Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mozart and the chocolate connection

Mozart's square which hosts Mozart's Memorial & Birth Place

Two weeks ago, I was given a box of Mozart chocolate balls
( Mozartkugeln) for the holidays. The original manufacture of this kind of chocolate balls named after the divinely gifted composer , was in Salzburg, Austria. And so, holding the sweet gift in my hands, my thoughts fled for a few minutes to other 'goodies' : Salzburg, Mozart, and The Sound of Music.

Salzburg (literally meaning salt castle) is a lovely city on the banks of the Salznach river. It has green hills, romantic gardens and charming alleys. Its old city , the Altstadt, with towers and churches in baroque architecture style was nominated World Heritage Site.
The city hosts the Salzburg Festival which is an annual outstanding event of music and drama held each summer during July and August. (It's quite hard to find tickets to this world wide reputable festival).

Salzburg is closely associated with the name of its famous son, composer Wolfang Amadeus Mozart (What a prolific composer! He wrote symphonies, sonatas, operas, marches, serenades, concertos, minuets, quartets..). His birthplace, his residence, his family's graves, the Mosarteum university - all are 'hot' tourist attractions. Getreidegasse, the street where Mozart was born (at nr.9) , one of the oldest in Salzburg, is a fashionable shopping street, crowded with lots of tourists.

"The Sound of Music" starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Palmer was filmed in Salzburg and its surroundings. The plot of the movie is based on a true story of Maria , a nun from a Salzburg nearby abbey who was sent to the house of a widowed retired naval officer, von Trapp, to take care of his seven children. The widower and Maria ultimately fell in love and got married.

Salzburg - on the banks of the Salznach river

Now, what about the ball chocolates, the Mozartkugeln? Well, I allowed myself to be completely seduced by this chocolate delicacy. Yummy, yummy!

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  1. That is just too cute! Is that your hamster? We always had them when our daughter was growing up, and it's incredible how much they can fit into those pouches! And my mouth was actually watering as I watched that chocolate, one of my addictions.

  2. Adorable ending to your post. Looks like everyone and everything must love that chocolate.

  3. Hummmm....did someone say chocolate? How cute your closure was. Gotta love the chocolate.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!!!

  4. Hi Duta, that little hamster was so cute and obviously loved his chocolate just like I do. Nice blog, and I have been just been given a chunkc of choc by Hubs. Shame that it's white chocolate but I'll eat it anyway and watch the hamster again at the same time.

  5. Duta, you should be a travel advisor :D You treat us with beautiful pictures and wonderful descriptions and history! I love it so much!

    Poor baby, hamster, won't he get sick from eating so much chocolate? He is adorable though and I can understand his wanting to horde such a delicacy...Yummy! LOL :D

    Thank you for sharing with us! Have a very Happy Day, Duta!

  6. I love getting to armchair travel to places I will never see. I also love chocolate. I guess chocolate doesn't affect a hamster as it does a dog? He made me want one!


  7. What a lovely picture of you...! I have a rain slicker almost identical to that one.

    Mozart is my favorite composer. I love listening to Mozart. My goodness, a blog about two of my favorite things -- Mozart and chocolate. ... Wait a minute, wasn't there a song in "The Sound of Music" called "My Favorite Things?" *heh, heh*

    Have a fabulous day...!

  8. Wander to the Wayside,

    Cute indeed. No it's not my hamster. Chocolate is one of people's main addictions, and it appears that pets like it too.

  9. Lisa,

    Yes, Mozart chocolate balls are renowned for their fine texture and taste. Everybody loves this quality chocolate, and as you can see even the hamster enjoys it.

  10. Nezzy,

    Thanks. It would appear my followers have their eyes set on the hamster and
    the chocolate only.
    Have a Great Day too!

  11. Vera,

    I'm glad you've got a "chunk" of chocolate. White chocolate is also good, especially if it comes from your hubby. Enjoy it!

  12. TheChicGeek,

    Thanks for the compliment. You're right, the hamster could get sick from eating this stuff.
    Have a very Happy Day too.

  13. Someone's Mom,

    So, here you've got both armchair travel to Salzburg, and chocolate which in the possession of the hamster.

  14. Jo,

    Thank you. I like the yellow colour as you do, so I have a few yellow garments.
    Those who named the chocolate after Mozart were well aware of this double love of people.
    Have a fabulous day too!

  15. Thanks, Duta, for the story of Salzburg, Mozart, and chocolate. I have seen The Sound of Music many times, but I never tried to find out where it was filmed, thanks for filling us in!
    That is a good photo of you by the railing (I don't want to only see the hamster!) and that rodent stuffing his face with chocolate is hilarious! I hope he didn't get sick!

  16. Sounds yummy! I love Chocolate!!!!

  17. I've been to Salzburg! Ha! I think it's the first place you've shown us that I've also been... On my way home from a year and a half in Zambia I took a quickie European tour - we were only in Salzburg for one night. I thought it was a beautiful city & enjoyed visiting Mozart's yellow house. Sadly, I don't remember any chocolate...

  18. Duta, What beautiful pictures. The streets are so immaculate. I do so appreciate your sharing your wonderful experiences. The little hamster is an added bonus. It would seem like he really does like the chocolate (which I noticed is dark...yummy). It's good to see you again.

  19. Dimple,

    You're welcome. The Sound Of Music is a classic. Every generation falls in love with this movie, and it's nice to know the facts behind it.

  20. Jannie B,

    Who doesn't? Chocolate and ice-cream are well- known human weaknesses.

  21. The Bug,

    I'm glad you had the chance to visit that austrian gem even it was for one night. It probably left you with a taste for more ..

  22. C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson,

    Good to hear from you. I too had the impression that Salzburg was a clean, neat city. Thanks for liking the pictures and for enjoying the hamster.

