Saturday, June 27, 2015

Moscow 1 - Avtozavodskaya metro station

The little hotel I stayed at in Moscow some ten days ago, was located in a nice neighborhood, near the metro station called Avtozavodskaya. The name rang a bell, but I thought it was because lots of russian words have the suffix ..'.skaya'.

The next day, however, I noticed on the inside wall of the station a granite plaque with names and a date on it - and it struck my memory. I remembered that in 2004 (precisely on 6 february, according to the commemorative plaque) a bomb had exploded in one of the metro train cars killing more than 40 passengers and wounding more than 120. Survivors had to walk a long distance through the dark tunnel to get rescued or to find a way out. How horrible!

                            entering  Avtozavodskaya metro station

I stood , for a while, in silence with my head bent, in recollection of those innocent people who were on their way to work, school, market, home - and never made it. They were the victims of a cruel, despicable act of terrorism.


  1. That's one of the problems with big and/or old Cities like Moscow. They always have a least one place where something big & horrible happened. :(

  2. Pink Panthress,

    Thanks for stopping by, Nokta.
    So, what you say is that the bigger and older the city, the greater the disaster that is likely to happen. Could be. Terrorist acts are more easily carried out in such places.

  3. Totally, and not just that... most of the times if has already happened in older times already.... these kind of places are natural centres for such disasters/happenings.