Thursday, July 29, 2010


I've copied (with permission) the below funny piece from In my Humble Opinion (Nice Guy Eddie's political blog). Eddie's a liberal blogger and he got this stuff in an email sent to him by a conservative.

John Smith started the day early having set his alarm clock
for 6 am. While his coffeepot
was perking, he shaved with his electric razor
He put on a dress shirt
designer jeans
and tennis shoes
After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet
he sat down with his calculator
to see how much he could spend today. After setting his watch
to the radio
he got in his car
filled it with GAS
(from Saudi Arabia )
and continued his search for a good paying AMERICAN JOB.

At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day checking his Computer
(made in MALAYSIA ),
John decided to relax for a while. He put on his sandals
poured himself a glass of wine
and turned on his TV
and then wondered why he can't find a good paying job in AMERICA



The more I read about outsourcing the more I think of it as complete madness. Lots of people in the USA and in those countries that imitate everything coming from the USA - are unemployed. The lust of corporations for cheap labor, transferes every possible job overseas, and the government in charge of the national interests does nothing to prevent that.

Well, to my mind, this outsourcing thing undermines the economic independence of the country and is a clear sign of disintegration .


  1. Amen Duta! You hit it right on the head! Thanks for sharing!
    until next time... nel

  2. Oh, don't get me started girl! This is so very funny but oh too true. I've been sayin' this for years....America has sold her jobs right down the river so we could have cheaper goods to purchase with empty pockets for the lack of jobs. Just sayin'.....

    Great post girl, have a terrifically blessed day dear Duta! :o)

  3. That was funny e-mail stuff. :) Enjoyed reading it.

    If I were an American, Even I might have agreed to your point but being a person from a country which is gaining a lot from the outsourcing policies of US, I want to say that for every coin there are two faces. You are just talking about the disintegration or unemployment or underpayment but I’m talking about the food being provided from these outsourcing policies (Either directly or indirectly) to the innumerable people in various poor countries who were starving earlier.
    Let us all think about it on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

    Moreover are we not discussing about US – a major CAPITALISTIC COUNTRY? The firms there are getting their work done at cheaper prices and in turn getting good profits. And being capitalistic, isn’t it the major thing they want? Of course if I were an American unemployed, I would not only have disagreed with such policies but would also have cursed them. But finally to achieve proper Globalization we need to have such outsourcing policies but it would be good to implement some sort of limits in the interests of native citizens. Doesn’t that e-mail stuff symbolize true globalization of the world?

  4. Sorry to hurt the views of others...

  5. That was both funny and sad at the same time! America needs to get it together, huh?

  6. Duta, can you add a link to Nice Guy Eddie's blog? I'd love to read his stuff.

  7. Nel, I hope you weren't hurt by the hit on your head. LOL


    You're sharp as always : "America has sold her jobs right down the river...".One couldn't have put it in better words.


    I certainly see your point, and yet, many asian countries such as India, China, Malasya, have great capabilities - so it's not a humanitarian issue. It's more a matter of greed of the big corporations looking for cheap work and ignoring the national interests of their own country.
    Your views, Asif, are legitimate, logical views, not hurting anyone.

    Janie B,
    Indeed , both funny and sad.

    I'm not good with links.
    If you google: eddie nice guy blogspot - you get immediately to his blog In My Humble Opinion.

  8. The ultimate outsourcing fail was illustrated by a news item several years ago. The unemployment office call center for a city in one southern US state was outsourced to a central Asian nation!

  9. US corporations were also given numerous tax incentives to outsource as well.

  10. Hi Duta, Just came by to say thanks for the comment. I prefer "soft" also. "Bokeh" doesn't have the negative connotations that "blurry" does, at least to me, and since it was to go in an alphabet meme, that was what I chose.

    I don't really have an opinion about outsourcing. People of all economic levels suffer from greed, and the wealthy ones just have more ways to act on it.

  11. We feel the same about our food - that when we were living in the UK most of our food, especially the vegetables and meat, came from overseas. Most of the French produce we buy here is home grown but over the last two years, since we have been here, I have noticed an alarming drift towards importing fruit especially from other countries. I have seen the UK shatter itself on consumerism and globilisation. This was again a nice post, Duta, and one which made me feel quite passionate about keeping our own food chain to the minimum.

  12. Chip "Rocket Man" Allen,

    Thanks for stopping by.
    The outsourcing of the unemployment office call center - that's funny , and it shows how absurd things could get.

    One Fly,

    Indeed. The government supported the interests of the big corporations by offering incentives, and thus ignoring the national interests.


    You're welcome. Thanks for your explanation on 'bokeh'. I've learnt something new.
    As for outsourcing, as Asif pointed out,there are probaly two faces to this coin too.


    Thank you.'Cool' is a multi-task word.
    Happy Weekend to you too!


    I thought you'd be interested in the subject , as someone having a small farmholding and growing her own food. Globalization isn't good for a farmer, big or small, who works hard to earn a living.

