Friday, October 23, 2009

Law Lesson in the Ma'afia

It's not what you think. It's Ma'afia ( מאפייה) not Mafia.

I had to sue my employer for not paying me certain expenses and benefits . I decided not to take a lawyer to represent me as I distrust lawyers as much as I distrust politicians. So I sat down with the book to see what the law has to say in my case , and browsed through law forums on the Web to pick up some tips and tricks. I knew I had to be very good to beat the rotten system and get my money , so I checked very carefully the preliminary correspondence with the court and the lawyer of the adverse party. God opened my eyes and made me notice something which seemed like a gross mistake on the part of the lawyer or an attempt to mislead the judge.

I needed to be reassured of the value of my finding , so I turned to a young law student who worked part time in the local Ma'afia (hebrew word for bakery) where I buy my pita bread, and asked for his opinion. Brilliant, he said, we are going to tear him to pieces. We ?! Yes. The student offered his free services as 'producer' and 'director' of what was supposed to be my show in the court.

According to him, the danger was that the sleek lawyer will throw at me some provocative, offensive word , make me weep, and this will ruin the whole thing. That must not happen. I have to be in control of the situation from the very beginning. I have to be a ruthless attacker. He instructed me to rehearse in front of the mirror and then, a few days before the trial we rehearsed in the backyard of the Ma'afia, with him playing the part of the lawyer I was supposed to"kill". He was full of excitement and I was worried to death.

On the day of the trial, I was tense; the lawyer representing the employer seemed very full of himself and confident in his abilities. He didn't take even a single look at me. I was nothing to him. I didn't exist. This was a good beginning for me. I hate arrogant people, and ignoring me is a red curtain in front of the bull. So I started the attack. I approached the lawyer, looked straight into his eyes and asked with the right intonation where was it that he got his diploma as it appeared he didn't know the very basics of his profession. And then turned to the judge not asking, but claiming that this fellow, the lawyer, attempted to mislead the court by submitting distorted facts.

To make a long story short, I won the case.

A week latter, the student phoned me to ask for a favour -he wanted me to arrange a date for him with a certain girl he had seen me talking to. I hardly knew the girl; she was some distant relative of my cousin's sister in law. He insisted: You'll find a way, he said . I must meet her. Oho, love at first sight?! No, at second, he replied. "I've just learnt that her grandfather owns half of all the ma'afiot (bakeries) in the country".

Bastard. Cute bastard.


  1. Oh what a good blog, Duta, and congrats for being bold and courageous enough to have a go at the legal system yourself. And what a cheeky young man, but you have got to admire his tenacity! And those loaves! I am actually feeling a bit hungry at the moment and they look quite seductive. Once again, congratulations for winning your case. You should feel proud of yourself.

  2. How does one person have such an interesting course within their life? have the most amazing life to spawn into tales for us.

    I wish I had the bread...YUM.

  3. I wish I could simply smell the bread, of course I would prefer to eat it. I love this story and the fact that you won. I guess you can't blame a guy for trying!


  4. Duta, you go girl. Good for you, not many people go up against the system and win.

    The aroma is almost rising from the screen as I drool over that bread display. Ummmmmmm. {SIGH}

    I totally enjoyed the post, great job as usual. Have a fantastic weekend full of blessings!!!

  5. It's always uplifting to hear when someone goes up against the system and wins! I love your story - it sounds like the ending of the perfect movie.
    As for the bread that looks so delicious - bread is the one food I think I could not do without in my life (unfortunately).

  6. a great David and Goliath story...(:->)

  7. Let's just add some honey to that picture above & it would be PERFECT - yum!

    So, did you introduce him to the girl?

  8. Good for you, Duta! I'm so proud of you to face that court and then win. Wonderful!

  9. Yeah! Duta the star lawyer! I'm so happy you have won your case! You know, I work in the court and it is very difficult for non-lawyers to win! So kudos to you, Duta! You are a Superstar :)

    And you have finished the story making me laugh...LOL Perfect :)

    Have a Wonderful Weekend, Duta!
    Big Hug!
    PS: I love the picture of the breads...they look delicious :)

  10. Great story! I liked it clear through, and then the surprise ending made me laugh!

  11. At first, I'v wondered about the strange word the Ma'afia...and as soon I can feel the sweet smells from the blave a woman ! Congrats for your winnings!

  12. This was such a good post to read. Congratulations on winning.

  13. I like a powerful women who face with the problems not resume to lament about them. I really admire you and I'm proud of you.
    Good luck in the future!
    The bread look's verry tasteful.

  14. An intriguing story Duta. I would gladly have read every word of the court proceedings had you felt up to typing them up!

    I the Bard, Willie Shakespeare, included said this in King Henry VI 'The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers'.

    He knew a thing or two, did old Willie!

  15. It is wonderful that you were motivated to fight this injustice on your own, and won the case no less. Congratulations! Perhaps you missed your calling, after all not all lawyers are made from the same cloth.

  16. DUTA...! I love it...! That is a wonderful story. Congratulations on winning your case. I think your employer must have realized what a valuable employee you were, as well.

  17. Thanks to all of you for your Congrats on my winning the case.

    Vera - Thanks. The cheeky and tenacious young man was very helpful. The bread loaves look seductive, as you so beautifully put it.

    Jennifer - The bread is indeed very tasty; it's bread for the weekend called 'chalot' in Hebrew.

    Sue(Someone's Mom)- The last sentence in your comment refers, I presume to the young student wanting to meet the rich girl; indeed one cannot blame him for trying his luck.

    Nezzy - It's very hard to fight the system. Better not have to. Yes, the bread has a specific aroma which is hard resisting to.

