Thursday, January 5, 2017

Atidim's "Silicon Valley" and Salsa at the Mall

Atidim compound ( its full name: Kiryat Atidim) has developed gradually into what is now considered the "Silicon Valley" of Israel. It is located in an area called Ramat Hahayal  (north-eastern neighborhood of Tel -Aviv district),  at the intersection of two long, wide streets: Devora Hanavia and Raoul Wallenberg. The compound was established in the 70's by a company owned in equal parts by Tel Aviv municipality and Tel Aviv University.

the intersection

the entrance yellow sign

building nr.1

high towers and horizontal buildings

Atidim  has about 100 Hi-Tech companies,and all kinds of businesses  to accommodate this hi-tech industry:   financial institutions (banks, insurance firms), shops, cafes and restaurants, a post office agency, a dental clinique, a kindergarten, a supermarket, a hairdresser's, parking places, a bus terminal, etc... In the vicinity , there's also  a 4-star hotel (Leonardo Hotel).

 'Clal'  insurance tower

Motorola- telecommunications company

I must admit I highly appreciate Hi-tech people and I even, sort of, envy them. They are the cream of  human society, sought after and welcomed almost everywhere in the world. Their working and payment conditions are among the best.

It's rather surprising that we have  a large number of Hi- Tech companies (both local and foreign), as Israel  is far from being an ideal environment.
Like any country of immigrants we're  quite a divided nation, and unlike some other countries, we have serious security and demographic problems. 

On the other hand, the big world outside ( Europe, America) is not so appealing at present, and it probably won't be in the near future, to say the least; so now is the proper time to keep those hi-techists  here and benefit from their presence and knowledge.

nr.3 - the buildings are numbered in blue

good signage everywhwere

I ended my tour of Atidim with a visit to the Ayalon Mall, in the adjacent city of Ramat-Gan(some 15 minutes drive). I fell upon a 'latino dance'  happening. It was a delight to the eyes to watch the youngsters dance salsa on the ground floor with an enthusiastic audience both on the ground floor and upper floor of the mall .I got carried away by the sights and sounds and almost forgot I came to do some shopping.

P.S. - the pink color - due to some wrong setting in my little camera.


  1. Wow, that is a little world unto itself. You have everything you need concentrated into one location.

    I bet that Salsa Dancing event was entertaining, you can tell by looking at the pictures that people were really enjoying it!

    I hope you got your shopping done, but glad that you took time to just watch, enjoy and snap these great photos. I think the pink adds a nice touch to the photos :)

  2. Alicia,

    That's correct; Atidim is a world of its own.
    Oh, that salsa event was something to remember. Wonderful dancing and music of latin origin! I've greatly enjoyed myself.
    You may be right about the pinkish color, but I'll still have to check the camera, and try to fix things.

  3. That's a lot of IT people They are indeed very important these days.
    Love the dancing. I always love dancing. Have a great New Year Duta

  4. I got carried away by the sights and sounds - that is the magic of music.

  5. Haddock,

    True. Music is magic, music is power.It has a positive effect on our brain. It triggers the release of pleasure and excitement; it helps to connect people, create harmony, survive.

  6. Marja,

    We live in an age o competitiveness. Hi-tech enterprises are the key to economic growth in a society by creating and exploiting new technologies.

  7. I envy their abilities also, the techies! I agree they need to stay and help with their country also. The buildings are so pretty. I think the pink is pretty:)

  8. Kim@stuff,

    Nice buildings, numbered, and with the right signs, so nobody gets lost there. Things look well organized in this compound, as fits hi-tech people.

  9. My husband was a hi-tech person once, but has happily converted to being a farmer!

  10. Vera,

    Hi-Tech work is very demanding, whether you have your own company or you work for someonelse's company. There are lots of capable people out there who cannot be a boss themselves or work for a boss ,they get stressed and seek refuge in some other field which is usually less paid but with more peace of mind and soul.

