Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On The Eternity

Health services - Aged people's home - Cemetery - Eternity
Do you see the connection? perhaps the irony?
Walking outdoors provides us with a good opportunity for reflection on things in general, and on what we see around us in particular.

Let's take a walk on 'the Eternity' street. The name eternity (Nezach -in hebrew) is rather intriguing to those who don't know there's a small, old, cemetery at the end of this street. The cemetery is at number 25. At number 23, there's an aged people's home, and further in the same row, at number 9 - a health services building. All three sites are of the highest standards.

The cemetery , now closed to burials, is considered exclusive due to its central location, quality of maintenance and some important figures burried here. If someone wishes to buy a plot (there aren't many left, if any), he'll have to be well connected and pay a large sum of money.

entrance to the cemetery

The aged people's home, Habait (home-in hebrew), adjacent to the little cemetery , offers all kinds of sheltered accommodation to choose from: retirement living, independent living, assisted living. nursing care, rehabilitation etc.. It is luxurious, with a variety of programs , facilities and services. and meant for people... with money.


The Health Services building is owned by the second largest health care provider in the country - Maccabi. It has specialized clinics, modern facilities , and highly professional medical staff.

Maccabi Health Services

First there was the cemetery; then, behind it, several residential buildings were erected. The question of why the price of a flat in each of these buildings was so expensive - usually got answered with : "you get the most quiet, well-mannered neighbour possible".

residential buildings behind the cemetery


  1. Peaceful place indeed.
    Great post!


  2. You so remind me that there is a world beyond my fields Duta! And stops me from becoming too insular. Well done for another informative and interesting post.

  3. A rather ironic street and I had a laugh with the statement "you get the most quiet, well mannered neighbor possible" I guess since they are well mannered any ghost is not naughty. I do love your posts. Peace

  4. Interesting post, Duta. It is ironic that the health clinic, old people's home, and cemetery are on the same street. And the farther up the street you go, the more difficult it is to stay!

  5. Regina,

    If you mean the cemetery, then yes, a very peaceful place. This is where people are said to "rest in peace".

    Vera ,

    Yes, there is, Vera. A whole new world beyond the fields is waiting for you to come out from your little farm and enjoy it.

    Lady Di Tn,

    Even the money element mentioned - is ironic. With all the money ivested in good care, good housing - one still ends up in a cemetery, even though it might be an exclusive one.


    I've noticed the irony of these three neighbouring sites, and of the street's name ,while walking along this street to get to the municipality. It's a long street and so I had the time to reflect on what I see.

  6. Love your post and your insight, and I completely agree with what Dimple said! How ironic that the streets ends in a cemetery. The pictures of the cemetery are so interesting - the headstones are so pretty soft-colored. Thanks for sharing another piece of your world!

  7. Enjoyed your post Duta! I enjoy learning about your side of the world. You can tell by looking at the building that you would have to have money. The cemetery does look quite crowded. Hope you have a wonderful week!
    until next time... nel

  8. Why I do not visit more regularly is a mystery to me (guess it is the available of megs problem again - lol). Israel is a fascinating country and you write beautifully about her. I like the name "Eternity Street" and love the symbolism of it ending in a cemetary. Greetings from ZA.

  9. Wealthy or not, I would not want to live in the Habait at old age, if there was a cemetery almost next door to me... :(

  10. Bica,

    Thank you. The stones in the cemetery are indeed pretty and interesting. They are made of stone/marble/granite, They are of various sizes with additions for candles/flowers/plants.


    You're right about both: the money needed to stay at Habait, and the crowded status of the cemetery.
    I'm glad you feel you learn something from my post about my side of the world.

    A human kind of human,

    Welcome back! Good to hear from you after your long absence from Bloggiland. Thanks for your kind words.


    I can relate to that.
    I couldn't live in Habait either for the same reason as yours.

  11. This is an interesting post as I try and find something to say and that is ... Health & well being are no respecter of persons. I am reminded of the dual British Health care system, If you are prepared to pay, then there will extra advantages in your room otherwise everything else remains the same. It is curious that this broad spectrum of locations are all in the same street.... Recycling ?!!

  12. I was just telling my husband the other day that the last place I would ever want to live in is an assisted living home.
    Habait looks like quite a nice place but still would not be for me!

    I did enjoy this most interesting post.
    Thanks, Duta.

  13. My dear friend Duta
    I think it is ugly, the elderly to live each day by watching their cemetery.
    This impairs their psychology.
    And much money :( ?
    Many greetings

  14. There is a lot built around the cemetery...Love to see the pictures

  15. J_on_tour@jayspaze,

    The best ting for us is not to be dependent on any Health Care System, unless it's an emergency.

    Prevention and cure are possible in many cases at home through adequate nutrition ,reduction of stress and use of natural elements:water, ice ; herbs, electronic and manual devices.


    Neither for me. In fact, I believe no one wishes to be dependent on other people and/or assisting devices in his/her old age.


    I agree with your view that psychologically, the proximity of a cemetery (even a closed one) to an aged people's home, doesn't add to the quality of life of these people.

    Kim and Stuff could..

    Right. There are a lot of buildings there, and their value is high due to their closeness to town center and to a highway.

  16. I thought for one awful moment that the cemetary was the old folks' home!

  17. Ha, ha!
    I understand "you get the most quiet", but what about "well-mannered neighbour possible"?

  18. It might creates conflicting feelings!!

  19. This is a great post! I have to admit it's probably the most thought provoking thing I've come across in a blog ever. xx

  20. Dave King,

    The cemetery is supposed to be a place where old people rest in peace after death. Unfortunately, there are many relatively young people who die prematurely, so one could hardly call it "the old folks home".


    Your remark is in place. Probably ,a quiet 'neighbour' is usually also one considered with good manners by some people out there.

    Phivos Nicolaides,

    The proximity of the three sites mentioned in this post, does indeed create conflicting feelings and thoughts about them.


    Thank you very much for your kind words. I feel flattered by your opinion on this post.

  21. !!! Well, they certainly are a very practical and efficient lot, now aren't they?! Gosh, maybe I am happy in the suburbs. ;)

  22. Greetings Duta,

    I love how your mind works, and I did so enjoyed the irony.

    Perhaps in the constant reminder of ill health and death the residents value life in each moment.

  23. Jayne,

    It looks like it: practicality and efficiency above all.


    Thank you.
    Very true. Looking to their right (clinics to treat deseases) and to their left(cemetery), the residents of Habait learn to value each moment of their life.

  24. Wow, the contrast, & as most have pointed out, the irony...on the edge of eternity, indeed.

  25. Let's hope it's just a coincidence and not some future trend of placing an aged people's home near the cemetery.