Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Young Girl Putting On The Stocking"

'Young girl putting on the stocking'- that's the name of a fine stone sculpture in the greenhouse of Estufa Fria located in Park Eduardo VII in the heart of the city of Lisbon. Estufa Fria is a botanical garden which houses vegetable species from all over the world, a fish pool, waterfalls, creeks, statues, ponds, exotic plants etc.. It has three main areas (three greenhouses: the hot, the cold and the sweet).

The garden of Estufa Fria
A great attraction in Lisboa:
The nude, the stork , the trees
Exotic plants, shrubs and seeds.

young girl putting on the stocking

Stork in the Estufa Fria

Various plants in the greenhouse

In Portuguese , the name of the naked young woman statue is: 'Menina Calcando a Meia' -'menina' -meaning "girl'. Well, she seemed rather a big girl , in a very sexy posture. Anyway, the statue looked beautiful , and so did the contrast between its light color and the lively color of the greenery around.

The Park , inclusive the greenhouses, is visited by many children. When I was there I scarcely saw any, as it was school hours time. It would have interested me to see their reaction to the nude. And this reminded me of an episode in my hometown - a visit to the house of an acquaintance of mine, a school teacher whose hobby was painting. When I entered the living-room, my eyes caught a painting on the wall representing a woman in nude. "Who painted this"? asked I politely. "Me", came the reply from the school teacher "and if you look closer, you''ll notice that it's Me in the picture. I'm not ashamed to tell you that I like my face, I like my body, and that's the result".

Well, I liked her attitude, and so asked no further questions, although I was curious as to how her two boys and their friends reacted to Mom's nude.


  1. Duta, you've been to so many interesting places. I like the mother's attitude too. We should all be so proud of who we are and how we look. I think she was a good example to her boys to be proud of who they are and outspoken for what they believe. I enjoyed your post :)
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  2. That's a beautiful statue. It's nice to see photographs of you too. You have done a lot of travelling.

    I don't know if I would have the courage to display any nude paintings of myself. I'm not sure the world would be ready for that. *heh*

  3. TheChicGeek,

    I agree with you, and yet I must admit that personally, I'm not sure I would dare display a nude of myself or of any woman/man at my place. I'm quite open-minded and liberal regarding others but less liberal where I'm concerned.
    Have a Wonderful Day you too.

  4. Jo,

    Yes, the statue is beautiful. Since the photo is not sharp, I tried to find a good one on the Web, but all I could come up with was a picture which shows only the side of the statue not its front.

  5. Hi Duta :) I've given you an award over at my blog. If you'd like, you may stop by and pick it up. I'm honoring you for your attitude of gratitude and positivity. I always enjoy your comments and visiting your blog!
    Have a Happy Day!!
    PS: Beautiful music :)

  6. Thanks ChikGeek. I 'm moved by your gesture. I must however shamefullyadmit that I don't even know how to" pick up the reward. I'll learn.

    Have a Bright Day!

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  8. Hi Duta, I think the name of the satue is "Menica calçando a meia". "Menina" means girl. "Menininha" means "little girl". I'm jealous of you. I'd love to visit Lisboa.

    You have a wonderfull blog, fabulous.

    The leaves photos I took last fall in El Paso, Texas. They were on the ground.

    Have a nice day!!

  9. "Menina calçando a meia" and not "menica". It was a spelling mistake, sorry. :)

  10. Michelle P.

    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for giving me the correct translation of the word 'menina'.It's my pleasure to be 'followed' by you.

    Have a nice day too !

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