Sunday, March 6, 2022

Just a Thought


No , Iיm not ready to resume blogging, yet. I just wish to write a few words on what's happening in the world right now.

Zelensky of Ukraine looks cute and brave. They say he's also an accomplished actor and entertainer. However, his plan for Ukraine to join NATO has proved to be disastrous and a clear example of the stupidity of mankind. Human life is above all plans.

Anyway, I fear for his life and pray for a good outcome for both him and Ukraine.

The Maori king in New Zealend wishes the 'end of occupation'. NO laughing matter.  That goes to show that colonialism is never ever to be forgotten and forgiven.


  1. Oh, I miss you and hope you are well. Yes, many prayers for Ukraine and mankind. It is really such strange happenings in the world as of late. You'd think the COVID crisis never happened now.

  2. Good to hear from you thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. You are so very missed, Duta. I hope you are enjoying your time away from the blog and enriching your life with wonderful projects, or quiet and relaxing times. I am so distressed about Ukraine. It hurts to watch.

  4. The colonising nations took over distant people for their own benefit, but they honestly thought they were civilising primitive countries. Even if there are deep apologies 150 years later, you are right.. the pain is never forgotten.

  5. Good to hear from you, Duta. Was just thinking of you the other day. I hope you soon will be ready to resume blogging but I understand the need for breaks for whatever reason from blogging. Lots of prayers being said for Ukraine and Russia and basically the world at this point in time and trusting God knows the heart of man and has a purpose and a plan for what is going on in this crazy world we are living in. Be well!


  6. Good to read this blog post from you.
    Hoping you are keeping well.

    I'm praying for peace.

    All the best Jan

  7. It's good to hear from you. Crazy things in the world, praying for Ukraine.

  8. The world is in such turmoil. Hope you are okay.

  9. HI Duta,
    Good to see you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and prayers. Agreeing in all the prayers for Peace, for the sanctity of preserving LIFE, with your prayer for ` a good outcome for both him and Ukraine and for Life and continued prayers lifted up in this time. Blessings and Shalom to all Israel and all the world and to you dear Duta!❤️

  10. Nice to see a post from you again! I too hope for peace, I guess that is all I can do from the other side of the world really!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

  11. I'm hoping for a good and peaceful outcome for Ukraine and her people. They are so brave. But I also have deep respect for the Russian people who are so courageous to protest in the streets, fully aware what this can mean for them.

  12. I read Zelensky has a law degree as well. Let's pray for the entire country.

    I miss your posts. Whenever you are ready. : )

  13. Zelensky studied law, but his career changed trajectories when he became involved with theater and comedy during college. That is what I read. He is a leader and one I deeply admire.

    How are you?

  14. I'm OK. Thanks for asking, Aritha.
    I share your admiration for Zelensky, but fear for his life. Russia's too powerful for guys like him.

  15. Buenas tardes, Duta.

    Aunque aún no estés al ciento por ciento, me alegro de que hayas retomado tus publicaciones, porque se te echaba de menos.
    Ojalá, que esta guerra termine pronto por el bien de la humanidad y del planeta Tierra; porque mientras haya armas nucleares detrás, nos estamos todos jugando mucho.
    Un abrazo, amiga.