  13. these are nasty four letter words with extra letters; Globalization, outsourcing. Neither is good for the enviorment or business in general. Both feature uncensored greed and no emtional attachment. It breeds indifference, which is a very dangerous commodity. Several business here are beginning to bring services back in house.Duta, I have not lost my sense of humor, I just want to state I get the JEST of the post. Peace

  14. Unfortunately, the US has become a consumerism nation - importing much, much more than we export.
    Because of the economic recession and our slowdown on imports, its created difficulties with getting our exports to their foreign markets because the equipment and space is not as readily available as it was. This enables the ocean carriers to increase their rates using the "supply and demand" theory which then trickles down making everything cost more. In the meantime intra-Asia markets are growing by leaps and bounds and we continue to outsource business that could remain in the US. Unfortunately, whether or not one agrees with union labor, they are partly at fault for corporations sourcing overseas. The bottom line however for all of it is like Dimple mentioned - greed. I picked up a skillet the other day that we had purchased and was so surprised when I noticed it that I had to comment to my husband - "made in the USA". We don't see that very often.

  15. There are so many problems in the world right now. I just keep hoping good people will keep working to find solutions to them.

    You found my blog somehow and signed in as a follower. Glad you did so I could come over here and find you. I'll be back.

  16. This is hilariously true. I really enjoyed reading your post, then read a few more. Thanks for sharing your insights..:)

  17. Well, it's funny! In my country (Romania)the situation is similar. Most things on the market are imported from other countries, especially made in China.

    You are right! I'm looking around in my room and I'm tring to discover what things are made in Romania... just a few!

  18. Lady Di Tn,

    Greed and indiference featured by outsourcing is definetely bad for the country. I'm glad to hear from you that several companies are bringing back their services.


    Indeed, Union Labours are partly at fault because of their unrealistic demands concerning workers' rights.
    Governments should interfere, but,unfortunately, they don't rule, they are ruled.

    Ann Best,

    Welcome to my blog! Let's all join in the hope that good people will find good solutions to the world's problems.

    L'Aussie Denise,

    I'm glad you've enjoyed reading the post. The joke is indeed "hillariously true". And also ..sadly true.


    "All of the assets have become negative". You probably mean to say that export is saving them. Thanks for the comment.


    Yes, many countries(including Romania) are following the USA in their globalization trend. It's not, I'm afraid, in the best interest of these individual countries.

  19. Being from America, I had to laugh & even read it to my 15 year old son. What's that old saying, "Money is the root of all evil."

    Sad that this is the state of the world now.

    On a side note, one of my bosses (Commercial Real Estate Development & Architect) now travels to Korea 25 days out of the month because that's where the work & money is.

  20. Omigoodness gracious, yes. Brilliant post...! I bought a sweater the other day, and I was surprised to read on the label that it was actually Made in Canada.

  21. Lisa Petrarca,

    I'm glad you had a laugh. That's the best we can do nowadays wth all this globalization mess. That boss of your should perhaps consider moving to KOREA.


    What a surprise indeed - to find out the sweater was made in Canada! Great humor, Jo.

    ma thet zin,

    Welcome to my blog! Thank you for your comment.

  22. Xi Zhou Jing,

    We should indeed be open to the world and show our love, yet outsourcing is not the best of ways, I think.


    And funny too.

  23. Can someone please point me in the direction of the line to vote for Duta for President? I totally agree with everything you've said Duta!

  24. Alicia,

    You've got great humor, and that's an important gift. It makes life easier when one can laugh at things that are not so laughable.

  25. I also wear the same tennies...brand names...Nassau
    Wake up ? the special alarm clock (digital) made in Cambodia...

  26. Well put, Duta, and how I agree! Quality becomes dissipated when the profit motive leads to short cuts and exploitation. To me, most outsourcing is synonymous with exploitation of persons, materials, and environments.

  27. nomore,

    It's called Globalization and we are all deep in it. You see, even Korea which belongs to that group of asian countries which get most of the outsourcing from the Western countries - even she's in it.

    Lynda Lehmann,

    I would say, based also on your comment,that outsourcing is the invention of greedy people who are looking only for their own interests, ignoring the interests of their nation.

  28. This applies 99% to South Africa also, except for the 1% because at least our President was made in Sout Africa (I hope!).

  29. A human kind of human,

    Well I've learnt something new, and I like your sense of humour.

  30. Clever, indeed. The best part? Your commentary @ the end...I would go a bit further, though (as in recent discussions @ my blog & others), to say that the US Fed. Gov't have driven companies to outsourcing b/c of the excessive regulation & confiscatory taxation that it places on corporations. ALSO, the overwhelming demands of Labor Unions (which happen to be in bed w/ the current Administration, Kenyan or no). That's not to dismiss the role of greed, but if US corporations cannot make a decent profit (maintaining their payroll, benefits, etc.) b/c of prohibitive Gov't intrusion, then what else is there to do? And now, they're facing increasing demands of Gov't rolled up in the mantle of 'healthcare for all.' Right.

    (Sorry, Duta; just blew my cover!)

    God speed.

  31. "The love of money is the root of all evil." Has a slightly different sound to the ear, & an entirely different meaning. ;)

  32. Susannah,

    Labor Unions are a big problem here too. They are not what they used to be in the past. They have become corrupt and thirsty for power and domination. Someone has to stop the madness, but who? There are no genuine leaders nowadays.