Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthplace of Myths

Plazza d'Espana

No wonder Seville is the birthplace of well knowm myths such as Don Juan, Carmen, Figaro (the Barber from Seville). There's something in the lively atmosphere of this vibrant city in the South of Spain that inspires writers, composers, musicians, dancers. It is a city that never sleeps, a late night city.People all over it look cheerful and with a big lust for life. It is said that
the sevillians are accomplished actors, and that this talent is displayed especially at times of festivals. And ,of course, the Flamenco has its origin in Seville.

The red cut bricks of the La Giralda

The town of Seville which is one of the oldest in Spain and the largest in the southern Andalucia region of Spain, has several attractive sites: The Cathedral, one of he biggest in the world, which houses the tomb of Cristhopher Columbus ; The Giralda (the bell tower of the Cathedral), the Alcazar , a palace with spectacular gardens; Plaza d'Espana - a semi circle with buildings that have tiled alcoves on the walls, some beautiful bridges, and a fountain in the center.

pony ride at the Amusement Park

With all the beauty around, what I recall best from Seville, is a small, trivial incident : I entered an amusement park and stopped at the site where children of various ages were riding a pony. Cute kids and cute ponnies as well. It was a lovely scene to look at. The loveliness was interrupted by the screaming of one of the younger kids who refused to get off the pony and demanded another round; his mother was against.

I remembered I had something in my bag that could perhaps solve the crisis . It was a small colorful ball that I had found earlier on the ground near the entrance to the park. I opened my bag, took out the ball and handed it to the screaming child. At that moment, the screaming of another child was heard. It was the child who recognized his lost ball, called his father and pointed in mine direction and in the direction of the ball, now in the hands of the first screaming kid.

I was standing helpless because of language barrier. I turned around and left the spot like a coward leaving the two parents and the two kids to solve the mess. I felt a total Failure.


  1. Duta,
    So what could you have done? It WAS something for the parents to solve anyway:) So, you don't have to feel bad about it!

  2. You're right Jeannette. There's nothing I could have done, but I nonetheless felt bad about the whole situation.

  3. LOL, Duta, that's so classically funny. You were being so kind with good intention. That sounds like something I would do. I can just see the little kid pointing at you and screaming, the other child crying, and here you are caught in the middle. I don't blame you for running out of there. The bottom line: the kids weren't being nice, you were nice!
    PS: Is that beautiful girl in the upper left corner you when you were young? She's stunning!

  4. THANKS ChicGeek for the compliment. I was slim then, and when you're slim, you usually look good.

    Yes, the situation was kind of funny, but I didn't feel like smiling.

  5. Duta, omigosh, that is so funny...!!! What a wonderful story!

    I like seeing the pictures.

    I have a friend who is going to Barcelona in June. Lucky!

  6. Oh, My Goodness, Duta...You were absolutely GEORGEOUS as a young woman :) You are a neat person on the inside too :)

  7. Thank You Jo. The pictures are not digital, but it's better than nothing.

  8. I'm sorry ChiCGeek. I've misled you. I thought you meant the girl in Plazza d'Espana. The one in the left corner is the french actress Marina Vlady. This ia a picture with her signature on it that I received from her by mail when I was a teenager and a fan of hers. She's my ideal of beauty since.

  9. I love these photo's Duta. I'm headed to Spain later this year and would love to visit Seville. Hmmm, I wonder if the phony ride still exists today?

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