Monday, April 4, 2016

April , weather, and... more

I like it in April; the cold of the winter is gone, the heat of the summer is not here yet ( except for a day or two of desert-like weather called 'hamsin'). The windows are wide open; no heating/ cooling devices needed (and thus lower electricity bills).

I feel better and happier in  the warm weather of April.  In winter - cloudiness ,cold, and rain  affect my health; these winter elements make it easy for me to catch a cold  (which weakens the immunity system), and arouse the dull pain in my lower back (which might cause problems with my knees and legs) . 

The declutter process I've started to carry out lately, in anticipation of the upcoming Passover holiday, is spoiling my mood ; not an easy task, for someone like me who gets foolishly attached to things. On top of all, I haven't got yet  my latest purchase - the compact home Paper Shredder which is to help me get rid of old paper stuff, safely and elegantly.

Almost  three weeks till Passover. This is the time to replace a pot or two in the kitchen with new ones. I like doing this as I believe old pots are a source of toxicity even if they are considered of decent quality.

April is a good month for trips and picnics in blooming and greening Nature. Cameras, road maps, bicycles, etc.. are ready to serve their masters . Caution is  required, though, as there are many road accidents at this time of the year.


One Fly said...

You have a plan. Warm is better and puts me in a better mood.

DUTA said...

One Fly,

No doubt, warm weather puts one in a better mood. In winter, people feel more depressed and gloomy than in the warmer seasons.
Thanks for stopping by.

PinkPanthress said...

I hope the coming season will be perfect to your health, so will stay on top & that you can have more fun on your trips! :)

I know how you feel, I like the idea of decluttering, living minimalist & clean but I, too, get easily attached to things.

Vera said...

It is a good time of the year here, too. We can get outside and dawdle about doing things because soon the growing season will be in full swing and then there will be no stopping to catch our breath until October / November! So winter, while it is not the best of times, does allow for us to rest for a while!

DUTA said...


Indeed, winter is good for the farmer and his land as it allows them both to rest.
It is also good for those who love recreational winter sports such as ski and ice skatting.

DUTA said...

Pink Panthress,

Thanks for your kind wishes.
Decluttering requires both mental and physical effort, but it's worth it as it simplifies our life and gives us great benefits (more space, less cleaning...).

Rick Watson said...

Jilda and I are in the process of decluttering as well. After about the closets, clothes, books and magazines, the house is breathing much better and keeping things Tito is much easier.
Take care.

DUTA said...

Rick Watson,

I know that from reading your blogs; it has truly inspired me.
Thanks for stopping by.

Angelina Pratt said...

Hi, I agree with you regarding Spring. What I particularly enjoy is that there are still no bugs! I really do miss the heat from the sun, and I can't wait for summer. :)

DUTA said...

Angelina Pratt,

Bugs are bad news for us people. As the days start to warm up, the hibernated bugs awake and make their appearance. We already have them here.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

We are expecting snow today! Still -7 C. last night. I'm waiting for spring!
Good luck decluttering. I really must do this!

DUTA said...

Jennifer A.Jilks,

I can well imagine your eagerness to welcome Spring weather. Decluttering,to my mind, goes well with Spring as it involves renewal, cleaning, refreshing.. Thanks for wishing me luck with it.

JoLynne Lyon said...

Enjoy the holiday, and congratulations on doing the spring cleaning. I am trying to do the same, but it's slow progress!

DUTA said...

JoLynne Lyon,

Thank you very much. Regarding spring cleaning, I would say better slow progress than no progress at all.

Tanya Lynne Reimer said...

Since we are a farming community, April always feels so busy. Everyone is "Getting Ready!". And the nice weather means travelling and getting outside more.
Enjoy it!

DUTA said...

Tanya Lynne Reimer,

'Farming community' - that sounds interesting. No wonder everyone is busy when the weather is nice; besides farmwork, people also wish to go places.
Wish you an enjoyable Spring.

Alicia said...

I enjoy this time of year as well. We had a couple of unseasonably warm days and then yesterday and today rain! The only bad thing is there are so many different things blooming that everyone is suffering horribly from allergies!

I too get attached to things and know how hard it is to declutter. I'm feeling clutter a lot right now too!

DUTA said...


'There's no good without bad', as they say. Blooming is wonderful, allergies, certainly not. The pollen of the blooming trees , released in the air, is indeed causing suffering to a lot of people. There are ways to fight it, but, sadly, no cure.

Lady Di Tn said...

I have started some spring cleaning as I take the framed pictures down, dusty the backs and tops and also dust the walls behind the pictures. And then I rearrange them to different spots. It is like getting a fresh view of the artwork because it now resides in a different place. To declutter this place would be a task only a super hero could manage. I have found an easy method with hanging clothes, turn the hangers backwards at the start of the season and the ones that do not get turned around, remove and take to charity. But never ever look at the items one on one as you can undo the method. Wishing you a Spring full of flowers and many happy events. Peace

DUTA said...

Lady Di Tn,

I guess the framed pictures, or most of them are originals painted by you; so,as your "babies" they get a "motherly" treatment from you.
Thanks for sharing the hanging clothes method. Have a happy Spring, too!

Bica said...

I love your post, DUTA. It makes me anxious for spring weather...our spring has been cold, so far, but warmer weather coming this week. Good luck with your spring's never easy, but it's a good feeling, once it's done.

DUTA said...


Hi Bica,

Good to hear from you. Thanks for wishing me good luck with my cleaning. I need it. Have a warm and happy Spring!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

We've had some wonderful summer-like weather. Sadly, I had to put on the furnace today! But it will come soon!

DUTA said...

Jennifer A.Jilks,

Weather can be very fickle indeed, especially in Spring: one day warm, the next day cold. It's not healthy, but we get used to this, and try to do our best of it.