Monday, May 21, 2012

The Triangle

There's this catchy song by Barry Manilow about a romantic triangle against the background of the notorious Bermuda Triangle.

A couple decides "to get away and have some fun". She wants to Bermuda. He's against, warning her that "Bermuda Triangle/It makes people disappear/Bermuda Triangle/Don't go too near".

When in Bermuda, lying on the sand, he suddenly looks up and "sees her with a stranger hand in hand", " ..sitting on his blanket", "..going for a swim", "..running after him". In short,this place 'made his woman disappear'.

Bermuda Triangle is a mystery zone in the Atlantic ocean where ships and airplanes are said to have disappeared , leaving no trace.
There are several theories regarding factors that might be responsible for this kind of disappearance in this particular zone of unusual weather problems:
- magnetic , gravitational or supernatural forces active in the area
- a creature (such as Lockness in Scotland) present in the waters of the triangle
- abduction of the ships and their crew, by extraterestrial beings.

Personally, I believe it's the work of supernatural forces; scientists couldn't come up with some other plausible explanation.
As for the the song, don't worry, it has a happy end. As the guy was lying there lost and lonely, " a lovely stranger says Hello and takes my hand/Now Bermuda Triangle not so bad".


  1. I was fascinated by Bermuda Triangle when I was a teenagaer, read a lot about it but never heard this song!:)

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  2. The Bermuda triangle has remained a mystery for so many decades eluding logical explanation ! Many fascinating myths around this !

  3. I've heard of this area, off and on, for a long time, but have been content to let others investigate.
    Cute song!

  4. Love a good mystery and indeed the Triangle provides lots of fodder to complete one. Maybe the great city of Atlantis is where they reappear. Peace

  5. I've always been enchanted with the Bermuda Triangle and read everything I could get my hands on as a kid.

    There's just some things that can't be explained.

    Ya know I loved the song!!! Love that Barry! :o)

    God bless and have a magnificent week sweetie!!!

  6. I have seen many a documentary on the subject,and do not know what I think about this mysterious place.
    I had not come across this song by Barry Manilow,so thanks for sharing.

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  8. Ola,

    We all were. This place turns on both kids and adults' imagination to this day.
    As for the song, there's always a first time. Hope you like it.

    R. Ramakrishnan,

    Even Columbus in 1492 noticed strange things about this area. It affected his compass reading.


    The song provides a comic side to the dark one presented by the mysteries of Bermuda Triangle (also named the Devil's Triangle).

    Lady Di Tn,

    Oh, thanks for reminding me about the lost continent of Atlantis. Atlantis is also somehow connected to one of the theories.

  9. Nezzy,

    No one is left indifferent to the Bermuda Triangle's fascination. Even the 'Bermuda pants' remind us of it LOL.


    I'm glad you liked it.
    Most of Barry Manilow's songs are nice - both the lyrics and the melody.


    Youre in good company. No one (not even scientists) has a clear cut answer as to the phenomena said to be going on in that area.

    Teuvo Vehkalaht,

    Welcome! I've already checked your blog (wonderful images, I must say) and left a comment.

  10. I never connected this song with the actual Bermuda Triangle either, but what an interesting post Duta. Supernatural forces? Nothing surprises me!

  11. bermuda triangle is in our lives from the childhood...
    thanks for invoking the nostalgic period when we have visited for children's magazines to arrive...

  12. Never heard this song before, but I do try to stay away from the Bermuda Triangle. Now, I have to Google it because Bermuda Triangle is in my head. Not necessarily a bad thing...

  13. First DUTA let me say I just noticed that you have a new profile picture! I love it! You are so attractive and have such pretty curls! Great photo!

    Second, I have always loved Barry Manilow and believe it or not I had never heard him sing this song. It's such a cute little video and I'm glad there was a happy ending!

    As to the Bermuda Triangle, it certainly makes for a lot of great movies. Hard to say what causes these mysterious disappearances. We may never know. Interesting post as always!

  14. Vera,

    The truth is I wasn't able to grasp all the words of the song, so I had to google the lyrics.
    Thanks for finding my post interesting. I'm flattered.


    Yes, it's always been in our lives, both in childhood and in adulthood. Fascinating place!

    Crack You Whip.

    I like it that you're going to google to find out more about the Bermuda Triangle. I just love a curious mind.


    Thank you very much for your kind words. I like Manilow's songs too, and I agree with you that Bermuda Triangle song is cute.

  15. I'm partially with you on this one, either it's supernatural or maybe some extraterrestrial workings going on.

    BTW, you have a lovely new profile image! :)

  16. What ever it is I won't be going there.

  17. The Bermuda Triangle may always be a mystery; always intriguing, though. My brother and his wife have a friend who works for the company that represents Barry Manilow. My brother has always been a fan, so it was arranged so they could meet him. Very special day for them!

  18. I don't know, Duta. I've sailed in it a couple of times and survived.

  19. PinkPanthress,

    When I say supernatural I mean the superpower, God All Mighty.
    Thanks a lot for liking my profile image.

    One Fly,

    Good thinking. I won't be going either, although one can never know. ("Never say never").


    Lucky people, your brother and SIL, to have the chance to meet with the famous songwriter and composer.

    Joyce Lansky,

    I believe you. It's a busy crossroad ; many vessels go into it and survive.

  20. The Bermuda Triangle has been a mystery forever is kinda romantic

  21. The Bermuda Triangle, also aptly name Devil's Triangle, has always intrigued me. I'd like to think that it is a doorway to another universe. :)

  22. Òtima explanação sobre o Triângulo das Bermudas.E a musica de Manilow completou o post com brilhantismo.Grande abraço.

  23. You always make me see things with new eyes! This place really does have its own magic doesn't it?

  24. Kim&Stuff,

    I think it's still mysterious, and parallel to this, there's always an attempt to find the romantic aspect in all this mystery.


    The place is also named "The graveyard of the Atlanic" - so, who knows maybe the dead in its waters are carried by supernatural forces to another universe.

    Suzane Weck,

    Welcome to my blog! The word "brilhantismo" looks very nice in your comment. Thanks.

    Tanya Reimer,

    Yes, it does; despite the unsolved mysteries or perhaps because of them.

  25. I like your new profile picture! Very nice.
    The Bermuda Triangle has always baffled me, just don't understand. Guess it one of those things I am going to ask the Big Man upstairs when I get there!
    I do remember the Manilow song from years past. Thanks for the memories!
    until next time... nel

  26. Nel,

    Thank you.
    You mean you're going to ask Google about it. They usually call him the Big Brother.
    As for memories of Manilow's song -you're welcome.