  11. Enjoyed the tour! Love it when I walk into a mall and get a treat like that.

  12. Tanya Lynne Reimer,

    You can say that again - a TREAT. In the past there were treats for children only at the mall. Lately, they've discovered the adults. The latin dancing event was intended to attract an adult audience. Clever move! Food stands and shops selling items of south american origin, made quite a lot of money that evening.

  13. I enjoy your blog so much and always learn something when I visit. I also appreciate your thought-provoking comments on my blog. Thanks for your visits.

  14. Linda O'Connell,

    I'm glad you enjoy my blog, and I'm flattered you feel you learn something from it. Thanks for appreciating my comments on yours.

  15. Oh Duta, every day I see the news on Crazy Trump I wonder what next. The minute they
    got into Congress they tried to cut the ETHIC's committee.. They were voted down. We need transparency. That is a good looking complex. SOOO what did you buy?
    I don't want to be a Bummer, but I am afraid Humans are getting to smart, there are two sides
    to a sword. This summer I told a friend, this zika virus, maybe it's man made. Now there are experiments with DNA on animals switching the genes. Sounds like Nazi Dr.Joseph Mengele.
    I hope history doesn't repeat it's self. Makes my hair stand on end. Trump is a con job
    he builds the buildings on the Banks back and goes bankrupt.
    Now everything he promised the voters , forget it.
    God help us. What does Israel think about him? yvonne

  16. La Petite Gallery,

    Yvonne dear, you should keep away from politics. It's not good for one's health. Politicians, they're all the same stuff everywhere, believe me.
    What did I buy? some food item that I don't usually find at my local store.

  17. Duta
    I have been having computer issues as I thought I had commented on your post. In a nutshell, salsa dancing is happy and carefree so such a chance encounter must have been uplifting. The tech place looks very nice and a little world of its own. Peace

  18. Lady Di Tn,

    Computer issues - we all have them sometimes. Uplifting - that's exactly how I felt about the atmosphere when watching the salsa dancers. The music and the dancing uplifted my soul and filled it with joy.

  19. Hi Duta, Just checking in with you, and I see you're still enjoying your adventures! Hope all is well with you in this new year. Happy 2017!

  20. Hi Susannah,

    Thanks for stopping by. Good to hear from you.
    Well, I don't write much, but I do enjoy writing in my little blog.
    Happy New Year 2017 to you too!

  21. The area sounds full of life - latin dancing in the mall - beautiful, uplifting. Happy New Year Duta. The best of the best in the new year.

  22. Nikki (Sarah),

    Full of life, indeed. There's life in both nearby places, at Atidim and at Ayalon mall. It's central and with a decent public transport system, so the area attracts people from near and far surroundings.

  23. I know the U.S. government is now kinda against people moving here from overseas and "taking our jobs," but when I worked in I.T., we found Americans didn't want to work in I.T. So most often we were hiring people who came here from other countries. It was the best way to get top talent. When Americans start taking an interest in I.T., there won't be a shortage, but right now, there's a big shortage of tech workers here.

  24. Stephanie Faris,

    I suppose you're right. Anyway, USA is known as offering the best conditions to Hi- Tech people, and naturally that attracts them.

  25. Duta, I wrote a comment on this post awhile ago, but I guess it didn't go through, sorry about that. This looks like a lively place to visit with a lot of happenings going on. I bet it was entertaining to watch the people Salsa dance. It sounds like fun, and I've always found Salsa dancing fascinating to watch. Jess and her husband took a class in it at one time. :)

    I hope the new year is being kind to you, Duta.


  26. Red Rose Alley,

    Well things like this (a comment that doesn't go through)happen all the time. Jess & her husband did a good thing to take salsa lessons; it's a splendid workout.

  27. A great tour. My son-in-law is a software encryption engineer. Quite cool!

    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  28. Jnn Jilks,

    Thank you.
    Yes, cool. Lucky him, his family, his country!

  29. Wow! I could get lost here...and be happy! I love old places and Israel is a place that I would love to see! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour, Duta! Your photos are beautiful!

  30. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you liked the tour and the photos. Israel is a tiny country, certainly compared to Canada, but it has some worth visiting places.