    Bica - I'm with you on this. Bread is also for me the one food that I couldn't do without in life.

    Angel MC - Great title , Thanks a lot.

    Jannie B - Thank you, and hope you're feeling better.

    TheChicGeek - Indeed Kelly, it's very difficult. The judge is usually with the big and powerful and those represented by good lawyers.
    The final sentence of the post makes me also laugh remembering that phone conversation with the young student.

    Dimple - Thank you for liking the story and its ending.

    nomore - So, now you know the difference beween the Ma'afia with its good smells of bread, and the Mafia. Thank you for your compliment.

    A human kind of human - I'm glad you liked the story. Thanks.

    Bianca Popa - To tell you the truth I'm not powerful, but reality forces you sometimes into being tough. Thanks for wishing me good luck.
    I do agree with you about the bread. It looks
    'seductive' as Vera (one of my followers) said.

    PhillipH - Oh Phillip, it's all in Hebrew and needs translation. Even if I could do it, my computer is giving me lately so much trouble that I'm focusing only on the strictly necessary items.
    I liked your last sentence about old Willie.

    Angelina - To be honest with you, I think I would have made a pretty good lawyer.

    Jo - I love it that you.. love it (the story). Thanks a lot.

  18. Madeleine,

    I'm glad you think so. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Love this story!

    Congrats on winning your case.

  20. What a cute story Duta. But you don't tell us if you did the young man the favor or not. Did he meet the young girl? Did they fall in love? Do tell.

  21. kys.

    And I it that you love this sory. THANKS.

  22. The Bug,

    Yes, I did the young man the favor - arranged for him to meet the girl.

    Alicia - You're very romantic. Please have patience! When I'll get details and have a story I'll probably write a post on it.

  23. What a wonderful story and good for you! Love the photo....Mmmmmm....I love bread. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed reading yours and will be back!


  24. You're fantastic at the court. Must be very entertaining to watch the real drama.

    I included you to as my discovery in StumbleUpon. thanks for stopping by my blog, I wouldn't have discoverd this wonderful writing. I like the appearance of your blog too.

  25. first of all very peaceful blog..i just found it sotthing..second really the guy was cute,,,,:-)
    have a nice time

  26. Whatta story!

    Oh. My. Gosh. I can't stand someone so full of themselves either. I called a guy out a few months ago in a meeting- "You act like you're not listening. Are you listening?" What an ASS.

    Congratulations on winning the case, DUTA!

    Let us know how the love story with the Girl and the Bread Guy turn out.

    Ah, ha! I see a new reality T.V. series:

    "Dating for Dough". Hahahahaha.

  27. I so enjoyed your story about the court case. Good for you for standing up for your rights!

  28. Kathy - Welcome to my blog! Glad you like all three components of this post: story, photo, bread.

    MaLou Silverman - I appreciate your kind words and including my blog in your Stumble Upon blogs.

    Heavenly Muse - Well, first time that I'm told my blog is peaceful and soothing. I'm flattered. Thanks and have a nice time too!

  29. That was great! I used to do that too with the Portuguese law, Only in Portugal we are not allowed to go to Court withoput a legal representant... But I learned a lot about law that way.
    Thank you for following Rock the Cage. It seems to me that you are a Cage Rocker too! Big smile.

  30. Entrepeneur Chick - 'Dating for Dough" - that's great humor.

    Cheryl - Welcome! Thanks for enjoying the story and for the "follower".

    Sylvia - That's a pity that people in Portugal are not allowed to appear in court without a legal represantant, as you call it.

  31. Duta, that's a wonderful story. In fact, all of your stories are written with great panache and I enjoy reading them. Congrats on winning. I'm sure you felt some sort of satisfaction at the conclusion.

  32. Lisa,

    A big 'Thank You' to you for your warm words. I am always glad to get your comment because it always "makes my day".

  33. Good for you for speaking up - I admire your fearlessness. And congrats on winning your case! Gee, you certainly do lead quite an interesting and "blog-worthy" life!
    So, did you introduce him to the girl?

  34. WTG! Congratulations on winning your case! That took courage to take it on yourself. And for the young man... it is a good thing he was cute! lol. Thanks for stopping by my post and leaving such a nice comment. Blogging buddies are the best!

  35. Very impressive. I think you could sell this to a movie maker. Now who will be get to play all the characters? My imagination runs amouck. Now could you send me some of that bread you so blantantly teased us with. If I have one weakness it is BREAD. Spoken like a true carb junky. Seriously glad you won. Peace

  36. Arika - Sometimes one has to speak up. As for the young man , let's say I handed he matter over to my cousin who is closer to the girl.

    Nel - Welcome to my blog, and thanks for your kind words.

    Lady Di Tn - I wish I could sell that. As for the bread - that's my weakness too.

  37. You have courage, Duta - it's not easy to go up against lawyers...and then winning too!! You can be proud of yourself! Lady DiTn is right - this would be a great plot for a movie or book (maybe you should sell the story?)

  38. jeannette stgermain - Thank you for your kind words. As for the story - who would buy?! but I feel very flattered by the mere suggestion.

  39. Well I must say, the bread looks delicious! Great blog, by the way....

  40. Karen,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you liked my blog and the look of the bread.

  41. This is so great! I mean, you are great! You were capable of doing such a great thing as learning law, which is not so easy, and to win! This is amazing! This proves that you can do anything!I'm amazed!

  42. Chrisina,

    Thank you for your appreciation. You know what they say ; "where there's a will there's a way"

  43. a very interesting story, it's always good to be self confident