Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Don't Panic, Go Organic"

Among the various food items in my kitchen, a place of honor is given to the bottle of the organic, extra -virgin, cold pressed, olive oil used for flavoring and cooking. My favorite brand is produced in a small, family-owned oil press in the Nahal (stream) Zalmon area.

The Zalmon stream is a long stream which flows in the north part of Israel on the border between the regions of Upper Galilee and Lower Galilee and terminates into the Sea of Galilee ( Lake Kinneret). The area surrounding it, is a very beautiful, peaceful one, often visited by families with children on vacation; the scenery is breathtaking: mountains, villages, valleys.(The serenity of the place was grossly violated seven years ago when a young czech tourist female was strangled here with a thin cable by a young man from one of the nearby villages; he then placed her head under the water and put large stones on her body. It was murder for the sake of murder , as the judge said in court).

The trees that grow the olives out of which the oil is extracted are hundreds and even thousands of years old!! There's no need for irrigation or any artificial manipulation, and the hard olives are hand picked. The oil produced from these olives is thicker, more aromatic , with texture and flavor of high quality.

A basic salad consisting of organically grown veggies and sprinkled with this organic olive oil, or a similar quality oil is a delightful dish. An addition of an organic egg and/or organic cheese to it, makes this dish into a
wonderful, healthy meal.


  1. Hi Duta-Your posts are uncompromisingly REAL. You here present a lovely area in lovely terms and also the unlovely that has happened, leaving no room for romanticizing. I don't know how to respond.


  2. I am becoming ever more conscious of what I put in my body..and the number of times it may have been manipulated, chopped, chewed,folded, whirled, spiced, and compounded. Less is more has become my mantra, and the closer I live to my food, the better. But I'd travel to taste your olives and olive oil!

  3. I think that would be a wonderful place to visit and then to top it off with a dinner of organic salad and the olive oil of the region. Peace

  4. Now I am hungry after reading this post!

  5. I love good oils and vinegars. They can do so much just by themselves. It is so hard to imagine that not only can trees live that long, they are still producing high quality product. Very intersting tale from Galilee.

  6. I'm wishing that oil was available here in the States. But what a horrific murder story.

  7. Olive oil tastes good with almost anything. Sun-dried tomatoes and artichokes are the best! Olives also have a great significance in the Bible.

    Now this is truly community living: Buying oil from a family. These sort of family-owned activities are slowly fading. I just hope that the family prospers in their service.

    Joy always,

  8. Can I just say, that I love you? *lol*
    This post made me all happy.
    If I could afford & find it where I live, I would buy only organic food & clothes! ^_^ So as of now only half of what I consume is organic... but I'm glad there are places where people can just do that.

    It is sad that people are capable of doing such a thing. :( Of course, there are moments where I would love to strangle somoenone if they are being stubborn or unreasonable. But killing someone just for the sake of it? -It is a sick world we are living in!

  9. Oh my goodness, I'm trying to imagine a tree/vine one thousand years old, Duta. It practically makes my mind seize up like an overheated engine just with the attempt! All of the life, all of the people, all of the history that has happened around it, and sill it goes on, putting forth olives.

    Maybe Olive Oil can act as Wisdom Juice. We can only hope, eh? It's very popular right now. I also use it, but will do so with a bit more reverence going forward.

  10. I was drifting along with your writing about the olive oil, and then you managed to insert the short graphic image of that murder so neatly that it took my breath away. And I finished up reading the piece with a desire to upgrade from the olive oil I normally buy in the local supermarket to a better quality one. Another well written piece, Duta.

  11. Dimple,

    I hesitated before mentioning the murder as it would have spoiled the idylic scene; Yet, in the end, the realist in me decided to tell about that horrible happening.
    Blessings to you too!


    We are what we eat, and the more simple and natural food we eat, the better.
    I'm sure that in Canada you've also got fine olive oils , local or imported.

    Lady Di Tn,

    Yes, it certainly would. However, I do believe that everywhere on the planet there are naturally grown veggies and high quality olive oil to make a delicious salad.


    That's the purpose - to make you go prepare and eat a good natural salad, and enjoy it.

    Ronda Laveen,

    It's a miracle; and it's indeed hard to imagine the longevity of these trees and the fact that they still produce the best of olives.

  12. Janie B,

    I'm sure you've got fine olive oils both local and imported in the States too.
    Yes, the story is horrible. The guy has murdered someone before this victim and someone after her, till he got caught.

