Friday, October 28, 2016

Mosul, Raqqah, Allepo

Memorize the above names! World War3  might emerge from the area that leads to, fro, and around these places. 

Mosul is a city in northern Iraq;  it's located on the banks of the Tigris river. It's rich in historical buildings. It has a university (closed now) and a medical college.The population is diverse ethnically and religiously, with the majority being Arabs, and the dominant religion - suuni Islam.

Raqqah is a city in Syria; it is situated on the northeast bank of the Euphrates river not far from the largest syrian dam Al Tabqa which has enabled electricity and irrigation to rural parts of Syria. The city has many archeological remains and a museum.
Its main agricultural product is cotton.

Both places were conqured by Daesh (ISIS) in 2014 ; at present. there's a military offensive going on against the ISIS people.  The involved parties are: Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan, Iran, USA ( in coalition with its western allies), and Russia.

It seems that Daesh with all the atrocities done by it, is only a secondary target, the main target being Syria's president, Assad. The americans want him out (as part of their "arab spring" goals), the russians want him in. Putin acts on Syria's soil upon invitation from Assad. The other forces that go after Daesh into syrian territory are sort of invasive, and this fact also adds fuel to the fire.

Aleppo (Halab in arabic) once Syria's largest city, is close to the turkish border. It has always had a strategic position as a trading center between central Asia and  middle-eastern Asia. It's currently divided between the West part (held by the syrian government) and the East part (held by the rebels who are backed by the USA and its allies in the region - Turkey and Jordan) ;  fight between the two sides has been going on  there for several years. 

I don't think Putin is interested in  a world war now as his country is in a bad economic situation, and wars cost lots and lots of money. But who knows, the sanctions imposed on Russia by the americans and their interference in Ukraine matters, have greatly offended and affected his ego and he might take the wrong decisions.

Anyway the world is quite the orphan now. May God help us!


  1. I agree these places are always the hot spots. it may be world war 3. I wish not but?

  2. It seems close but I really hope that it doesn't come that far It is such a gruesome war. I just saw a video of Homs in Syrie It's completely destroyed. :(

  3. Marja,

    Thanks for mentioning Homs. It's a key place in the syrian civil war. The city is back in the hands of the government since 2015. Homs is close to Lebanon border and half the way between Damascus and Aleppo.

  4. Kim,

    "hot spots" indeed. Things can be prevented but once it starts no one could know how it will evolve. Saddam Hussein was eliminated only to be replaced by the most ferocious DAESH. Someone hasn't done his homework here. The "arab spring" operation initiated by the americans, will be remembered as one of the most destructive one in the Middle East with far-reached consequences. Again, no serious homework done before.

  5. USA is so interested in such a war, i am terrified!

  6. I'm also terrified because if USA feels threatened she"ll throw the bomb as she did in Japan; she doesn't win in a conventional war. I don't think USA is interested in a world war, but she certainly paved the way for it. Assad is no better and no worse than other dictators, and what is the thing with Ukraine which sits on the treshold of Russia. Why interfere there in a "family conflict" and lay sanctions on Russia which is also a super-power? There are many more questions; let's hope for the better.

  7. Optimistic Existentialist,

    Even people who are complete atheists, in explosive situations like this one, they turn to God to ask for protection and salvation.

  8. Your posts are always so interesting, Duta. I find out about places and things that I never knew. The girls find your posts very interesting as well. :)


  9. Red Rose Allen,

    Thank you and the girls for showing interest in my posts.
    Until recently, the names Mosul and Raqaah were unknown to me. Homsk and Halab were only vaguely known. As the situation in the region escalates, we sadly learn about new places in the conflict.

  10. All we can do, Duta, is to pray that some sense gets into the brains of these mad 'leaders'. It is not a good time to be watching such a lot of unrest unfolding.

  11. vera,

    Actually, there's never a good time for unrest and wars, especially now that the leaders are leaders in name only. (You were right to put the word leaders in quotation marks).

  12. our entire world seems to be in crisis. Your post is well worth the read for everyone. Maybe you should try to get it published in an international magazine or paper as an op ed.
    Your posts are so informative. Thank you!

  13. So many beautiful places, and sadly equally number are becoming victims of violence. so heartbreaking.

  14. Linda O'Connell,

    Thank you. I feel very flattered by your kind words.
    I tend to look at the facts from various angles, so my analysis is usually clear and objective, first to myself, and then to someone who happens to read it.

  15. Angelina Pratt,

    Very sad, indeed. These are beautiful, interesting places, but, during the last years, in a cruel process of destruction.

  16. It's awful what people do for money and power and land.

  17. Jenn Jilks,

    Well, it's a known fact that money, power, and land are the roots to all evil.

  18. This isis thing has got to be stopped. They are some really sick animals.
    At this point maybe that crazy Trump will Nuke them.
    Looks like a snake- acts like a snake - KIll it.
    I have spent too long praying and they don't just disappear.
    They are evil, if there's a rotten apple in the barrel, toss it.
    Linda is right your post is always interesting.
    Be well, yvonne

  19. truly believe the last statement. Peace

  20. Lש Petite Gallery,

    Great efforts are being made now to eliminate the ISIS. Let's hope we'll soon see results.

  21. Lady Di Tn,

    That's the bottom line, as they say, and it is true. We can trust only in God.

  22. May God help us for sure Duta. The world is in terrible crisis not just in Syria but everywhere. When I hear what women in that part of the world lives with - oppression, fear etc, it makes me heart incredibly sad and scared for them. They have no power.

    Have a great week Duta. And stay safe.

  23. Nikki(Sarah),

    Indeed, women in this part of the world are powerless, and yet only they could find the courage to get out of this situation. No outer forces can help them.

  24. It will be interesting to see what transpires with the election of Donald Trump and with his "friendship" with Putin. For once in my life I am actually terrified of the future, not because I know something bad is going to happen, but because I don't know that something bad is going to happen. It's hard to sleep at night anymore.

  25. Hi Alicia,

    With the election of Trump, the danger of a world war has greatly diminished. It seems both Putin and Trump want to cooperate and concentrate especially on extirpating Daesh.

    The american people are scared because they've practically been living in a bubble. The government constantly raises the ceiling of debt and prints money so the people think everything is under control. Well, nothing is under control if there's no healthy economy. Trump, being a businessman, would probably try to improve the economic siyuation, hence the fears.

  26. Good morning Duta, popped in to say hi and wish you an amazing day!!! Happy Thursday.