Monday, May 23, 2011

'Charity begins at home' and Wizo

At least once a year, usually in Spring I make a bundle or two of clothes to be donated to the needy. It makes me feel good to help those people who cannot afford buying clothes.

There are several ways of donating clothes and accessories. I choose to do it through the nice local branch of the volunteering women organization WIZO. This organization which has branches all over the country (and abroad) is engaged in activities that promote care, education, and support for children, women, and families.

The WIZO branch consists of a large conference Hall (for the various social and cultural activities carried on here) with a small office and restroom - and a Store (in a nearby alley) for sorting. fixing, arranging and distributing the donated items. Part of the clothes are given away for free to people recommended by the local welfare authorities; the rest is sold for a symbolic fee to whoever is interested in second-hand items; the small profit is used in improving the place and its blessed activities.

conference hall - corner for refreshments

conference hall - chairs

The bags with the donated stuff can be left either at the office or at the store (called ביגודיתBegudit). However, the latter being open only for two hours daily, most people leave them inside the Hall, in a narrow space near the office.

bags with clothes left near copier

Those who bring the stuff after activity hours and place it outside the entrance door could create a serious security problem. Evil factors (terrorists) might be tempted to introduce explosives in those bundles of clothes. Constant efforts are being made to make the public aware of this danger and convince potential doners to avoid bringing stuff when the branch is closed.

"Begudit" (closed at the time of visit) in adjacent alley


  1. That is great Duta! And the hall of this organization is attractive and roomy. Wonder why they can't be open a little longer on one or two days per week...

  2. That is nice DUTA! We need more people like you!

  3. This offer is wonderful my dear friend , a big bravo all of you!!
    Many greetings

  4. I love to help others and I am glad that you do too!

  5. This is so fabulous of you! ❤

    I just do not understand how someone could use a persons donations to wreak such havoc.(whether the terrorist is a muslim, radical or whatever else) It is so inhuman!

  6. Emille,

    Yes, the place is quite spacious.
    I've just heard today that it was decided that the store will be open for four additional hours during the week.

    Lumi ro,

    Thank you. After all, the donors also benefit from their donation; their cupboards and drawers get de-cluttered :)


    Thanks for your kind words; the big bravo should go to all the volunteers that run the place.


    I belive helping others helps me too in many ways. First of all, it makes me a better human being.


    Terrorists don't discriminate between bundles of clothes that are for charity, and just ordinary bundles fit to put into them explosives. They'll use any opportunity to do evil.

  7. Interesting post, Duta. It fits right in with the title of this blog, because this is a place with character: the character of love, mercy, and helpfulness!


  8. Duta, so good that you gave to Wizo.
    I too give every year to a women's shelter here in town
    Margie :)

  9. It always makes me feel good to donate as well. It is so hard to imagine living where someone would put explosives in donated items. Sad really.

  10. It is a nice way to help poors. Well done for you!

  11. Can't get rid of the thought that the necessity for such help is an indictment of the human race, but thank God the help is there.

  12. That is a wonderful charity and I like that it give to those who cannot afford clothes. The center looks clean and inviting. Is it run by volunteers? Peace

  13. Dimple,

    Thank you. Yes, I must agree with you: it's a place with character.It greatly contributes to the well being of women, children and retired people.


    Here we also have women shelters as violence in families is constantly on the rise. Volunteering women are doing a great job helping maintain these life-saving shelters.

    Sue (Someone's Mom),

    As far as I can remember ,this didn't actually happen, but it is a real possibility and people are warned not to leave parcels unattended.


    Indeed. I too believe it's a nice, beneficial way which does good to both sides: the donor and the receiver.

  14. Donations are a wonderful thing. That anyone would ever need to worry about unattended parcels is a sad thing. I would think that, because there may not be a LOT of people around at the same time, maybe terrorists wouldn't find this an attractive target - they seem to want to inflict the most damage as possible. Thanks for sharing another wonderful glimpse into your life, DUTA.

  15. Dave King,

    I suppose this necessity to help other human beings will always exist. That's the way society is built; everyone needs help of some form of another.

    Lady Di Tn,

    Yes, the center is run by volunteers, usually retired women, and it is a well-kept, attractive place.


    You're comment brings out two completely opposite things: donations - a positive, constructive thing and terrorism - a negative, destructive force. It's a sad reality.

  16. Kudos to you DUTA for 1st clearing out what you no longer need and 2nd for making sure it's going to a great cause!

  17. What a great post Duta! We too make donations to the Battered Women's Shelter or Victory Mission here in our town, nothing like helping those less fortunate. Reading about the terrorists leaving bombs in donated bags of clothes just makes my skin crawl. How can people live with themselves, which I guess the key here is they have no conscience and do not put value on human life. That is so sad. I love reading your post Duta... we as Americans take so much for granted.
    Be safe!
    until next time... nel

  18. Alicia,

    Thanks. Yes, donations of clothes and/or household items is definitely good to both sides: the giver and the receiver.


    I agree with you that "nothing like helping those less fortunate", and that there are people (terrorists) with "no concience" at all.
    I'm glad and flattered you like to read my post.

  19. Maybe I need to learn from this post and donate. In more recent years with the financial climate, a lot of people including myself have been visiting these stores to see what is on offer. It usually helps organisations that are concerned with the heart, cancer, other health issues, third world or homelessness.
    It's such a shame that you even have a terrorist threat with this topic.

  20. J_on_tour@jayspaze,

    First, I have to tell you I can't place a comment on your last post.
    I tried through Google account, and Open ID, but no success. Only Name/Url option works, but you don't have it in your comment profile.

    As for donations, they are always welcome, but now with the "financial climate" as you put, they're even more necessary.

  21. Last year, I gave away half my books and wardrobe. It felt great, but I still have too much stuff. Time to halve it again.

  22. Thanks for letting me know DUTA, I wondered where everyone was, I had modified something on it & now changed it back. Will see if I can do more.

  23. Hello there!

    I tagged you in a game & would like to invite you to be part of it at my post Staffetta dell'amicizia! Whatever your choice, thank you in advance & have a great Weekend.

  24. That is so cool, I'm confident that people are grateful for your kind donation.

  25. TallTchr,

    Unlike men, women never feel they have too much clothes (in fact, they always complain they haven't got "what to wear").

    However,the combination of a good deed (donation)and the de-cluttering of the closets is attractive to both men and women.


    It is a Blogger issue, and they're working on it.

    In the meantim, what you can do is go to - Settings - Comments - select Pop up window - Save. This will enable you and your readers sending comments through Google account.


    Oh, sweet panthress. Thanks a lot, but I'm no good at games and don't participate in any game or lottery.
    I hardly have the time to write a post or read and send comments.

    Sorry to dissappoint you.


    Well, the volunteering lady in the office says : 'Thank you', and that's fine with me. I'm not looking for any gratefulness or thankfulness.

  26. What a lovely organization. It is so wonderful that people around the world choose to step up to assist the needy, especially the mothers and children. My sister and I donate to similar organizations here in the states. I'm afraid that many of them are less pristine than the one you show. I truly believe that people are inherently good. Thanks for sharing another enlightening post.

  27. C Hummel Kornel a/k/a Wilson,

    It is by women for women : women's status, women's education, women's welfare, women's children and family..
    A lovely organization, indeed.

  28. Absolutely true and congratulations to you!