is, isn't it? That's not common, but it still exists in some parts of the world.

    One Fly,

    Well, one never knows. I found one on the pavement once - not a good quality , but still a diamond. It probably fell off someone's ring.

    Lisa Petrarca,

    No lawyers involved. That's refreshing indeed.


    How come? Are you by any chance a lawyer by profession?

  5. I would not like to own a diamond. I would worry if I lost it, so would never wear the piece it was mounted on. I prefer 'cheap and cheerful' items of jewelry - if it gets lost then it doesn't matter! Interesting post, Duta.

  6. That is unique indeed.
    I don't think I would be so trusting when it comes to Diamonds.

    From turkish relatives I heard similar stories. But the good faith ends at certain prices. ;)

  7. This post was very interesting...I would love to visit the Diamond Museum!

  8. Wow. Amazing to learn that Diamond trade is so huge in your country.

  9. Vera,

    I'm of the same opinion. I got devastated when my set of diamond ring-earrings was stolen. I wouldn"t like to undergo a similar experience.


    Me neither.
    Anyway, it appears that small packages of diamonds pass from one merchant to another for examination and evaluation, and these people have learnt to trust each other.


    The Oppenheimer Museum was opened in 2008. It displays models of famous diamonds, and hosts interesting exhibitions regarding the diamond, gemstone and jewelry world.

    Huge indeed for a tiny country like Israel. In India. your country, it's huge too, only India by comparison, is a very vast country.

  10. Don't know muchabout diamonds, only buy big stones, and love yellow. My Daughter is flying in from florida/Boston- Then capeair to rockland,Maine I hope to see her face about 4/5pm. Checking out of the Skilled Nursing Thurs. Morning.
    Can't wait to get into my own bed. AHHHHHH Big hug Duta

  11. The only diamond I ever owned was in my engagement ring. The diamond fell out within the first month or so. I never got another one. I should have realized that it was an omen about the marriage. Ha!

  12. Thanks Duta. I have no diamonds either nor lawyers. Life is good. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

  13. Thanks Duta. I have no diamonds either nor lawyers. Life is good. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

  14. lA Petite Gallery,

    Frankly, I'm not impressed by diamonds. I like gems better. Have a wonderful time with your daughter!

    Janie B.

    You must have felt devastated loosing that engagement diamond.
    Well, it's all behind you now. your daughters being your true diamonds.

    Ross Lynem,

    You're welcome! No diamonds and no lawyers - that means no worries. Life is good indeed.

  15. This is a nice place...the diamond exchange...Really big the fountain

  16. Ola,Não tinha a menor ideia sobre Diamond Exchange district.Adorei saber á respeito,e vou ter que ler teu artigo mais vezes e sem pressa,pois o meu "inglês não é dos melhores.Um grande abraço minha querida amiga.

  17. As usual I was enjoying your photos and story but then you wowed me with how they do business, No lawyers, no contracts and the deal is closed with a handshake. That was like a blast from my youth as deals in the country were done the same matter, with his word and handshake you knew the deal was done. My brother is still very much such a relic. Peace

  18. How interesting to learn about your Diamond Exchange. I've always thought Antwerp to be the biggest diamond player in the world. I also love that business is conducted with a handshake - very impressive.

  19. Kim&Stuff,

    Yes, the buildings are quite impressive. The green spots in the area, add a touch of Nature to these concrete structures .

    Suzane Weck,

    There's probably some diamond exchange in your country too; you just don't know about it as it is perhaps not as big and famous as ours. A big hug to you too!

    Lady Di Tn,

    Amazing isn't it? Hard to believe people can still trust each other as in the older days.


    I've been to Antwerp once and visited the diamond center there.
    For us people that are not in the diamond business, it's difficult to figure out which is the biggest "player".

  20. Another informative post! I did realize that you had a significant exchange in your company and, in fact, it is through your exchange that most of the diamonds in my City used to come from. Purchasing from these suppliers, if one is not a jeweler, is by knowing someone who has an in. I was overwhelmed when, as a younger woman, I was taken to the brokers to pick out some of these lovely stones as an investment for my employer.

    Also, Duta, I LOVE your new photo. You are really lovely. Sorry I am so late in responding to your post. I was visiting my sister during her convalescense following surgery.

  21. Oops...I meant "country," not "company". Sorry I didn't proof my comment.

  22. I like the picture of the blue diamond the best. Gorgeous!

  23. How sad that people steal.
    I like the post theme. Very interesting.
    Diamonds are special.
    I transformed my diamond ring from my first marriage into earring, which I gave to my daughter. She wore them for her wedding!
    Greetings from Cottage Country!

  24. C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson,

    Thanks for your kind words about my post and my profile photo. Sorry to hear your sister had to undergo surgery. Hope she's doing well now.

    Joy Lansky,

    I too like this picture with the blue diamond. It's eye catching.

    Jenn Jilks,

    Diamonds stay in the family and pass from one generation to another. Your ring diamond becomes your daughter's earrings. That's nice!

  25. I didn't know this place existed. It certainly is huge and I can see how you felt like a tiny dot.

    I'm so sorry you had your diamonds stolen. I still have a diamond on my wedding ring, but I haven't worn it since the day of my divorce. I constantly think I should sell it or give it to my daughter but it seems to me to carry bad luck with it and I don't want to pass it along to someone else. Weird, I know.

  26. Alicia,

    Maybe you should discuss the matter with your daughter. If you believe in bad luck, then even if you sell it, the money might bring bad luck... Perhaps you could just take it out of the ring and use it in some other kind of jewelery.

  27. Great post!!! take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  28. I never knew there was a diamond museum. I bet it's quite interesting to browse around that place.

    Thank you for you kind words regarding the loss of my dog.

  29. Marcela Gmd,

    Thank you. I will certainly check your blog.


    Usually , a Diamond Exchange does have some kind of diamond museum attached to it.
    You're welcome.

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