Friday, April 27, 2012


I usually notice all those  things that add positive value to our urban environment: a green corner with trees and bushes, a nice bench, an original trash bin, an interesting street mural, a splashing fountain, a  gracious sculpture, an attractive sign or poster, a cute phone booth, an innovative bus stop etc...
(The top picture shows a fish sculpture facing the airport of Eilat).

Unfortunately, people with vandalistic tendencies notice them too and leave their ugly fingerprints upon them.
Eilat , for example, is a touristic resort ; things are being taken care by the municipality ,and if neccessary by the tourist police. Nevertheless, I found this (see  picture below) in the very center of the city. I suppose it used to be a lovely sculpture of a man holding a round trash bin in his arms. The trash bin is there and still very useful, but the head of the man holding it is disfigured.

trash bin (Eilat city)

Near it, there's a standing painting of two chasidic dancers. (Chassidim are orthodox jews who're loyal to a prticular rabbi).  It inspires joy and optimism and puts a smile on our lips. I'm glad vandalism hasn't touched it (yet).

painting- chasidic dance (Eilat city)

I'm also glad the delicate Menorah (a nine branch lampstand used on the jewish  holiday of Hannukkah)  is intact.  It stands on a stone pedestal  in front of a supermarket and a cinema hall, and adds a sort of spiritual touch to the place.

menorah (Eilat city center)

Since the introduction of cellphones in our  life, there are fewer and fewer public phones; and yet, each little or big town has them,  located in central, strategic places - major streets, commercial centers, hospitals, hotels, schools, train/bus stations, airports.
Besides being useful to the public they also look cute, until ...vandalism reaches them.

public phones on commercial street (Ramat-Gan city)

public phone- graffity and scratches (Ramat-Gan city)

                                        public phone near hotel (Mizpe Ramon city)

Vandalism hurts us people because it damages and even destroys things we need and care about; it also costs us tax money to get them fixed. The trouble is that punishment for acts of vandalism is not serious enough.


  1. Oh Miss Duta, the things you've shared are so very unique, cute and beautiful. It always breaks my heart when things to be enjoy by the people are vandalized. So sad!!!

    I not only happens in the big city. Even though the Ponderosa is nestled smack in the middle of nothin' and at the end or nowhere, we've had our mishaps too.

    Things like beer bottles left in my mailbox, mailbox beat to smithereens, lug nuts loosened on tractor tires (dangerous), gas siphoned, huntin' dogs stolen while we were in sad...the list goes on and we are waaaaaay out in the country of a Tiny Town.

    God bless ya sweet one and have yourself a beautiful non~graffiti weekend my friend! :o)

  2. Here in the US Duta the badges got those pesky pot smokers to chase down.

    I do believe the problem of tagging has gone down a bit. The places I go there aren't many people and nothing to deface.

    The tagging on railroad cars can be interesting.

  3. I think it happens unfortunatlly all over the world... I hate to see such acts of vandalism but what can we do? I guess it is frustration of these people...

    Life and travelling

  4. There is something in the human spirit which wants to leave a mark. Many landmarks in the US west were defaced by those travelling by them on their way to the California gold fields, for example, and now we think of it as history.

    Nevertheless, it is often ugly and always expensive to correct. I think that the problem is not that the penalties are too slight, but that it is so hard to catch the vandals in the act.

  5. I wonder why it is that people feel the need to vandalize. I can't imagine having the urge to destroy. Maybe it's a "herd" mentality thing...I don't know, but evidently, it happens everywhere. Thanks for sharing this, Duta...I always look forward to your posts.

  6. Oh how true. We need to be proud of our things, to see the work involved and to pass that love of our world on to our children.

  7. Nezzy,

    I always thought that in a tiny, remote place where everyone knows everyone, vandalism is almost non-existent. I may be wrong about that.

    One Fly,

    I agree with you. Cops are busy with other things... which they believe are more important than chasing vandals .


    Indeed ,vandalism is universal. I believe, however, there are ways to mimimize the phenomenon. Heavy fines, for example.


    Interesting view about defacing becoming history in California.
    Yes, catching the vandals is indeed very hard.

  8. Thanks for sharing some of the distinct flavours from Eilat ! Unfortunately the evil of vandalism exists everywhere. In India public property like buses & trains & parks are regularly vandalized. It is a result of the anomalies in the society we live in. Vandals have not spared even the paintings of the genius M.F.Husain whose masterpieces are sold for millions of dollars.

  9. Hi again, Duta.
    Thanks for the visit to my flower for Leontine. She is a blogger from Netherlands, now living in the USA, who is dealing with melanoma. Some of her blog friends organized a party to give her flowers. The link in my post points to the linky page for anyone who would like to encourage her.