    Susan Deborah,

    Only those who live close, buy it directly from the source, probably at a cheaper price. All the others find it at health stores.
    Olive oil goes ,indeed, well with everything; it also has cosmetic and therapeutic properties.

    Pink Panthress,

    Thanks for your very warm words.
    The prices of organically grown food are indeed expensive, but are constantly decreasing. So, there's hope we all could, in the very near future, afford everything organic on the market.

    Land of Shimp,

    It is indeed very hard to imagine a tree being a thousand years old, witnessing so many changes of scenery, and still producing high quality olives. But that's a fact.


    I'm not a writer, but you are,and a very good one, and so you've noticed the insertion of the murder passage and liked it stylistically. Because of your comment I reread the passage and I think it does something to the overall story.

    I'm glad my post made you think of upgrading the oil you use in your kitchen.

  13. This chick not only loves the extra virgin olive oil in her body but I use it to deep condition my hair and I use it on my face when I need just a little extra moisturizer. Great post sweetie, you always do such a wonderful job.

    I'm still fighting new breakouts with the shingles along with pain an swelling from the older ones but I had to come visit. I miss my blogsisters!

    God bless and have a glorious day!!!

  14. Love the salad! and the bread dip in the olive oil sprinkled with little balsamic vinegar.
    How I wish could find that brand here.
    Great post Duta.

  15. "Don't Panic, Go Organic", absolutely a nice slogan!! Have a great 'organic' weekend!!

  16. Nezzy,

    Indeed, Nezzy, pure olive oil has very good cosmetic properties; hair and skin profit a lot when in touch with this kind of oil.
    I hope you feel better soon.The blogsisters miss you too. Have a blessed weekend!


    Thanks for visiting. What exactly do you mean by sort out products? Please elaborate.


    Yes, I forgot to mention bread in connection with the salad. I prefer a slice or two of whole wheat flour bread; it's both healthy and tasty.

    I'm sure you have similar brands of olive oil at your markets, namely organic, extra virgin, cold pressed.


    I agree with you; ; it's a nice, catchy slogan. And I like your blessing for an organic weekend. Thanks.

  17. Trying to incorporate healthy eating in my family, I switched to olive oil several years ago. Don't know that I've ever found such a pure variety as you've described, but it sounds wonderful, Duta!

  18. How nice that you bring healthy food to people's attention. A good olive oil, such as you describe, is so good for us. It serves quite well on a salad all by itself. I use it for cooking as well. Would love to see your valley and the beautiful river. Too sad about the murder for murder's sake. Bad people exist everywhere. BTW, a good olive oil goes well with a nice, aged Balsamic vinegar. Happy eating to all.

  19. Dorraine,

    I believe you'll find in any decent supermarket pure olive oils. Of course, they might differ in taste according to the sort of olives they are extracted from.

    C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson,

    You're right about olive oil going well with Balsamic vinegar. Lately, however, I've been avoiding vinegars and various condiments, as I've come to think it lifts the appetite, which is of course highly undesirable for the figure.

  20. My mother used to get olive oil from a friend in Istrael.I still remember the taste.
    Now we are buying Italian and Greek.
    I guess it doesn't matter to much where it is produced, if it's organic and it's used fresh in salads.

  21. Hi Vert Ange,

    Thanks for stopping by.
    The olive oil in most of the mediterranian countries ; Spain, Italy, Greece, Lebanon - is of good quality. The best brand is the one that is organic, extra-virgin (with no solid impurities) and cold-pressed.

  22. I have also taken to cooking healthy...Olive oil for everything. Which is definitely something huge for me (I would rather be outside playing sports than a homemaker...LOL!)

    I just baked some asparagus last night with olive oil spread over the top & salt & pepper. It was AMAZINGLY delicious, the kids even liked it (turn oven to 350 degrees bake 20-30 min.)

  23. Okay, now I'm hungry. I would love a Greek salad with feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olive oil... and a big chunk of bread.

    I never eat processed food, and only eat organic if I can.

    Gorgeous picture!

  24. Lisa Petrarca,

    I've got hungry just from reading your description of that asparagus dish. If the kids liked it, then you're on the right track with it.


    The greek salad you would like to have sounds yummy. Add to this a glas of greek ouzo,and you've got yourself a culinary feast.

  25. I've very recently come to try and love Olive Oil. It adds such a wonderful flavor to salads and vegetables as you mention.

  26. Alicia,

    Olive oil has no rival among the other sorts of oil, especially if you use the organic, extra-virgin, col-pressed brand. Enjoy your salads with olive oil!