  23. You provide a thoroughly engrossing, enriching and sensuous experience for your reader!

    I adore Mozart, so this post was of great interest to me.

    Conversely, I adore the Ying Yangs Twins. Duta, when are you going to Jersey? lol

    Also, it was just adorable how the hamster spit out the foil!

  24. Thanks a lot for the compliment. I'm glad my post was of interest to you because of your love to Mozart.

    I've learnt something new from your comment- about the rap duo Ying and Yangs. Your adoring them shows you like all kinds of music. You're a versatile person.

  25. Of course, because I'm me, I'm freaking out over the fate of that little hamster. I hope chocolate isn't toxic to hamsters!!

    Austria is so beautiful. It's one of those countries where the scenery makes me think of the word lyrical. It's fitting that Mozart wrote so prolifically, the entire country looks as if it needs to be set to music.

    You've clearly traveled extensively, DUTA, and I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to be able to share in that vicariously. It's wonderful that one loved thing can evoke memories of a loved place. It's like Six Degrees of Separation in drawing the world closer to you at all times. Music, food, art, furniture all start to have the possibility of transporting you elsewhere, and you're kind enough to take us along for the ride.

    There's a movie called Memento that has a fascinating structure, it's such an interesting ride, and speaks to the need we all have to hold things in our memory. Part of what it shows is how life feels when that isn't possible. Admittedly, it has a giant plot-hole in it, absolutely massive, but the concept it addresses is so fascinating to people that most don't notice. That's the mark of a good story, when something can contain an inherent flaw but the emotional evocative nature of the piece is so good, it becomes possible to not notice it. The flaw is pretty simple: given the nature of his condition, there is no way that the protagonist could remember that he has a memory disorder.

    But people love the story because our memories, the things that take us elsewhere, are so incredibly important to us all.

    Some things about being a human being are so wonderful, it could almost break my heart. Like being able to look at pictures of Austria, and hear music in your head. Or hold a chocolate, and think of a land with architecture so beautiful and whimsical, it almost seems surreal.

    We do remember sadness, and anger, but we also remember beauty and love so vividly.

    Thank you for sharing the beauty.

  26. Salzburg is one of my most favorite places. ..thanks for the little "day trip"

  27. Land of shimp,

    You're so right about everything . Indeed "one loved thing can evoke memories of a loved place", and "music, food, art,furniture all start to have the possibility of transporting you elsewhere".

  28. Coralee,

    You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

  29. Wow! Did the hamster get a sugar buzz?

  30. Hahaha Duta! You always have the best posts! That made my day. I can't believe he put that whole piece of chocolate in his little mouth at the end.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  31. Lovely photographs.
    I have enjoyed those chocolates and they are lovely...
    The hamster was very clever taking off the wrapping
    and I too hope he didn't get sick.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    cheers, parsnip

  32. Cindy,

    I love your question. Have got no answer.

  33. Alicia,

    Thanks for the compliment. The hamster didn't put the whole chocolate ball into his mouth; he ate it piece by piece, I suppose.

  34. Angryparsnip,

    You're welcome. Indeed, the hamster was clever with the wrapping.

  35. The city must be really busy during the festival.
    If I got to go I would act very touristy checking out all the Mozart places.
    Ah, Chocolate what a pleasant thing to share.
    Did you eat yours as dainty as the hamster? I would have had to put the whole piece in my mouth. lol Peace

  36. Lady Di Tn,

    Salzburg must indeed be visited with Mozart in mind, and if one could get tickets to the festival, then all the better.

    As for the chocolate, I think I did what you would have done - put the whole piece in my mouth.
    Peace to you too.

  37. I have to show this clip to my boys. They love their little hamster and search You-Tube for hamster videos. (Hamster on a Piano is their fav.)

    My FIL grew up in Austria. We hope to take our boys there someday.

    I learn so much from reading your blog!

  38. Being a chocolate lover myself, I enjoyed reading this post and seeing the photos. Salzburg is most definitely a place I must sample the chocolate, to listen to some Mozart, and to sing songs from "The Sound of Music" as I stroll around the town just like Julie Andrews did :-)

  39. kyslp.

    Thanks for visiting and reading my blog.

    There are many adults that also like hamsters. There's a blogger that keeps writing about them,and showing pictures of the little pets.

    Austria is worth seeing, and you should definitely take your boys there.

  40. Arika,

    You sure know how to write a comment and include everything in it: Salzburg, chocolate, Mozart, The Sound of Music, pictures.

  41. Duta, I am using your blog as history lessons here at home. I feel as though I have an amazing peak into history & travel. This is so fun and I am thoroughly enjoying my travels. You are giving me the URGE TO EXPLORE!

  42. Jennifer,

    I'm flattered and honored by your warm words. I'm very glad my post is giving you the "urge to explore".

  43. Duta, Can you not see the slide show I posted of my granddaughters the flower girls. If not, I need to see what the problem is.

    Have a fantastic Saturday and God bless!!!

  44. Thanks Nezzy. I'll go to your post again to find that slideshow.

    God bless you too!

  45. Probably I'v been seen the famous Chocolate from the Hot Spot CNN once...Very nice and splendid a blog !

  46. nomore,

    Probably. Thanks for visiting my blog and for liking it.

  47. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love your photos and look forward to seeing more.

  48. Erin,

    You're welcome. I'm glad you liked my photos. Hope you'll visit again.

  49. Duta,
    Wow, now you've turned us on to Mozart chocolate Kugeln, I must ask my Austrian friend to bring me some when he visits hs parents there. Haven't been in Salzburg yet, only in Vienna!

  50. jeannette stgermain,

    Thanks for stopping by.
    It's good you have an austrian friend who could bring you these delicacies from the original place.