  10. Bica,

    I also keep asking myself the same question, but have no solid answer to it.

    Tanya Reimer,

    Exactly. Vandals wouldn't understand that, and it's such a pity.


    I'm really sorry to hear about vandalism in your country, espeially about the masterpieces of a great painter being defaced.

  11. It is a shame that vandalism exists at all, but I guess it is as old as gossip & humanity itself. :/

  12. Hi Duta, so nice to visit you. I have not been for a while. Vandalism is very destructive and frustrating. We have a huge problem with it her in South Africa also. I sometimes think it is because people are not educated enough to understand the value of art of any is just an object to them. Enjoyed you post, as usual. :-)

  13. Oh I totally agree! I don't understand what goes through a persons mind when they disfigure something that doesn't belong to them!

    The fish is amazing! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Dimple,

    Thanks for your prompt explanation.The pink colour of the tiny card gave me a hint about Leontien and the flowers sent to her. I wish her all the best.


    You're right, and it 'll probably last as long as humanity.

    A human kind of human,

    Good to hear from you! Yes, education and publicity could help.


    It would be interesting to know what goes on in the vandal's weird mind.
    There were some more fish sculptures there, in various colours - a lovely attraction for all ages.

  15. I like these statues! wish people would leave them alone...Those are neat phones too

  16. I agree with you about vandalism, it is senseless and destructive. Fortunately we do not have much of it here in SW France, just graffiti here and there, but not much.

  17. Duta, we also have those no mind idiots here. They drive at night in pickup trucks and use a baseball bat on the beautiful mailBoxes, they don't hit the ugly ones. Police say they can't do anything. Same attitude as the Vandels. Who Cares? With this
    type of young people, we won't have anything pretty.


  18. Kim&Stuff,

    You're quite right. Nice statues and neat phones. They deserve no harm.


    Lucky you, to live in the SW of France. It seems that people in this part of France are good quality people.

    La Petite Gallery,

    OMG, What a method, hitting mailoxes with a baseball bat! That's terrible. Police should do something about it.

  19. I have a real problem when people deface things that are not their own. They are so selfish and do not think about other people only themselves. I am glad the spiritual pieces were not touched. I agree with you I do not think punishment is strong enough when it comes to vandalism, it is almost if they slap thier hands and let them go. Something I feel strongly about, I will hush before I really get started. lol I always enjoy your posts Duta.
    until next time... nel

  20. Greetings Duta,

    I love your pictures. Last month, CBC did a program "in search of the elusive phone booth" and had listeners send in photos of phone booths across our city. Most of the phone booths looked lonely and desolated. :(

  21. Nel,

    I suspect these people, the vandals, don't think at all. They just act on some bad impulse. Punishment, unfortunately, is almost non-existent.
    Thank ou for liking my posts.


    Thank you.
    I guess the CBC program was quite interesting. The present condition of the phone booths, mirrors certain changes happening in our society.

  22. They have no respect for anyone or their environment. Oh, I hate to see these things:(

  23. Vandalism is a world-wide issue, isn't it? Terribly sad, especially on works of art.

    Great post.
    Greetings from Cottage Country!

  24. Some things are the same the world round...vandalism in the U.S. is rampant as well. As an artist I sometimes enjoy the artistic approach and skills of those whose artwork adorn passing train cars or cement walls. It makes me sad to see so much talent wasted in an attempt to be noticed (in my opinion in the wrong way). Having said this, the wanton gang-related tagging that goes on endlessly in neighborhoods and commercial areas as well is simply a waste of money and effort on the part of those charged with removing them. Do you think that all humanity seeks to be different by so often being the same?

  25. Crack You Whip,

    Welcome to my little blog!
    Right. The vandals have no respect and no appreciation whatsoever for other people's work and effort.

    Jenn Jillks,

    Yes, vandalism is world-wide. Very sad fact, indeed.

    C Hummel Kornel a/k/a C Hummel Wilson,

    It happens to me too -enjoying certain graffiti while at the same time feeling sad it's there.

    What a tought provoking question at the end of your comment!!

  26. Love the artwork. Sad to see the vandalism. It is a true LACK of RESPECT. I do not believe there is any beauty or talent in those who act in that way.Here in the South, we have vandalism in Grave yards and I do believe their is a special place in Hell for those vandal. Again it is not only a lack of respect for the work or artist but a lack of respect in oneself. Peace

  27. In the graveyards on our side of the pond,stealing of flower pots /vases and candle lamps is quite a ainful phenomenon. These people have no God.