Friday, May 2, 2014

Following The Missing Jet

"Let's go back to horse and carriage, and no black boxes, please" suggested a talkbacker who called himself  'clever guy'...
Not a bad idea, I thought, considering  the chain of events surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian jet,  flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Bejing on  March 8, 2014.
A lot of speculations since then; it is believed the plane has crashed into the southern part of the Indian Ocean,  but still no wreckage found, fate of passengers and crew not known.

"Look that plane up in Somalia"  came a suggestion in the first week after the disappearance.
Right. Maybe the somalians have switched roles  from ship pirates to plane hijackers.
"You better look it up in Yemen" wrote another.
Right again. Yemen, the birthplace of Osama bin Laden, founder of Al-Quaida fiercest terror net, seems quite a plausible location for a hijacked plane.

"The plane is sure in one of the -an suffix countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, getting ready for some huge terror mission, style 9/11"-  that's the prevailing theory so far.
Very tempting to agree to that, judging by the troubling background  of these countries.

" Bermuda Triangle strikes again" remarked some reader.
Could  be, could be that the notorious Bermuda triangle that had "swallowed up" a lot of ships and planes in the past, has a twin somewhere between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.
It would sound like a more reasonable possibility than the one of muslims hijacking a plane from their malaysian muslim brothers,  which happens to have on board a lot of chinese, and... one doesn't do this sort of thing to China.

I approached the world map trying to look up all  the places mentioned in the news,including the american military base Diego Garcia which has become the theme of wildest conspiracy theories.

Sad way to learn geography; too tragic a situation to learn at all, as all thoughts are focused on the tragedy of the passengers and their families. 
There's one thing though I'm sure of - I'll always stick to my prayer to God for a safe journey before, during, and after flight.


  1. Welcome back, Duta, you have been missed.
    I am with you on that prayer to God for a safe journey.

    It's so sad for the families of all those people on the flight that simply vanished.

    Hope all is well.
    Smiles across the miles

  2. Margie,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Even with all the technology around us, there's nothing one can trust more than a prayer to God for safe travels.

  3. Duta,
    I told my Daughter, that
    the plane was hijacked and was on the ground somewhere camouflaged.
    All that money and effort looking
    was a waste. These terrorist
    cause such pain and suffering.
    Then the people say treat them
    humanely. If they are caught they should be shot.
    It make you afraid to fly.
    God bless and safe Travels.

  4. Yvonne ,

    The fact is tht any theory is as good as the other one. Something terrible happened on that plane - that's for sure. So far, we don't know what.

  5. Hi Duta,
    It was very good to see your name in my comment box.
    My first thoughts about the disappearance of this plane were that it had somehow been stolen. But now, after so much time has passed, I believe it was tragically lost, and that we may never know exactly how or why.
    God is indeed our only security.

  6. Dimple,

    I also tend to believe that it was lost due to some catastrophical failure , but as there's no debris,no wreckage, no black box, we might never solve the enigma.

  7. My prayers are for the people aboard and their families. Whatever fate they met with, it is a sign of our times that so many theories exist. While it's strange that there has been no debris found, it may be that they have just been looking in the wrong direction. If the plane was on the ground the villains would have surfaced by now, evil simply must boast it's horrific deeds.

    So glad you are back, Duta, I have missed you.


  8. Coni,

    This mystery has been haunting me since March 8,and I felt I wish to write a few words about it.
    My prayers too for the people on board and their families.

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  10. DUTA! So glad to see a post by you, especially one as puzzling as this one. Just this morning I was thinking as I heard another follow-up report on the local news how maybe it was a Bermuda Triangle thing.

    It is so sad. I saw an article yesterday I believe where the airline is telling families and friends to go home? How do you go home? How do you just go on after something like this. So many unanswered questions. Could they still be alive?

    I don't know what I would do, it's to great a suffering to even contemplate. I hope for the sake of the families that they learn something. Closure is a word that gets thrown around a lot in situations like this, but I think the families need that right now. The wondering would drive me crazy.

  11. Alicia,

    After all these weeks, I'm not optimistic about the people on board. My only hope is that the plane is soon found and closure brought to the families.

  12. I think we are all just tossing opinions like smoke in the wind. It is a tragedy but another tragedy is all the time and money spent and still come up empty. I fear there is no hope left in finding closure because this will remain a mystery for ages.
    It was so nice to see that you are posting again. I love the way your mind works so ponder some more for us the reader of your blog. Peace

  13. Lady Di Tn,
    I'm afraid you might be right about the jet's disappearance remaining a mystery for ages.

    Thanks for your kind words in the ending of your comment.

  14. I agree Duta...prayers before and during all trips. So sad for the families. I wanted to share a little of my heart with you today...something my new young foster son wrote me on Mother's Day. What a day!

  15. Lisa,

    We should all believe in the power of prayer to God.
    This mysterious case makes us doubt that technology is omnipotent.

  16. Duta!!!
    I really missed you & your thoughts... :)

    I agree with you on this one, we don't really know for sure what has happened to them.

    But whatever did actually happen (and though this might sound cruel) I hope it was over fast.
    No pain, no suffering. :(

  17. PinkPanthress,

    Thanks for your kind words.
    It was probably fast, otherwise someone on board would have tried to do something about the situation. But who knows...

  18. So good to see you back, DUTA! As far as the plane disappearing, none of the possible options are good. I have to wonder if we'll ever find out exactly what happened. The world is, too often, a very sad place.

  19. Hi Duta, Thanks so much for your comment. The news is very silent
    on that plane. I think one of the Pilot's was in on it. I feel so bad for all the families. It is really scary to fly now.
    Be well and safe, have a beautiful day. yvonne

  20. Bica,

    I totally agree with your comment. From whatever angle we look at this mystery, it doesn't look good.

  21. La Petite Gallery,

    Yes,Yvonne, the silence about the missing jet is scary; to fly these days is also rather scary.

  22. Scary and very confusing how this can happen nowadays.

  23. Tanya Lynne Reimer,

    The word 'mysterious' is also an appropiate word in this whole tragic affair.

  24. "I'll always stick to my prayer to God for a safe journey before, during, and after flight."

    I would imagine that almost everyone who dies in a plane crash dies praying, that is if they have the time, so my question is why God would save you but not them?

    1. Snowbrush,

      I'm not philosophical about these matters, and I can't speak for anyone else. I'm just a human being afraid of disasters, and pray to God Almighty to keep me safe wherever and whenever I go or travel. I believe in God and in the power of prayers.

  25. How are you doing Duta?, I saw that they are going to
    start that search again. I think they are spending alot of money for nothing. They are gone forever, and they won't
    find the bodies. Let them rest in Peace.


    1. La Petite Gallery,

      Hi Yvonne,
      I'm fine; thanks for asking.
      Well, I'm for the search to continue. Hope they do find out what happened to the jet and the people on board. This will bring closure to the families, and perhaps new knowledge that will contribute to disaster prevention in the future.